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Much to do about nothing...

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Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
Much to do about nothing...
  • About Me
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...A day in the life of a dalgon Well, I never really thought that I'd be making a journal, but now that I've finally seen my muse, a pokesona..., I really needed to make one... Well, as this is my first post, I think I will explain why I am making this journal and maybe eventually this post will hold a table of contents or something to make me look semi-organized... Mainly, I'm making this journal to have more room in my "about me"...as it's getting quite crowded (now that I know how to code! :D). It's also where I'm going to put sprites people have made me (thank you all!) and favorite pokemon and other random stuff like that... I'll also probably put in an actual "about me" section (and explain my name)...and revamp my real "about me"... In any case, this is a work in progress, so whoever reads this, bare with me! ~Dalgonlily (from 3/6/16)
I love dextrading! Feel free to PM me about it, I'm trying to fill my pokedex and shinydex! Thanks for the awesome siggy Wardove! Avi by Zerobold!
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
My favorite baby :3
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
And on to Pokefarm Q Firsts...! :D
Starter 1st ARCEUS Rank 1st PF1 Shiny
N/A :(
1st hatched shiny 1st Hatched Albino 1st hatched melan
03/May/2018 01:56:42 1/897h
07/May/2018 02:40:10 923h
12/Nov/2020 04:04:48 1/183h


POKERUS!!! 1st SHINY Rank 1st Type Race
(sometime before reset)
2nd 3/Dec/2015
4:50 (PFQ time 11:50/12/2)
N/A :( ......
Largest Hoard Highest Contest Winner Highest Site Stat
Houndour? Solrock WT
1st Hunt 1st Successful Hunt
Snivy? Honedge?


1st Shiny 1st Albino 1st Melan
from The3point14, 1st melan Tynamo on site
1st Sold Albino 1st Shiny Exclusive 1st Albino Exclusive
Wishmaker wish from Wyk and En-Faye <3
1st Wondertrade Shiny 1st Shelter Shiny 1st Wondertrade Albino
Myrror 26/Sep/2015
3AM/Beoof 24/May/2017

Legendaries & Megas

1st Legendary 1st Shiny Legendary 1st Albino Legendary
from The3point14
a random albino of Papaver 250GP
1st Mega 1st Shiny Mega 1st Albino Mega

PFQ Specific

1st Hatched Variant 1st Hatched Exclusive 1st PFQ Mega
1st CS 1st Delta 1st Hatched Delta
Birthday 2015
1st Wondertrade Delta 1st Shelter Delta
template by Kamilejszon; Pokemon (C) Nintendo; GIF from krabby.tumblr.com; lyrics: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
Alright, this post will hold all sprites with credit because I need to move them...

My Sprites (made by me)

So, I just wanted to start posting sprites that I've made so far to show what I can do...I'll get to the background of this post later! I'm still learning so disreguard the fuzzies around them... :( I've also made a bunch of pokesonas, but felt it'd be rude to post them here...they'll probably be seen around though! (1/27/2017)

Ideas :3

Pieces I like... Ralts' helmet, Growlithe, Magikarp crown, Omanyte shell, Charmander tail, Ponyta, Leafeon curl/ears/tail, Zubat wings, Toxel color, Vulpix hair/tail, Decidueye hood, Purrloin color, Bulbasaur bulb, Pikachu face, Glaceon hair, Zorua body, Pichu ears, Noibat ears/wings, Horsea tail/fin, Armaldo face, Absol tail/helmet, Goldeen tail, Ekans color, Phanthump head, Rowlet bowtie, Lopunny body, Chikorita leaf, Croagunk face, Gligar wings/face, Lapras color/shell, Gyarados crown, Drifloon, Scyther wings, Shieldon body, Psyduck body, Roselia flowers, Sableye color, Riolu markings, Piplup markings, Swablu wings, Cubone helmet, Smeargle tail, Shinx tail, Phanthump body/curl, Vivillon wings (), Woobat wings/nose, Gastly cloud, Numel legs/face, Dratini, Haunter hands/color, Spheal markings, Skrelp face, Butterfree wings, Lotad lilypad/legs, Shroomish shape, Bellsprout leaves, Nuzleaf helmet, Chatot head, Manectric body, Scatterbug face, Hoppip, Litwick hair/flame, Zangoose markings/body, Honedge, Beautifly wings, Rockruff, Phione face, Mightyena, Aron body, Skiploom flower, Torchic body, Samurott, Wooloo, Koffing marking, Miltank body, Paras mushrooms, Tauros horns, Tentacruel gems, Ninetales, Houndour/Houndoom, Snorlax markings, Audino ears/face, Squirtle tail/stomach, Chimecho tail, Corsola spikes, Dewott, Misdreavus/Mismagius, Goomy color, Mudkip fin/tail, Shellder, Lucario legs, Ledian head, Munna, Unown (T), Nidoran M color, Meowth coin/ears, Metagross X, Tyrunt legs, Carnivine, Ivysaur flower, Spiritomb, Aipom color, Inkay,

