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The forgotten (pg-13)(rp)

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(hi I aint dead) Varuna The Floatzel wasn’t sure what to do, since she can’t seem to find anyone so far. Varuna then tried to use her voice, but instead of using words, she used her calls in the form of otter sounds. She squeaked as she walked around, trying to search for help. Raiga Raiga gave a low-pitched meow, streching her entire body.
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"We're good for the most part, I think.." Fersken smiled anxiously and glanced around at the younger mons once again. None of them seemed any more injured than him.. which was good. He'd hate for the kids to be more hurt than him, "Bugsy patched up my wing, but i'm not goign to try flying anytime soon.. At least we're all here. That's what matters most."
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Pastel gave a sad smile, and nodded. She slithered over to the rest of the group, and rested her head on the ground. She wasn't used to all this slithering around. (If anyone needs help, I'll send over Serenity)
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
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Fersken Looked around. This was a pretty big zoo... if they wanted to search the whole place for other survivors, they'd better start now while the sun is still up. "..Why don't we start by checking out that area?" The tall mon pointed to the Forest/Grass-type sector, and looked at the others among his group, "Maybe there will be someone with a healing move to help Erin." Axel Hauled themself along at a painfully slow pace. The floor in the aquarium sector was wet and slippery with saltwater from the broken tanks.. so they had to be extra careful with every step. Scales against a flat, slick surface was a recipie for disaster. The black dragon-type, not seeing any pokemon nearby, tried calling out once more, "..h--HELLO?--" but another coughing fit overtook them, until it slowed into a long, strained wheeze. They must have hit their throat on something during the incident... it hurt to speak. Hurt to breath, too, but they couldn't just not breathe. (Sending Axel over to Varuna *thumbs up*)

Pages: 12345

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