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Finding The Light

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Hope Star's AvatarHope Star
Hope Star's Avatar
Setup It had been a little over a month now since the odd darkness had taken over the sky, people and pokemon are fighting among each other, pokemon are disobeying their trainer all to get whatever food and water that is left if things are not fixed no telling how bad things will get. With Zaps trainer now ill Zaps left the base where his house was at, looked back only a quick second "Don't worry sir I'll find a way to stop this but first I need to find others who just want to get things back to normal as bad as I do "Zaps walked off to go search.
Avatar made by Mucka33
(Oh boy, time to throw Lucien out :>) Lucien was scavenging in the forest, as usual. He sometimes tried to grow small berries, and occasionally one or two would grow, but they would never be fit for a good meal, so he scoured the wilderness for anything left. He was beginning to look rather thin, but he could manage. If push came to shove, he could always start eating small plants. What's the worst that could happen? "Oh! A Leppa Berry!" He looked shocked as he scooped up the small red berry and put it in a small satchel of his. It contained maybe four or five more berries. Maybe if he looked some more, he could have a good meal for once..
Luxrayzzz's AvatarLuxrayzzz
Luxrayzzz's Avatar
Bolt was just hunting for Cheri berries. He was super hungry. He needed a big meal, a Cheri berry couldn’t do the job. He just needed food and water to survive that was it.
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loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
loucariogirl's Avatar
Jasmine, like many others at that time, went to hunt berries. At her side, a riolu was there, fixing her ribbons. They had met each other quite some time ago, when the riolu had to leave her trainer. Jasmine looked quite tired as she walked along, saving her healing moves just in case someone else got injured. The riolu, named Silfie, still had quite the bit of energy as she skipped along, trying to find anything that might be of use to the two.
Luxrayzzz's AvatarLuxrayzzz
Luxrayzzz's Avatar
A bit later Bolt got out of his hiding spot. He saw some other Pokémon nearby. He thought they could help him.
Lucien could hear rustling nearby and hid in an overgrown bush, trying to make himself blend in. If these were raiders, he'd be the perfect pick to steal from. He was weak and had food, which was an ideal target for malicious Pokemon. He couldn't just let them steal his food! He had to save up in case he saw another starving Pokemon..
Luxrayzzz's AvatarLuxrayzzz
Luxrayzzz's Avatar
Then, Bolt helped the Pokémon. The Pokémon was happy. At the same time Bolt felt that another Pokémon was near. He didn’t like the feeling. He wanted that feeling to subside. He couldn’t resist ot though. He had to find the Pokémon.
starflight and deku got there.'deku?is this the place i forsaw?' deku looked around speaking,'yes it looks like it but slightly different.there is still hope here.'he sat down next to the bline winged umbreon.


art by miffed ^^

the image doesent fully show up. also my new icon is by aidanshepard and the left is luna my oc and the right is her brother blaze. luna is kinda lonly,self concis and intellegent.(older sibling) her brother is kinda a bit of a dunce,kind harted ,hot headed and alwse has a smile on his face.
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
(I forgot to mention on my forms, Zidd and Roti are wild pokes, Tahira used to have a trainer)

Zandroti A lone Hydrinifor shuffled through the tall grasses. She usually was strong and powerful, but with the lack of food and water her strength was dwindling. Her head hung low as she tiredly looked for food.
Ziddamesh There was a large object sitting in the upper branches of a tree, the shadows were hiding its appearance from view. A low grumble left the object, it sounded like a growl, but a hungry one at that.
Tahirah A Mandibuzz flew over some tall grass, hoping to find loose berries that someone had dropped. It didn't matter if they were rotten or not, she didn't care anymore.
deku looked at starflight as she was going to speak.'i hope we can help the pokemon here.back home everything is good enough but here i looked like they where suffering.'she spoke sitting next to deku breathing in his warm scent.

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