Houndoom sprites

Sprite by WilliamAllen
Sprite by Lady Smoke
Sprites by Beeside
Sprites by Alix-chan
Sprite by Lady Ermac
Sprite by MischievousMeh
Sprite by aurajem13
Sprite made by Beeside; Pokedex entry made by Alix-chan
Sprites by Unity100
Made by 'General Valkrie' in the Crossraods Collab Shop
Sprite by Kirozey
Sprite by Kytosky
Sprite by Maff
Sprite by Clow
Sprite by Eveadelekitty
Sprite by WolfOfProphecies
Sprites by DeltaStorm
Sprite by NightCallerZ
Free bouncing Houndour by Kattling
Sprite by Nezha
Made by AsymDoll13

Trainer sprites

Sprites by Alix-chan
Sprite by Lady Smoke

Favorite pokemon sprites

Sprite by Lady Smoke
Sprite by Zak in a Box
'A small book lies under your dresser, as you finally pick it up you realise that it's your old dream diary!'
Sprites by Alix-chan
Sprites by MischievousMeh
Sprite by Amy5101
Sprites by Aurajem13
Sprites by NightCallerZ
Sprites by Maff
Sprite by Bunifu
Sprite by Nightfury28
Sprites by Nezha
Growloo by Champion Spectra
Made by AsymDoll13
template by Kamilejszon; Pokemon (c) Nintendo; GIF from willfosho.tumblr.com;
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
Shinies, Albinos, a Melan...my babies
So I'm a bit crazy about collecting shinies, albinos, and hopefully melans...and I love to dextrade! Check this post's tabs for what pokemon I have for each region to dextrade. For the actual pokemon, check the following posts to see my babies :3 Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Galar PFQ Exclusive PFQ Mega PFQ Variant
Shiny Bulbasaur
Shiny Venusaur
Albino Mega Charizard X
Shiny Mega Charizard Y
Shiny Squirtle
Shiny Blastoise
Albino Weedle
Albino Pidgeotto
Shiny Ekans
Albino Ekans
Shiny Arbok
Albino Arbok
Shiny Pichu
Shiny Sandshrew
Shiny Alolan Sandslash
Shiny Nidorina
Albino Cleffa
Shiny Vulpix
Albino Vulpix
Shiny Alolan Vulpix
Shiny Ninetales
Albino Ninetales
Shiny Alolan Ninetales
Shiny Jigglypuff
Shiny Zubat
Shiny Crobat
Albino Oddish
Shiny Bellossom
Shiny Venonat
Shiny Psyduck
Shiny Growlithe
Albino Growlithe
Shiny Arcanine
Albino Arcanine
Shiny Machamp
Shiny Weepinbell
Shiny Tentacruel
Shiny Ponyta
Albino Ponyta
Albino Galarian Ponyta
Shiny Rapidash
Albino Rapidash
Shiny Seel
Shiny Dewgong
Shiny Muk
Shiny Shellder
Shiny Gastly
Albino Gastly
Shiny Haunter
Albino Haunter
Shiny Gengar
Albino Gengar
Shiny Marowak
Shiny Totem Alolan Marowak
Shiny Rhyhorn
Shiny Horsea
Shiny Tauros
Shiny Magikarp
Shiny Gyarados
Albino Gyarados
Shiny Lapras
Shiny Eevee
Albino Eevee
Shiny Vaporeon
Shiny Flareon
Albino Flareon
Shiny Umbreon
Shiny Omanyte
Shiny Omastar
Albino Kabuto
Shiny Dratini
Shiny Dragonair
Shiny Dragonite
Shiny Chikorita
Albino Chikorita
Albino Typhlosion
Shiny Totodile
Shiny Croconaw
Shiny Sentret
Shiny Furret
Shiny Ledyba
Albino Ledyba
Shiny Ledian
Shiny Togepi
Shiny Togetic
Shiny Togekiss
Shiny Mareep
Albino Mareep
Shiny Flaaffy
Shiny Marill
Shiny Sunflora
Shiny Yanma
Shiny Yanmega
Shiny Murkrow
Shiny Honchkrow
Shiny Misdreavus
Shiny Mismagius
Shiny T Unown
Shiny Gligar
Shiny Gliscor
Shiny Snubbull
Albino Snubbull
Shiny Granbull
Albino Granbull
Shiny Qwilfish
