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A Clueless Demigod's Diary

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PokeficPJO Fanfic I collect | Avatar by Feeble|Banner by PupperCakes
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Prolouge: The light of a fire flickered in the darkness. Well, actually, more than one fire. Several fires flickered in the darkness. Statues of once live people, littered the place. A blondie looked around, scanning for a place to sit and sharpen her sword. "Stupid Adrian, probably flirting with Maria. Took my spot." she muttered, with a British accent, glaring at a brunette girl and boy laughing together on a log in front of a fire. She spotted another seat not far from where they sat. She trudged toward it, a kid with an eyepatch, and a couple of redheads sat there. "Mind if I sit here?" she asked the Eyepatch kid. He looked up and nodded, and went back to sharpening his sword. About 2 minutes of awkward silence passed by, and the kid with the Eyepatch kid noticed that the blonde girl's sword was already really sharp. "Why bother sharpening your sword if it's already sharp enough?" he snorted. The blondie looked back at him , "I don't use my sword at all, I just don't know what to do for an entire thirty minutes so I just sharpen it." she shrugged. She hesitated for a moment, "I'm Charlotte, by the way, what's your name?" Eyepatch kid nodded, and went back to sharpening his sword.
"Ms Charlotte Edwards!" calls a booming voice. Charlotte got up and skittered toward a tall man with a tuxedo much similar to hers. "Yes Lord Prometheus?" she squeaked. "Lord Kronos would like to speak to you." he replied, fixing his tie. She nervously nodded at him. "Yes sir." and scuttled toward an old greenhouse with a sign reading. 'Aunty Em's Garden Emporium' in faded letters. She gulped then entered the greenhouse. A boy of about twenty years, with blonde hair, a white Polo shirt, black shorts, and unusually golden eyes sat on a throne, with a burly giant not far away from him. "Ah, Edwards, you're here." Kronos said flatly. "Yes, I am, milord." she said, trying to sound calm. "Do you want to guess why you are here?" he asked gripping arms of his throne. Charlotte stayed silent for a while. "Is it about the truce party, I wasn-" she was cut of by Kronos. "Yes, yes, yes. I know you weren't there, obviously. It's about your promotion." he snorted. "M-my promotion?" "Yes, your promotion, who else's promotion. The Hellhounds' promotion?" Kronos snorted. "You've been promoted because of your sucessful captures, and because 2OA's Colonel died, an I don't want to replace them with a Telhkine. You can choose a Leiutenant Colonel, if you want, I don't care." he muttered. "Th-thank you, milord, I will take my roll as Colonel seriously." she said dipping her head. She slowly backed out of the greenhouse. And ran towards the two brunettes, Maria and Adrain. She tapped Maria on the back. Maria yelled and turned around. "Niña!" she shouted at Charlotte. "You're my friend and all, but don't do that!" she giggled. "Well anyway, I'll just tell you, then wake Soukayna up and tell her. You know Hypnos kids!" Charlotte grinned, looking back at a girl with black hair cut in a bobcat, lying face down on a nearby log, taking up the whole space. "I got promoted to Colonel of 2OA." Charlotte whispered to Maria. "Really?!" Maria exclaimed. "No Way Dude!" said Adrian, who obviously overheard everything. "Yes way." Charlotte scoffed and tried to wake up Soukayna using a few spells. "Soukayna, wake up girl!" Maria snoted, shaking the sleeping 14 year old. "Whatdaya want from me." Soukayna said groggily, rubbing her eyes. "I got promoted to Colonel." Charlotte puffed with pride. "Cool, Can I go back to sleep now?" she groaned. The three of them started to giggle, which eventually turned into laughs, even though Soukayna's laughs sounded more like coughs.
"Adrian, muevete!" Maria yelled at Adrian. "I just got here." he snorted. "Yeah, but Lottie needs some espascio, you can sit down to Lieutenant Nakamura if you want." she giggled, tilting her head toward Eyepatch kid. "He's the lieutenant?" I whispered. "Uh yeah, you didn't know that? He's the second most respected in the camp, doesn't socialize much so you're lucky if he talks to you. Estúpido." Adrian snorted. "Oh come on Adrian." Maria eyerolled. "Why were you asking anyway? Do you like him?" she smiled. "C'mon Maria. Since Adrian over here took my spot..." Charlotte momentarily glared at him. "...I had to sit down next to him." she snorted. "Did he say anything?" Maria asked her. "Nothing besides how foolish it was of me to sharpen a very sharp sword." she mumbled. "That was nice." Soukayna said finally saying something.
