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Adoption Gachapon 3.0 (Polls!!)

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POLL: What banner theme should be next?

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Total votes: 104

This poll is now closed.

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  • Rules+Form
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Made by me
Welcome to the Adoption Gachapon 3.0! Hello and welcome to the newly and hopefully improved Gachapon 3.0! I found out the Gachapon had been remade, but the load was getting on to the owner and unfortunately, the thread was locked, and the user isn't active anymore. So I decided to create a V 3.0! Where you are right now!


  • All PFQ rules apply
  • Be patient
  • Be respectful to the helpers
  • I go be server reset, so if you AGP at 7:00 or after at US time, it counts as tommorrow
  • No chatting in the thread
  • AGP every other day after I post the reply!
  • No mini-modding unless you are a helper
  • No excessive quoting. Max is 3
  • The slots won't be open until I get to everybody on the list!
So here are the forms for the adopters!


Gimmie an AGP Username: Subscribed: Y/N Advertizing: Y/N Do you want a story: Y/N Other: Code: [b][i][u]Gimmie an AGP[/u][/i][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Subscribed:[/b] [b]Advertizing:[/b] [b]Do you want a story:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Shortened version for people with computer problems

Gimme an AGP: Username: Story? Yes or no Shortened Code: [b]Gimme an AGP:[/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Story?[/b] Yes or no
We can only take so much pons! Here, you will know how many slots are left! Slots: 1) LemonZesty 2) CherryClaw 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) Waitlist: 13) 14)
There are 5 different types of helpers: Kingpin, Substitute, Approver, Storywriter, and Shelter Hunter. Explanations of these roles are in the guide page! Here is the form if you would like to be a helper.


I would like to be a helper: Username: What Role: Other: Code: [b][i][u]I would like to be a helper[/u][/i][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]What Role:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Helper Tips

Read this if you are an approver
As an approver, you have to reply with at least 3 words or more in your post
If you are a Shelter Hunter please go here Read this if you are a Storywriter
Storywriters, if you have writer's block, you can always PM me for a theme! I have a list of themes ready for you!


These users are the wonderful people who have contributed to making this a sucsessful thread! merinque- Kingpin SquishyPanda - Storywriter rainingflowers - Storywriter pixelkitty - Shelter Hunter Grimdoom666 - Shelter Hunter flutteristhebest - Shelter Hunter Roxuls - Approver BulbasaurOwO - Story writer Moijras - Storywriter FlarinaFairy - Storywriter Onefish - Substitute
Now for the tiers, from least to greatest! Explanations of these are also in the guide page

Tiers (Random!)

1-20 ~ Common (Normal Pkmn, Lvl 100 Pkmn, RTE'S) 21-28 ~ Uncommon (Variants, Exclusives, Fossil PKMN) 29-35 ~ Rare (Deltas and recent season fakemon) 36-39 ~ Uber Epic (Shinies and delta legendaries) 40 ~ Ultra Epic (Delta fakemon and albinoes)

Donor Tiers+ Donors

Donors you have tiers too! 3 Pokemon - Red 5 Pokemon - Orange 10 Pokemon - Yellow 15 Pokemon- Green 20 Pokemon - Blue 20+ Pokemon - Rainbow Donors: Zenobelle - Rainbow Donator Pony109Gold - Red Donator NightVisions101 - Green Donator BlueStarFox67 - Orange Donator KilalaMikal - Green Donator SparklyShinx - Red Donator StarofNights - Yellow Donator

Donation form

I would like to donate: Username: Species: Plusle, Salandit, Pikachu,... (variants +exclusives count) S/A/D: Shiny, albino, delta, could be normal pokemon Other: [b][i][u]I would like to donate:[/u][/i][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Species:[/b] [b]S/A/D:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
Thank you for taking a look at this! If you want to advertise here are the banners! Official Nintendo art used, made by me




[url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/190481/Adoption-Gachapon-3-0][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Nightmon/Test/Gacha.png[/img][/url] Make sure to credit Nightmon for this lovely banner! Official art used!

Made by me, official art used




Made by me, official art used
Made by Pup, official volcarona sprite used.


[tip=Made by PupperCakes][url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/190481/Adoption-Gachapon-3-0][img]https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/964c9b85-faa2-11e8-a9f0-57e9d45f663c.gif[/img][/url][/tip]

Have fun and I hope you love your pokemon, no matter if it's a shiny, albino, variant, or just a normal pokemon! ~Espe
Special Events!: 100 Sub Raffle! HERE!
The AGP Navigation Guide! This is a guide to the users subscribed to The Adoption Gachapon! To all the 100+ subscribers, I'm sure there are a few people, who might need help understanding, but don't know how to ask!
  • What is the AGP about?
  • I didn't understand the rules, could you break it down?
  • How do I find the story?
  • How do tiers work?
  • I don't understand the tiers
  • I need help understanding the roles

What is the AGP about?

The Adoption Gachapon is a miscellaneous forum that collects pokemon, of all types, writes stories, and sends them out to people who post the form! Basically like a giveaway!

I didn't understand the rules! Could I have a breakdown?