Shiny Shuckle
Shiny Sneasel
Shiny Swinub
Shiny Delibird
Shiny Houndour
Albino Houndour
Shiny Houndoom
Albino Houndoom
Shiny Mega Houndoom
Albino Mega Houndoom
Shiny Phanpy
Shiny Stantler
Albino Smeargle
Shiny Miltank
Shiny Tyranitar
Albino Treecko
Shiny Mudkip
Shiny Poochyena
Albino Poochyena
Shiny Mightyena
Albino Mightyena
Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon
Shiny Wurmple
Shiny Lotad
Shiny Taillow
Albino Ralts
Albino Kirlia
Shiny Gardevoir
Shiny Gallade
Shiny Shroomish
Albino Shroomish
Shiny Whismur
Shiny Exploud
Shiny Sableye
Albino Sableye
Shiny Aron
Shiny Lairon
Albino Meditite
Shiny Electrike
Albino Electrike
Shiny Manectric
Albino Manectric
Shiny Plusle
Shiny Minun
Shiny Carvanha
Shiny Sharpedo
Shiny Mega Sharpedo
Shiny Wailmer
Shiny Numel
Albino Numel
Shiny Camerupt
Shiny Spinda
Shiny Cacnea
Albino Cacturne
Shiny Swablu
Shiny Lunatone
Shiny Solrock
Shiny Feebas
Shiny Shuppet
Albino Shuppet
Shiny Banette
Shiny Duskull
Shiny Dusclops
Shiny Dusknoir
Shiny Absol
Shiny Wynaut
Shiny Wobbuffet
Shiny Glalie
Shiny Froslass
Shiny Spheal
Shiny Sealeo
Shiny Walrein
Shiny Clamperl
Shiny Relicanth
Albino Registeel
Albino Turtwig
Shiny Piplup
Shiny Starly
Albino Shinx
Albino Luxio
Shiny Luxray
Shiny Roselia
Shiny Roserade
Shiny Shieldon
Shiny Plant Wormadam
Shiny Pachirisu
Albino Pachirisu
Shiny Cherrim
Shiny Occident Shellos
Albino Occident Shellos
Shiny Orient Shellos
Shiny Occident Gastrodon
Shiny Orient Gastrodon
Shiny Drifloon
Albino Drifblim
Shiny Buneary
Albino Buneary
Shiny Glameow
Shiny Spiritomb
Albino Spiritomb
Shiny Lucario
Shiny Hippopotas
Shiny hippowdon
Shiny Croagunk
Shiny Toxicroak
Shiny Finneon
Albino Finneon
Shiny Mantyke
Shiny Porygon-Z
Shiny Phione
Albino Phione
Shiny Snivy
Albino Snivy
Albino Servine
Shiny Serperior
Albino Serperior
Shiny Oshawott
Shiny Lillipup
Shiny Herdier
Shiny Stoutland
Shiny Purrloin
Shiny Liepard
Shiny Munna
Shiny Blitzle
Shiny Zebstrika
Albino Zebstrika
Shiny Roggenrola
Shiny Boldore
Shiny Gigalith
Shiny Woobat
Albino Swoobat
Shiny Audino
Shiny Palpitoad
Shiny Sewaddle
Albino Swadloon
Shiny Leavanny
Shiny Petilil
Shiny Lilligant
Shiny Sandile
Shiny Krokorok
Shiny Krookodile
Shiny Sigilyph
Shiny Yamask
Shiny Tirtouga
Shiny Carracosta
Shiny Zorua
Shiny Zoroark
Shiny Minccino
Shiny Cinccino
Shiny Gothita
Shiny Gothorita
Shiny Gothitelle
Shiny Solosis
Shiny Ducklett
Albino Ducklett
Shiny Swanna
Shiny Vanillite
Shiny Vanillish
Shiny Vanilluxe
Shiny Deerling
Shiny Sawsbuck
Shiny Frillish
Shiny Tynamo
Melan Tynamo
Shiny Litwick
Shiny Lampent
Shiny Chandelure
Shiny Cubchoo
Shiny Beartic
Shiny Mienfoo
Shiny Mienshao
Shiny Pawniard
Shiny Bisharp
Shiny Bouffalant
Albino Bouffalant
Shiny Deino
Shiny Larvesta
Shiny Thundurus
Shiny Fennekin
Shiny Delphox
Shiny Froakie
Albino Froakie
Shiny Frogadier
Shiny Greninja
Albino Scatterbug
Shiny Vivillon (missing 1 pattern)
Albino Vivillon (some patterns)
Albino Litleo
Shiny Flabebe
Shiny Floette
Shiny Skiddo
Shiny Furfrou
Albino Furfrou
Shiny Espurr
Shiny Honedge
Albino Honedge
Shiny Inkay
Shiny Dragalge
Shiny Tyrunt
Shiny Amaura
Albino Amaura
