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Darkia's AvatarDarkia
Darkia's Avatar
Accidentally release something? horribly long shiny chain? impossible to find item? lets share some the the most infuriating moments in our pokefarm Q experience
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Completely missing Pokerus until about half an hour after it was over. I don't even remember clicking the host, and I had only had Pokerus twice before it...coutning that one I missed, I've only had Pokerus four times.
octoling's Avataroctoling
octoling's Avatar
caught pokerus then the site went down for six? hours
Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
Gracidea's Avatar
Missing my first rus because my class had no reception
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Jikininki's AvatarJikininki
Jikininki's Avatar
sigh im like almost at 850 hatched pokemon and level 7 albino radar. I ONLY charged it with 100 IP instead of 100,000 IP.... not wven two full parties later.. hatched an albino ;^;
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I accidentally released my shiny Mantine. Thankfully she was returned to me tho Oh. And Apparently I deltad my Precious Albino Meowth By Mistake.😢


Mouse 13's AvatarMouse 13
Mouse 13's Avatar
I always seem to buy ZC right before it goes on sale :/ Edit: thought of something worse that happened to me, I was dexing out one of my shiny legends for really cheap, and got a pm telling me I was stupid for doing something so useless, bc I wasn't selling it.
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GoddessLady's AvatarGoddessLady
GoddessLady's Avatar
Whoever said that to you Mouse is a freaking butthole. There's no need to send PM's like that to people. It's your choice on how much you're dexing your shinies out for and there's nothing to say that you have to sell it. Sidenote, I feel like that PM might have broken a site rule from the sounds of it.
Jikininki's AvatarJikininki
Jikininki's Avatar
I really bought a premium box, expecting to get something decent and I only got 1 prison boytle thats worth 90k at best on market, im very disappointed
KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
This Glaquine chain. My 8K chain before a melan Ponyta wasn't even this bad. 1400 eggs hatched... Only 1 albino, while full charging with Uber ;~; Why have you forsaken me, Sally?????
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