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Finding The Light

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starflight's ear twitched toarwd him.'hello there.'she spoke walking over,deku was still distracted.


art by miffed ^^

the image doesent fully show up. also my new icon is by aidanshepard and the left is luna my oc and the right is her brother blaze. luna is kinda lonly,self concis and intellegent.(older sibling) her brother is kinda a bit of a dunce,kind harted ,hot headed and alwse has a smile on his face.
"You're tryiiing t get back the light, right? You not with those evil pokemon, are you?" Dusk was always worried about something. His past had taught him to be cautious.
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'no.I dont even really know what's happening,all I know is that rthe moon goddess sent me a vision and here we are.'she said looking as per usial not at the other pokemon.
"What a relief," he said more relaxed, "Anything I can do to help?"
she lit up and when she turned she fell on her muzzle(again) her herbs scattering.'My herbs!'she said panicked trying to find them (pun intedened)blindly. deku herd her and began helping with her herbs.'deku! he want to join us.'starflight said excitedly.

Pages: 123··· 91011

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