Shiny Goomy
Shiny Goodra
Shiny Super Pumpkaboo
Shiny Large Gourgeist
Shiny Noibat
Shiny Noivern
Shiny Rowlet
Shiny Litten
Shiny Popplio
Albino Popplio
Shiny Primarina
Shiny Pikipek
Shiny Trumbeak
Shiny Baile Oricorio
Shiny Pom-Pom Oricorio
Shiny Pa'u Oricorio
Shiny Sensu Oricorio
Shiny Rockruff
Albino Rockruff
Shiny Midday Lycanroc
Shiny Midnight Lycanroc
Shiny Totem Whiscash
Shiny Mareanie
Shiny Mudbray
Albino Mudbray
Shiny Mudsdale
Albino Mudsdale
Shiny Dewpider
Albino Dewpider
Shiny Totem Araquanid
Shiny Salandit
Albino Salandit
Shiny Stufful
Shiny Steenee
Shiny Wimpod
Shiny Sandygast
Shiny Palossand
Shiny Minior
Shiny Komala
Shiny Totem Mimikyu
Shiny Drampa
Shiny Dhelmise
Albino Dhelmise
Shiny Sobble
Shiny Rookidee
Albino Nickit
Shiny Thievul
Shiny Wooloo
Albino Wooloo
Shiny Yamper
Albino Yamper
Shiny Boltund
Shiny Impidimp
PFQ Exclusive
Shiny Blophin
Shiny Impyre
Albino Impyre
Shiny Baflammet
Shiny Searene
Shiny Ardik
Shiny Bunbori
Shiny Flarbat
Shiny Quetzephyr
Albino Quetzephyr
Shiny Pixrine
Shiny Glaquine
Shiny Maravol
Shiny Puppod
PFQ Mega
Shiny Mega Butterfree
Shiny Mega Arbok
Shiny Mega Rapidash
Shiny Mega Dewgong
Shiny Mega Vaporeon
Albino Mega Vaporeon
Shiny Mega Girafarig
Shiny Mega Mightyena
Albino Mightyena
Shiny Mega Manectric Q
Shiny Mega Wailord
Shiny Mega Zangoose
Shiny Mega Seviper
Shiny Mega Lumineon
Shiny Mega Druddigon
PFQ Variant
Shiny Surfing Pichu
Shiny Surfing Pikachu
Shiny Shooting Star Cleffa
Shiny Guild Igglybuff
Shiny Apocalyptic Growlithe
Albino Apocalyptic Growlithe
Shiny Apocalyptic Arcanine
Shiny Vampire Gligar
Shiny Vampire Gliscor
Albino Scaracross
Shiny Blue Moon Slugma
Shiny Orthrus Houndour
Albino Orthrus Houndour
Shiny Frosdour
Albino Frosdour
Shiny Chilldoom
Albino Chilldoom
Shiny Apocalyptic Poochyena
Albino Apocalyptic Poochyena
Shiny Apocalyptic Mightyena
Albino Apocalyptic Mightyena
Shiny Totem Whiscash
Shiny Seasonal Torterra
Shiny Shinxel
Shiny Fluxio
Shiny Noismog
Much to do about nothing...
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
My OC, Akane, from One Piece drawn for my by the beautiful 3HN in her shop
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
Shiny Collectors Association
WIP Current Hunt: Just wishforging at the moment... Spots Available?: Shiny Prices: Albino Prices: Numbers Available:
Currently collecting which summons? Paying [per summon]: Summons offered to trade: Collection Show-off's:
Origin Sash Collection: 0/100
Gracidea Seed Collection: 0/300
[... etc, etc... ]
Template for use by SCA members only. Code done by Niet and Garth.
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
found this awesome template made by King Vesper (yes I know it's broken but I really like the Baymax face... :3) TO DO...for this journal...
  • Move art and sprites
  • Make an actual "about me" post
  • Tournaments
  • Type Races
  • Update dex and shinydex needs
  • Fill out that SCA template?
  • Make a wishlist?
  • Move some posts around
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
So here is where I'm going to put all of the shiny dexes I still need to obtain!