"You bet." Charlotte snorted. After that, Adrian kept on stealing Charlotte's spot to flirt with Maria, leaving Charlotte with the Lieutenant, both the Lietenant and Charlotte grew a little bit closer to each other. A week or two later: "How many kills did you get?" Charlotte asked Nakamura. "I don't know mabye about 50-ish" he shrugged. Charlotte was silent for a moment, but then burst out laughing. "That was so funny! I thought you were serious for a moment!" she giggled. The Lietenant glared at her. "Oh..." Charlotte stopped giggling and decided to change the subject. "So...today you're going up the Empire State Building with Milord?" she asked him. Nakamura nodded grimly. "Oh, if he does take over Olympus and he does spare Manhattan, do you want to go for some milkshakes?" she shrugged. Before the Lieutenant could respond. A dracanae, a Greek reptilian monster with human human features, but instead of legs, two snake tails sprouted out, and she was covered in green scales and armor. "Lord Kronosss iss in need of your presssence." she literally hissed. The Lieutenant nodded, Charlotte waved, he turned back and waved his hand a bit, he turned back and didn't look back.
Percy's POV: We descended from the top floor in the Empire State Building. All of us were shaking. Annabeth was shaking from trauma, Luke, a close ex-friend of her's had just died in front of her, and so did another demigod. I had never really liked Ethan but he rebelled agaisnt Kronos at the last minute. Me and Grover, were shaking of fatique. As soon as the elevator dinged, and we arrived at the bottom floor, a blond girl in a tux pushed her way through a sea of demigods and monsters. She stuck a wand in front of our faces. "Where is the Lietenant? she asked, looking down on us.
Suddenly the ding of an elevator could be heard. The girl pushed us aside and ran over to the elevator a wide smile on her face. But her face dropped when she saw who came out. "RETREAT! BACK OFF!" she yelled, her voice quivering over the noise. "Oh no..." I heard her mumble her eyes wide with shock as two demigods in armor emerged to comfront her.
Chapter One Hello, I am Charlotte Helene McKenzie Edwards. Please know that this is totally a log not some mushy diary with all my deepest DARKEST secrets or icky love confessions,no, I'll just record my day and feelings here. Today, is the marking of my second week at this Camp AFTER the Titan War. I had definately been here before way before Jackson, it's just I...didn't like it so much. I had been stuffed into the Hermes Cabin along with other minor demigods or undecided demigods. I hated being brushed into their so I lied to my father that some Cyclops had burnt down some cabins in an attack and Camp Half Blood would be closed for a while. Now that my two of my friends and my siblings are here, it's better...I guess. This sounds like a vent now. My sister, Lou Ellen, has just been elected Head Counselor of our cabin! I'm confident that she will make a just and fair leader!
Entry Two: I'll be strait up honest, I'm not very fond of the Hermes Cabin, to make it worse, my younger half-brother, Newt, has ganged up with them and now my familiar, an Atlas Moth called Zeus ended spending the day in a dry machine, (thank the gods it wasn't on!!) The pegasus handling today was absolutley thrilling! I recevied a Grey Arabian Pegasus named Cloud, and lets say we didn't exactly agree with one another. When I tried to mount her I ended up having to go back to my cabin and change out of my very muddy shirt. Hopefully as we get to know each other more, we'll get along better
Entry Three: Remember how I mentioned my younger half-brother Newt? It turns out he is spectacularly great at Canda Crush Saga, as soon as he asked for my phone and immediatley started swiping. Wish me luck on beating his high score! Meanwhile, the archery unit was quite...interesting, my little half-sister Auklet decided "Hey, we have magic! Why not waste it?" I unfortunatly agreed to it, but little did I know Auklet had jinxed everyone's bow, now I'm missing out on Campfire time, but at least I have Auklet, who is playing with Zeus (my familiar not the god!)

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