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What odd pokemon do you absolutely adore?

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Cetrouz's AvatarCetrouz
Cetrouz's Avatar
Zangoose, and I've only found a few people that likes it. They look so cuddly and cool at the same time!
Noi's AvatarNoi
Noi's Avatar
All the bat mons are great, even Golbat! if you think I'm wrong then fight me Klefki is adorable too. Can't think of a Pokemon I don't like tbh.
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Alkali's AvatarAlkali
Alkali's Avatar
Shellos/Gastrodon. Honestly didn't realize they were supposed to be slugs for the longest time, and I normally hate slugs and snails, but I've always loved those little guys.
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Lorel's AvatarLorel
Lorel's Avatar
i'd say my favorite odd-but-still-semi-popular picks are whimsicott and the nincada line. i just want to give all the fluffy boys hugs! a pretty unpopular one that i really like is tropius though - its design is really cool and riding on them would be like riding a flying tree. there are no downsides.
luketear's Avatarluketear
luketear's Avatar
I feel like a lot of my favorites are "weird" ones lol...I really like "odd" pokemon/pokemon based on objects/robotic pokemon my favorite steel type, my boy Steelix <3 the Magnemite line, the Klink line, Dewpider/Araquanid, Grimer/Muk(especially the alola forms!), Drowzee/Hypno, Lickitung, Golett/Golurk(are they unpopular...?), Elgyem/Beheeyem, and UBs like Xurkitree and Stakataka! I also have a big soft spot in my heart for Shiftry- I never liked it before but ended up using one in OR cuz I caught a Seedot that had beat up and I ended up loving it lol
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RoyalMeowveon's AvatarRoyalMeowveon
RoyalMeowveon's Avatar
This is actually the perfect thread for me, I always have a thing for the Pokemon that dont get as much love. My second favourite Pokemon is Meowstic - It isn't widely hated or anything, just nobody really remembers or focuses on it. I can't really explain why I like it so much either. Both forms are VERY cute and the gender differences even including moves is really neat, and despite being ZU (very underrated by Smogon like cmon) I use it all the way up to Ubers and make it work. Meowstic is lovely.
I don't know how unusual this is, but my all-time favorite Pokemon is Roselia. It has such a cute and elegant design, its cry in both the games and the anime is really pleasant, it has a fairly solid move pool, the shiny is gorgeous, and I have a ton of personal sentimental attachment to it. Roses are my favorite flowers, so the existence of such a lovely rose-themed Pokemon makes me very happy.
LUXRUMBRE96's Avatar
my favorites are Luxray and Umbreon. (Hence the username) but oddly enough, I really like bruxish. I just love the colors. Especially the shiny. it looks like a pihrana plant lol
gregoryk's Avatargregoryk
gregoryk's Avatar
hnggg mudbray!

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i like snakes so i’m shiny hunting all the snake pokemon c: my husband~ MY SHOP ( avatar by me )
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Calle's AvatarCalle
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There are several Pokémon I like for different reasons. No-one will look at me surprised when I mention Cyndaquil or Phanpy, and they are cute. And Charmandar and Charizard always had a special place in my heart since the first generation anime and games. But the oddest of the Pokémon I like is probably Dunsparce. I don't know why, I can't explain what I like about this Pokémon, but I do. I've always had one in my team in the second generation games. And Primeape, the aggressive fluffball.
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