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Arya's Gym for Beginners!

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A seemingly simple gym stares at you as you approach. A red-haired girl peeks out from the doorway and smiles kindly. “Oh good, more challengers. It’s always fun to battle new trainers,” she says. “My name is Arya. Welcome to Arya’s Gym for Beginners!” Leading you towards the main hall, she proudly displayed her badge. ”This one’s the Beginner Badge,” she said, excitement tainting her voice. “Difficulty levels are listed below; the higher the level, the more Pokémon you need to fight. If you don’t specify your difficulty level, it will be Beginner by default. One more thing, gems are allowed here, so feel free to give your fighters an extra typing! Can’t wait to battle!” She said, then she moved away towards her team. ---- “Battles are simple,” she began, “...our Pokémon take swings at each other, and whoever wins the most wins it all. There are rare times where there’s a tie; if that happens, send your best fighter in your team for a winner-takes-all. Oh, and please send battle requests. I would like to battle more than one at a time.” ---- “Do note that my team is fully trained,” she pointed out. “It may not be wise to try tackling the harder levels without trained Pokémon.” She smiled warmly and said, “Are you ready?”





*In order to battle at Master level, the Beginner level pokemon will not be used.*
Moving away from the Main Hall, you stumble across a dark corridor leading you to an underground room. A light in the center reveals a Raichu with a telltale glow of a Delta. She bows and says, “Welcome to the Delta Challenge. Our badge is over here.” “We have two teams here: Team Endurance and Team Tackle. Team Endurance specializes in health and special attack, while Team Tackle specializes in health, attack, and special attack. Team Endurance is ready for battle, but Team Tackle is not. Please be patient as Team Tackle assembles.” “The game is simple: Choose a team, then battle the members of the team. There is one important ground rule, however. Legendaries and Megas are a no-no. You’re fighting Raichus, not Arceus. Gems are allowed, if you want to use them. Even if you win or lose, you still get the badge for a fair and fun battle.”

Meet the Teams

Team Endurance

: Hi! My name’s Shockswift! I’m the leader of Team Endurance, the Dark delta, and the leader of the Delta Raichus. I’ll be the first one you’ll battle, so see you then! : Hello! I’m Dagur, the Fighting delta. I’m part of Team Endurance, and ready to pound you! : I’m Kokoro, the Rock delta. I’m in Team Endurance, level-headed, and ready to rock!(no pun intended) : Greetings, I am Rowiki. I have the abilities of a Psychic type, and a proud member of Team Endurance. I look forwards to battling you. : Whattup! I’m Gigavolt, the dual Electric delta bringing the heat! Endurance may be our team name, but my Thunderbolt will take you down! : Heyo, Alto here! I may be the Fairy delta, but don’t lose your defense! Team Endurance for the win! : Willae here with the Grass type! Try to tackle us with a Ground type and be felled by my Razor Leaf. Go Team Endurance! : Good day! My name is Chill and, obviously, I’m the Ice delta. Glad you challenged Team Endurance, so I can get out and fight! : Hello, I’m Biparu! I’m ready to take the winning shot for my team, so get ready for the fight of the century!

Please include this information somewhere in your post. [b]Difficulty Level:[/b] [b]Team (6 Pokemon max):[/b]
: Poipole, what do you have there? : A KNIFE!!! : NO!!! : Oh my god, why does he have a knife? Read more here!
Hey! I joined 2 days ago, and while i have plenty of pokes from Shelter, id like a little battling practice. You mind i fight your guys with 2 of mine? It'll come from my paycheck.
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
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Alrighty, no problem!
Arya, i sent the request! Now let's fight! Unless your offline.
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
I don't think it came through. I'll send one to you.
TaoMemberJay's AvatarTaoMemberJay
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Let me battle you!
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
12pdrapper's Avatar12pdrapper
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Arya, I'm here to challenge you
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
alrighty. fight me boio.
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I challenge you to a battle!
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