1) Be Patient! a) I have a very busy life, I might post 2 or 3 or even a week later after you post, if you can't be patient, don't AGP! 2) PFQ rules apply b) Pokefarm Q rules apply, we still are onsite, if you haven't read the rules, please try skimming over it. 3)Use the form! c) The form is posted on the homepage of this post, if you don't use it, I won't respond. The form is used to get the necessary information to give you a gachapon 4) Be respectful to the helpers d) The helpers are fellow humans like you are, which means they have a brain and can process what you are saying and have an emotional response to it, basically, they have feelings too. Anything mean said to them is taken as an insult to me and you will recieve a PM from me. 5) I go by server reset, so if you AGP at 7:00 or after, it counts as tommorrow e) To make things easier, since everyone doesn't follow by the same timezone, I will go by server reset, meaning at 7:00, it's officially 12:00 in EDT 6) No chatting in the thread. f) This means no conversation between your friends in here, it just clutters up the thread. No "Omg user, I got a rare!" ":o, lucky, I only got a common :(" 7) AGP every other day! g) It helps keep things less chaotic! This isn't my full time job! If you AGP on Wednesday, you can't AGP on Thursday, but you can AGP on Friday! If you post on Tuesday, and I post on Thursday, you can't AGP until Saturday. 8) No mini-modding! h) This means if you aren't a helper, don't act like one, if you see someone acting off, it's okay to tell them so, as long as you tell the helper team, don't hand out punishments or anything. 9) No excessive quoting j) I understand you don't always want to go back and copy and paste the form, so I'll allow you to quote. I've seen people with 12 fearow-ing quote boxes. The maximum cap is three quote boxes 10) Once I am done with everyone I will open the slots! k) There are 12 slots, plus an additional 2 waitlist slots, I will get to everybody, then reopen the slots!

How do I find the story?

When you accept the trade, click on the pokemon one of the approvers sends you. You will see that every pokemon has a custom description box, all the stories are written there

How do tiers work?

I have assigned each tier a range from 1-40. I use a random number generator to generate numbers from 1-40, whatever number it lands on has a tier. If I land a 19, it would be in the common range, since common is (1-20)

I don't understand the roles, I could use a little help

Alright! There are 5 types of roles! - Approvers - Storywriters - Shelter Hunters - Substitute - Kingpin Approvers ~ They look at your form and send out your pokemon! They will be holding pokemon in their fields Storywriters ~ They create stories for all of you! They will be credited Shelter Hunters ~ They hunt for pokemon in the shelter and send them to the approvers Substitute ~ There is only one Substitute, based off of the Substitute doll in Pokemon, they also have as much authority as me, so they can tell the other helpers off if they happen to break the AGP rules Kingpin ~ Like the Substitute, there is only one person who can be Kingpin, in this case it is me. They have created the thread and control the main post and look over the helpers and gachapons being sent out
coding / official art / gachapon / divider / bullets
but it was just a misunderstanding...right?
CorvidsAiden's AvatarCorvidsAiden
CorvidsAiden's Avatar
First AGP! ;w; Ayy Gimmie an AGP Username: CorvidsAiden Subscribed: Yup! Other: Thank you! :3
Zenobelle's AvatarZenobelle
Zenobelle's Avatar
Gimmie an AGP Username: Zenobelle Subscribed: Yes Other: Thank god this can be continued ;o; was worried for a second.
Avatar & Signature : credits Lucky Charm : credits Type Team Icon by FinalAbsolution Please click my bulbs :3 Thanks for your time and clicks ^^
Best Team in Oct 2018,Made by FinalAbsolution for Team Dark
Frostleaf's AvatarFrostleaf
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I have to ask, how do you make sure the pokemon that are given away have stories? I won a shiny I needed but it had no story to it. Thats the part i was looking forward too
Gimmie an AGP Username: LittleBun Momo Subscribed: Yes Other: thanks;D
Avatar made by Zenobelle for my own use only <3
ØneFish's AvatarØneFish
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@LittleBun Momo you got COMMON! @Zenobelle you got UNCOMMON! @CorvidsAiden Welcome! You got RARE! @Frostleaf please PM @theéspëtåles and I think he/he will talk to the story writers!
Hi, I am OneFish but you can call me Coral. I am 7 hours behind server time! Go check out these people! My friend Taro, My friend Sage, My sister Kei, Person Zace I am currently hunting: Horsea 9S/ 1A/ 0M Feel free to PM me about anything! Come join my Raffle! Avatar only for my use made by SagelyAdvice!
CorvidsAiden's AvatarCorvidsAiden
CorvidsAiden's Avatar
Thank you so much!! <3 ;w; Who do I send the bab to if I want a story for him? Or was I supposed to request that in my fourm?
ØneFish's AvatarØneFish
ØneFish's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by CorvidsAiden

Thank you so much!! <3 ;w; Who do I send the bab to if I want a story for him? Or was I supposed to request that in my fourm?
Umm, we don't really get pokemon from our story writers. So, Please Pm the owner about this because I don't know what is happening with the story writers.
CorvidsAiden's AvatarCorvidsAiden
CorvidsAiden's Avatar
Ah okay! ^ ^ Thank you Fishy~! <3 I appreciate the help.
ImaFishstick's AvatarImaFishstick
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I would Like to be a Staff Member pleaee Username:ImaFishstick What Role:Approver please! (thanks) Other: I have a question, Can Approvers still AGP from other Staff? Thanks!
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