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Thank you for pointing that out, I'll edit it asap!
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We should probably specify that this thread isn't for questions, but requests for commonly asked questions/recurring issues that should be added on the FAQ itself.

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What is the latest news on the "Reboot"?
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Q: "The Delta Glow looks like it's one pixel or so up! Is this a Bug or Image Error? Or is it intentional?" A: According to Niet,

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

That is intentional. The glow is rising from the Pokémon, after all.
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QUOTE originally posted by Piroko

Hello~... I actually haven't been back on here for a good while (like what, three years?), so it's a miracle I even remembered my username and password. Thing is though, I can't seem to find the Log Out button. Do I just close my window, or am I just not seeing it?
Hello! In the top left corner you'll see a blank space then your username, and below is clickback - help. Click on that blank space and you'll open a drop down menu with the last option being log out. Your avatar is supposed to be displayed there if you put one. Edit: I feel like this could be added to the FAQ as I've seen people being confused about this. my apologies for replying, I realised it when it was too late but I still think it should be added to the FAQ
Q: How do I log out? A: Clicking the top left corner near your username will give you a drop down menu with the last option being log out. If you have an avatar, it will be displayed there.
I feel like this should be here, a lot of people have been asking it lately: Q: What is 'Melan/Albino/Shiny bait'? What does it do? A: It's a drawing of a Pokemon that people use as a good-luck charm of sorts for hatching special Pokemon, most often Melanistics, but it's not rare to see Shiny or Albino ones, either. It doesn't actually do anything, but most of the time it's nice to look at.
Stuff I'm after: An Ice Fang, River pattern Vivillon, any Maravol pattern I don't have, a shiny charm box, some shiny charms, Darecare passes or any currencies (mainly ZC). "For the buds we regard in their coats of palest pink, In sweet memoriam, bloom as black as ink."
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This had some up a few times: Q: How do I use a Z-crystal? A: Under the Albino Radar page where you charge your radar, there is an option to use an item. This can only be done before you charge your radar for the day.
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Q: Why haven't my pokemon made eggs? A: You need to make interactions to generate eggs in the daycare.
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Q: Will I lose XYZ during the reboot? A: Unknown at this time, the reboot is still in the early stages of development and everything isn't ironed out. However, we're going to try our best to make sure that everything is salvageable. -Credit: selocon For more information about the reboot it's recommended that you check the thread about it - a handy FAQ is available for you to read. Linkage!
Well, there's no reboot any more, so would this be irrelevant now?

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