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The Phantom Stone Gym (OPEN)

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Welcome to the Phantom Stone Gym! M and I (Aster) are the leaders. You must beat both of us in order to recieve the Phantom Stone badge. You see the two of them walk up to you, with a Dusk Lycanroc behind Aster and a Gengar behind M. You notice the badge in a display case:
"Welcome challenger," Aster says, "Who shall you challenge first?" "Me, or Aster?" M finishes. You decide to think before answering. You notice a sign with the rules. You stop for a moment to read them.
1. Only one mega evolved pokémon per person. 2. No mega legendary pokémon. 3. If you fail to defeat one of us, you must re-challenge both of us if you want the badge. 4. If you lose, you must wait at least 24 hours before challenging us again. 5. There will be a list of who has defeated the gym. If either of us sees someone with the badge without permission, they will be reported. (Unless it is a mistake on our part) 6. YOU send the spar requests. Since you can only send 1 request at a time, if a leader sent the requests, he would have too many challengers to send requests to!
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
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As you walk inside the gym, you see a trainer with jet-black hair walk towards you. "Hey! Welcome to the Phantom Stone Gym!" he says. "I'm M!" You look closer at M. There is a Marowak at his side. It doesn't look like a normal Marowak, though. It had a battered skull, and it has a ghostly feel to it. You see a flash at M's feet. "What was that?" You say. Before M can answer, you see a pair of crimson eyes emerge from M's shadow. You jump back, scared. All of a sudden, a shiny Gengar pops up from where M's shadow was! "This is Shadow," M says, pointing to the Gengar. "And this is my Marowak" "Let me show you my Pokémon" M says.

M's Pokémon

Thank you, and have a great day!!!
The second of the two signs shows Aster's Pokémon:
Here is a list of everyone who has earned our badge. If we see you with the badge and you are not on the list, we will first check to see if it was a mistake on our part. If it is not, and you have stolen the badge, then we will report you to a moderator of the site.

Badge Owners

Dragonsrcool54 Bloodmagick Luxnight Rebecca Gold
(Bump) The gym is now open! Challenge us at any time! (Note - both leaders are on Eastern time, and have school, so on weekdays, they will only be on between 21:30 server time and 2:00 server time)
Mr.Hater's AvatarMr.Hater
Mr.Hater's Avatar
Your first challenger has arrived
Welcome challenger. who shall you challenge first?
undeuxtrøis's Avatarundeuxtrøis
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A new challenger approaches! Trainer [Deux] would like to battle Trainer [Aster]!
ah man, good times.
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my art shop!
deux ☆ ace ☆ any pronouns, she/her preferred zorua hunt 0S/0A/0M/1D code background is an official child of light gif icon is from the official bnha anime
Game on... I'll send you the spar requests. If your pokemon doesn't faint, you cn keep using it throughout.
MX's AvatarMX
MX's Avatar
Can I battle you to get the badge?

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