#056 Galarian Meowth #079 Alolan Geodude #080 Alolan Graveler #082 Galarian Ponyta #083 Galarian Rapidash #090 Galarian Farfetch'd
#107 Kingler #116 Koffing #125 Seadra #132 Galarian Mr. Mime


#214 Unown
!, G, H, I, K, M, N, O, P, Q, S, U, V, W, Y
#235 Galarian Corsola #246 Tyrogue #248 Hitmonchan


#278 Galarian Linoone #356 Crawdaunt #394 Metagross #398 Latias #398 Mega Latias #399 Latios
#399 Mega Latios #402 Rayquaza #402 Mega Rayquaza #404 Deoxys


#453 Happiny #454 Chansey #455 Blissey #464 Hippowdon #491 Darkrai #493 Arceus


#496 Servine #504 Patrat #532 Timburr #533 Gurdurr #534 Conkeldurr #550 Red Stripe Basculin
#550 Blue Stripe Basculin #554 Galarian Darumaka #555 Galarian Darmanitan #603 Eelektrik #604 Eelektross #618 Galarian Stunfisk
#529 Vullaby #630 Mandibuzz #645 Landorus #647 Keldeo #648 Meloetta Pirouette Forme


#704 Sliggoo #719 Hoopa #719 Hoopa Unbound Forme


#732 Toucannon #734 Gumshoos #738 Crabrawler #771 Type: Null #772 Silvally #782 Hakamo-o
#783 Kommo-o #784 Tapu Koko #785 Tapu Lele #786 Tapu Bulu #787 Tapu Fini #788 Cosmog
#789 Cosmoem #790 Solgaleo #791 Lunala #792 Nihilego #793 Buzzwole #794 Pheromosa
#795 Xurkitree #796 Celesteela #797 Kartana #798 Guzzlord #799 Poipole #800 Naganadel
#801 Stakataka #802 Blacephalon #803 Necrozma #804 Marshadow #805 Zeraora #806 Melmetal



PFQ Exclusives

#000 Inflale #000 Wanamangora #000 Baflammet #000 #000 #000 Taipaeus
#000 Hydrinus #000 Hydrinifor #000 Kitsubuki #000 Kryptik #000 Bandicoon #000 Phastix
#000 Phasmaleef #000 Phasmaleef #000 Pasovan #000 Cavallost #000 Minibbit #000 Terabbit
#000 Tillink #000 Bezerell #000 Bezermuur #000 Bezermuut #000 Ayeren #000 Aytheraye
#000 Skeleco #000 Phantiidae #000 Klaatupillar #000 Charaxalis #000 Incantasius #000 Kyutopi
#000 Konatus #000 Kenyip #000 Arfrica #000 Kalahowli #000 Petripeep
#000 Chirock #000 Toxitrice #000 Serpetone #000 Toxilisk #000 Gumairy #000 Eucylph
#000 Alicalf #000 Cetacorn #000 Croaket

PFQ Mega

#113 Mega Alolan Marowak #166 Mega Mew #265 Mega Celebi #487 Mega Giratina #545 Mega Scolipede #560 Mega Scrafty
#609 Mega Chandelure #673 Mega Gogoat #695 Mega Heliolisk #705 Mega Goodra

PFQ Variants

#026 Snowboarding Pikachu #027 Surfing Raichu #041 Guild Jigglypuff #042 Guild Wigglytuff #241 Cerberus Houndoom #243 Totem Form Donphan
#336 Arctic Numel #337 Arctic Camerupt #402 Magquaza #435 Totem Form Snow Vespiquen #450 Totem Form Skuntank #556 Totem Form Maractus
#628 Totem Form Braviary #667 Glileo #668 Pyriscor #713 Noismog #713 Noismoem #714 Solgavern
#714 Lunavern #726 Feral Incineroar
Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
So here is where I'm going to put all of the regular dexes I still need to obtain!

Eggdex 589/595

Galar PFQ Exclusive
#873 Stonjourner #000 this season
#879 Dracozolt #000 this season
#880 Arctozolt ~
#882 Arctovish ~

Pokedex 1355/1371



PFQ Exclusives

Quibbit Charged form Quibbit Herbal form Skarasear Caimangle 4 others of the newest season

PFQ Variants

#337 Arctic Camerupt #630 Totem Mandibuzz #713 Noismoem

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