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Alexander Chronicles: A new Town

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The ongoing tales of the Alexander siblings and the strange lives they lead. Part 1: A New Town Picking up the last box and leaning it against his hip the young man wiped his brow, frowning up at the clear blue sky and sun beaming down. Feeling a slight push from behind he glanced down at his companion and gave her a small smile. It wasn’t often that the young man graced others with an honest smile but when he did it was true and sincere. It was, of course, different from his generally polite smile. The look he plastered on his face in order to be considered ‘acceptable’ in social situations. “Muuuma~” Chuckling as the small form bumped against his back again he reached out and let the Pokémon nuzzle his hand. “Don’t worry Missy, we’ll be all set in about an hour. Since this is the last box we can get out of this damnable heat.” Checking the time he sighed, it was almost noon. Readjusting the box against his side so he wouldn’t drop it he headed inside and placed it on the floor. Looking around he nodded to himself, grateful to have found a place so easily. “Muma?” Leaning on the kitchen counter he made a motion for his constant companion to follow as he went back outside and hailed the truck driver. “Thanks for taking me out here, especially when I’m on such a low budget, I really appreciate it.” He said politely to the older man, who smiled openly at him in return. “Oh, it was nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. Especially after you helped my company with that... Problem.” Shuddering at the mention of his previous issue he reached back and banged his fist against the metal wall of the box. After a moment the second mover, a young woman about his age, walked out of the back, locked the door, and strolled to the other side of the truck. She quickly got inside and buckled up. It was time for good-byes. “Have a safe trip home.” He said as he took a step back from the truck. Giving him a thumbs up the driver started up the truck and drove off, leaving the young man there alone. “Muumaa~” Well, not quite alone. As usual his little Miss was hiding under another of his favourite ‘tacky’ shirts, as his sister would call it. Today it was a mustard yellow with brown criss-cross pattern. He was certain it would have made his twin groan and shake her head in disgust. That thought was a sudden painful reminder that he was far away from his family. Though he knew he had to move forward with his life he was starting to regret the move a little. “Get ahold of yourself.” Muttering to himself he shook his head, like a dog trying to clear the water from it’s ears, and checked the time again. Deciding that getting food was probably a good idea at the moment he headed off in the direction of the town. Eventually, after wandering aimlessly for a time, he came across a little cafe that looked pleasant enough. Ducking inside he was greeted by the smell of warm drinks and delicious fruit pies. Hopefully they would also sell something his little Miss could have as well. Though in a small town like this he had no doubt they would serve her just as easily as they served him. “You behave, little Miss.” he said to the form hiding in his shirt, looking out at everything with a mischievous air. Hearing his voice she looked up at him and pouted, looking slightly dejected. Suppressing a chuckle by coughing into his hand he walked over to the menu on the wall and glanced over it quickly. It was the usual fare for any cafe. Hot and cold beverages, like coffee and iced tea, sweets, pastries, and some small things like salads and sandwiches. Deciding quickly what he would have he walked up to the counter and spied a young woman, who smiled at him. “Oh, hello. Can I help you?” She seemed personable enough so he flashed her a lazy, but polite, smile in return. “I would like a Spinach salad, no mushrooms please, with an extra egg and ranch dressing.” He gave the woman a moment to ring it up. “I would also like an iced peppermint tea and something for my little mischief maker as well.” Motioning at his shirt he could see the woman was confused. Realizing that Missy was no longer there he sighed and turned around, glaring around the room. Some of the patrons flinched at his intense violet stare, quickly looking away, before his eyes stopped at a spot just above a woman with very long hair. “Missy, what did I tell you about causing trouble?” Jonathan said, his tone stern. From behind the woman his errant partner sighed and floated over to him, looking contrite. “Something for her as well, if you please.” Smiling at him the woman nodded and finished ringing up his order. Taking a seat in a corner, away from the windows and bright sunlight, he sat Missy down on the chair next to him with a frown. Pinning her with a frown he crossed his arms and quirked a brow. “Muma...” She said sadly, squirming in her seat. After a moment he sighed loudly, grumbling about troublemakers being a big part of family, before holding out his arms for her. Making a happy sound she flew into his hold and let him hug her before sitting in his lap, more than happy to hum to herself while they waited for their food. It didn’t take long for the young woman to come back out, all smiles, and place the food on the table. Setting Missy on the table next to her own food he thanked the woman and started eating immediately. The tart ranch went nicely with the richness of the boiled eggs and the bitterness of the spinach. The mozzarella on top was just the icing on the cake, in his honest opinion. Sipping his iced peppermint tea he slowly began to relax, forgetting the presence of those around him as he went about the simple task of nourishing his famished body. Missy seemed to be enjoying her food as well, so he let her be. All things considered today was not a bad day. He’d said good-bye to his family, hopped in the moving truck with all his junk early that morning, and headed out with the two movers to his new place. He’d probably need to take his bike in for a once over, to make sure his tires could handle the kind of terrain he was planning to ride over, but he wouldn’t need to do that for a few days. Unless someone came to him with a job in the next week, which he doubted would happen. When he and his little friend were finished he left a tip on the table and let his little Miss hide under his over-shirt again. It wasn’t that she was afraid of the light or anything, but more that she liked sticking close to him in order to protect him. Jonathan wasn’t very comfortable around lots of people and she had a habit of scaring people off. Which he tried to discourage but had to admit to himself that he actually didn’t mind too much. The kind of people who were prejudiced against Missy, or couldn’t handle a little surprise or two, weren’t really worth his time. At least, that’s what he’d always thought. “Let’s go back to our new home.” With that the two left the little cafe and headed out into the sunlight.

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