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Future Heroes Set-Up (BNHA RP) [13+] {CLOSED}

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Yeah, probably.
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Up to you guys~ my boy is already sleepin’ hehe
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Also hey, I decided to make a character in the support course so Kagare won't feel lonely by her constant interferance hehe

Maneki Mendel

Username:Sen Name: Maneki Mendel Hero Name: Katton Gender: Female Height: 4" 10' Birthday: Can't tell youuu uwwu Blood Type: Don't ask >///< Appearance: She wears thick glasses that ends in a sharp point at one of it's ends. Her eyes, when wearing glasses, are two small dots with an eyelash for each. Her hair is styled like a cat with her bangs forming a half circle in the middle. Side bangs covers her ears and sharp strands of hair goes out on the bottom. Her mouth is shaped like a cat too. Fur covers her lower arm. She has a bobbed tail. In School: The school uniform is too big for her. Thus, she lets the sleeves over flow her hands. The skirt goes down to her knees. Civilian Clothes: A dark fushia shirt with no sleeves that is body fitted for her. She also wears tanned colored shorts and fur lined slippers. Hero Costume: Ohhhh you gotta wait for that >wwww< Quirk Name: Felinus Transformare Quirk Details: * Once in contact with her hands, the material of the object will turn feline like. Most of the time it's fur,or anything that looks like a cat, but it can go way towards body organs of a cat good enough for small minions. * She can make small one minded minions from a decent amount of materials. She needs to extert her full attention to the minion, as it will only move upon one request at a time, and does not have a mind of its own. * She can make a certain material become a permanet feline related material. Depending on it's size, it can take a toll within her energy Quirk Downside: * She can be easily tired out if she makes more than 3 minions on a small size, as her mind cannot focus at all of them at the same time. * She can accidentally transform a material as long as it is within range of her hands. * She cannot transform a permanent material back to it's original composition. Other: She's in the support class. And man I made her too cringy for my taste. I'll make sure she won't act like a cringy neko all the time, just annoying wording and stuff. Password:
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Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
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Kitty! I like her. Remove the password (though I don’t think it really matters at this point). I’ll try to remember to add her to the first post after work. :>
Hope Star's AvatarHope Star
Hope Star's Avatar
um guys Aiko in the class already sitting at the teacher desk
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Eilimakk's AvatarEilimakk
Eilimakk's Avatar
When will class start :o? I don't think I can do anything with Kagare until then.
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
It should start anytime Hope Star is ready, unless they'd like me to start class with the principal coming in to explain things. *shrug*
Hope Star's AvatarHope Star
Hope Star's Avatar
were still waiting for loucariogirl, Jay and Brightheart to post
Eilimakk's AvatarEilimakk
Eilimakk's Avatar
Ohh! Okay!! Would it be okay to start in the support class? Or nah
loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
loucariogirl's Avatar
What should I post? i've been stuck on that for a while and I really want to post to ;;
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