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What odd pokemon do you absolutely adore?

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For years I was meh about grass starters. Then Rowlet happened <3 and Detective Pikachu finally proved just how darn adorable Bulbasaur actually is (grass puppies!) I only really learned about gen 4 and onward after joining PFQ and GPX+, cause I never had a DS (until US/UM!). But I absolutely fell in love with the object mon (except Garbodor, it's kinda gross to me, I wish they hadn't sprited it throwing up cause I'm sensitive to that...sorry people that love it) Litwick & Chandelure, Klink line, Klefki, Honedge line, Pumpkaboo & Gourgeist, Dhelmise, Cofigrigus, have a soft spot for Roggenrolla line because geology/crystals. I also kinda really love Archen/Archeops because big fancy parrots. Amaura & Aurous because pretty rainbow dinos. This thread also made me fall for Chikorita, the pear descriptor omg
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I just love kricketot because they baby. I also love bidoof so much. They both just grew on me once I replayed Platinum I don't know if this would count as odd but I also love poochyena and I never see enough merch of the pupper which makes me sad
Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
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Okay, this might not be odd but I just wanna say that Liligant and Petilil is the Best Pokemon ever! Looking at them always made me happy, but it's just really odd why they don't get so much love Shiny Liligant is even better, I just wanna hoard them so bad D: And.... Guzzlord! They are just Crazy adorable :D Also, for the beast part, they loved to eat, I mean always EAT!
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but seriously maractus is really cute
its a trash can, not a trash cant if you have any unused espurr eggs or espurrs that you don't want, please send them to me because i need more
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Shroomish and Seedot c: Shroomish was one of the first pokemon I ever caught (emerald) and I just really like seedot.

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