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Semi-Auto Team Clicklist

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Prf X's AvatarPrf X
Prf X's Avatar
Suggestion Title: Semi-Auto Team Clicklist Suggestion Summary: Make each Team an official clicklist that users can choose to join on the Type Race page or their profile The link can be some like "https://pokefarm.com/user/~<type>" w/ <type> being change to each team type & will work like how "https://pokefarm.com/user/~online" & "https://pokefarm.com/user/~clickback" works At start of each month the lists resets & anyone will who wants to be on the clicklist will have to join again Positive points: Will be easier for team leaders Allow users join the clicklist when they choose Will make sure you join the right team's clicklist Allow users add the clicklist to About me & Signatures w/o having to update Negative points: It might reduce communication a bit Reason For Consideration: Having official team clicklists will help because not everyone know of / like to post on the forums & team leaders can't / won't be on all the time to add users to team clicklist
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Ray16's AvatarRay16
Ray16's Avatar
support this would remove the need for everyone to say “i’m on this team“ every typerace and would be usefull for those that don’t know or just forgot where the typerace threads are
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ÎMPÏSH's Avatar
This could he very interesting as a feature! I assume it would be an option on the type race page? That way anyone who goes to said page, ie people participating, would be more likely to see it. A toggle would be best, that way if someone stops halfway through with hatching for the race they could switch themselves off of the list.
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Sarluna's AvatarSarluna
Sarluna's Avatar
I absolutly love this idea!!! <3 The last few day I've spend hours going through the online players and making 1-click interactions, so I could be sure on wich account I already was. I made around 50'000 interactions a day and currently have a team dark member list of 252, but not all are participating...... Would be a huge gift, if it would be an automatic link. <3
Ladybug's AvatarLadybug
Ladybug's Avatar
I support this, but with a few points to put out that could be setbacks. We all know that not everyone participates in Type Race, and thus some people might feel like it's unfair to be grouped with people who aren't participating. Not that I personally think this, I wouldn't mind, clicking is a main part of this site. But it just might rub some people the wrong way. If anything it's kind of like a lesser, free Pokerus. At least that's what I think. plus new coding always has a chance to be... broken but that's only a minor setback But I still support it anyways, as much as my points can be cons I still think there's more pros to this idea that would be worth going for.
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Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
If it auto updates (the team accessed click list), and has the option for a team member to deactivate their participation as well (as often happens from Day 2 onwards, with more and more non-participants as the Type Race week goes on), then I think this would be very useful. Note: I do not like users being 'signed up' or added to a click list without their direct involvement/permission, no matter what others may wish.
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alien713's Avataralien713
alien713's Avatar
I don't know. There are a lot not active users, they will be in the way and clicklist will be just huge. Sorry for my bad English, It's not my first language.
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ÎMPÏSH's Avatar
@Ladybug and @alien especially, the entire idea is for an enrollment option that people can choose to subscribe onto, not a fully automatic process. Because yeah, not everyone participates or is active, so it wouldn't be fair, no, on any side. As long as it was something voluntary I'm all for it.
Kyria's AvatarKyria
Kyria's Avatar
I'm strongly not in favor of this. For me, the point of the Type Race is to work together as a team, and my favorite part of the type race is the conversations/interactions that happen in the type race team forum. I think the main reason people post in the forum at least initially is to get added to the clicklist, but then people stick around to chat, encourage each other, offer help, etc. Many of my friends on PFQ I met via the type race forum. My concern is that by automating the click list, you remove the primary reason that people join the forum in the first place, so overall community interactions would decrease.
Prf X's AvatarPrf X
Prf X's Avatar
I call it "Semi-Auto" because after an user choice to join the list from either the Typerace page or their profile Sally adds them to the correct team's list & someone click the link Sally sends them to a "/users/" page with all the users on that team who chose to be on the list

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