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Hook Exclusives While Fishing

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jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
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I approve, because as of now I see no real reason to go fishing. Great idea!
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Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
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I actually give full support for this. I am constantly wondering why the staff haven't decided to add fakemon into say, PoTD, the Lab, Supplier, even Fishing. Fakemon are the sites exclusive pokemon, but they aren't in anything? Its confusing. I think this would be fun and nice. Support. Also might give me reason as well to use the fishing place once in a while xp
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Remilia's AvatarRemilia
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Poison Deltas
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nonpuellamagi's Avatarnonpuellamagi
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as someone who does actually use the fishing hut, i feel like they should be rarer than starters, or there should be some kind of limit? they are breedable, but you're limited to 6 daycare eggs per day without spending any kind of currency (and you can only increase it with GP or ZC), and i've easily pulled in 20-30 starters in a short time fishing. this would literally mean unlimited exclusives for the (negligible) price of bait and pokéballs--it'd add incentive to go fishing for sure, but it'd also probably break the market for these specific exclusives. i think the rarity is part of the reason exclusives are so beloved--they're a prize, something you have to earn. throwing them in with the likes of magikarp and goldeen would be doing them a disservice. i think this could be done, but it would have to be done carefully or it'd be incredibly unbalanced. my ideas are:
  • add a super rod and/or exclusive poké balls (costing GP, possibly?) that are required to catch exclusives; this would help retain some of their value and limit the amount you could get
  • make them much rarer than starters. it's easy to find yourself drowning in squirtles or mudkips when fishing. exclusives at that rarity would be far too comon.
  • restrict them to the last two fishing areas. this and the super rod/exclusive pokéballs together would limit new players from stumbling on exclusives their first day playing.
TLDR: i think it's a good concept but has the potential to make these exclusives worth far less than they are now. since other methods of obtaining exclusives are limited or require GP/ZC, i feel this should be too, to maintain balance.
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Chøcømãrø's AvatarChøcømãrø
Chøcømãrø's Avatar
support, but would variants like bm slugma get added? i think it should be ones from season 1-6 and a very slim chance to hook a season 7-8 one, as it would maybe help people that are selling season 7-8 ones?(i suck at explaining stuff XC)
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Remilia's AvatarRemilia
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Tinder's AvatarTinder
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I agree with Cyndalavosion on this. Fakemon aren't able to be found in the many site tools/locations. They are such a big part of the work put into Pokéfarm, but you can't find them anywhere. They should be rare in these places, but not non-existent. They are hunted just like any other species, yet we cant have them as PoTD or in the fishing areas? Doesn't seem all that logical.
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Camwoodstock's AvatarCamwoodstock
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Support, to an extent? I think maybe a few variants and one fakemon should be included, but not every water exclusive. Having a variant that can only be found via fishing would be a really cool idea, though--and finally give us a new variant after the about 1.25 year hiatus of them (last one was Vampire Gligar)
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