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Chiko's Quest for Chocolates!

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(This is just my second story, i'm really posting this mostly to practice, if you have any critique for this please tell me!) Characters: Chiko - S a s s, doesn't like sharing anything, loves Oran Berries and Sweet Hearts, Speaks human language well, with some pokemon sounds. Pachi - Chiko's friend, never goes anywhere without her Purple hat, unlike Chiko hates Oran berries, really hates all Ekans. Speaks human language well Lia - Shy bean, though once you get to know her she's very sweet. Has a colorful bracelet she found somewhere. Kind of speaks human language Chinobous - Belongs to a rare sub-species of Chinchou who live really deep below the sea. Odd, doesn't speak any human language Chiko and Pachi live in a tree, Ralts lives in a small hole in the ground, Chinobous lives in a lake near Chiko's tree, He ended up there after Pachi tried to eat him, so she got him to their tree, but Chiko made her put him in the lake. Bold Text means the character is thinking, not saying it out loud I will also put some random sprite at the beginning of each chapter since i have nothing to do with them (All of them are going to be sprites made by Icymoon or another sprite shop)

Chapter 1

Chiko just woke up, as always she hit her head on a small bit of wood she still hasn't cut out. -Ouch! -...Chikooo, i don't wanna wake up yeeet, shut uuup! - Pachi also woke up -Well, maybe if you helped me get this HUGE PIECE OF WOOD OUT OF THE TREE! -Okay... ughhh, whatever... -Well, i guess since i woke up already i'll go get some berries. -Yeah yeah, good luck... Just maybe get something that is NOT Oran berries this tiimeee? -Kay, kay... Chiko got out of the tree, and slowly wobbled over to the Berry bush nearby. But suddenly, her friend - Lia - Runs up to her. -CHIKO, CHIKO! -mmm... uh? what? - Chiko was still half asleep. -I SEE SOME HU... Hum... hu- -Humans? -Yes, Humans! I seen some humans who were have Sweet Hearts! -Maybe I should teach her more english... - That's incredible! where did they go? -Umm... t-that way i believe? - She pointed to a nearby path. -Hmm, okay, i'll check it out later. -Okay, Go bye Chiko! -It's Goodbye, but yeah, i get it -oh... END OF CHAPTER 1 CUZ IM LAZY

Chapter 2

Pachi finally left the tree, and instantly noticed... humans. They dropped a single Sweet Heart, Pachi took it and quickly ran to Chiko Pachi: Hey! look! Chiko: hmm? P: Humans came by and dropped this! C: is that... a Sweet Heart? Lia ran up to them, and shouted: Lia: Told your! P: Not your - you L: Agh, sorry! P: It's fine... C: So anyway, we should probably follow these humans! P: Yeah, you're right... I'm gonna go follow them, i'll report back soon C: Kay, do that Chiko ran on the path these humans walked on, and soon got to where they were - at the beach, which was fairly close to their forest. She quickly got back to the forest. END OF CHAPTER 2 IM LAZY AGAIN

Chapter 3

As Chiko was getting back to the tree, she decided to visit Chinobous, who was most likely still sleeping. When she got to his pond, she realized he was actually awake, she saw some bubbles from the depths of the pond... Chiko: Helloo? ???: (Muffled pokemon noises) Chiko: ...That's weird, uhh CHINOBOUS? Chinobous emerged from the water, he was holding a rattata in his mouth Chiko: EEK! THE HECK? Chinobous: Chi? Chiko: Ugh... I forgot you eat this stuff.... Chin: Chino! Chik: Yeah shut up, I just forgot okay? Ehh, this was a mistake, uhh... bye! and im not writing this story anymore lmao so uh this is the end b o i
(Some of the sprites made by Icymoon!)

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