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MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
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I feel like the statement about "PotD affects respective alolan pokémon as well" should be in there. I don't think many people are aware of this, I wasn't even aware until a few months ago.

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QUOTE originally posted by MintyDeku

I feel like the statement about "PotD affects respective alolan pokémon as well" should be in there. I don't think many people are aware of this, I wasn't even aware until a few months ago.
This, and Variant Pokemon like the Apocalyptics and whatnot

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Update; I'll be going through these soon enough and editing/adding. If there's any more please feel free to add them :]
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Under Misc: "Is Type Null a Legendary?" No. No, it's not. Silvally is though. Just thought I'd add this in when I was browsing the FAQ and saw the Phione thing. EDIT: Oh yeah, and you should probably add in the definition of troll party too, I see a lot of questions about that. Personally it took even me a while to figure that out on my own just by looking at people's profiles.
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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
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Hmm, I'm not sure about a troll party, to be honest. It's not really a term the staff tend to use either, seems to be a rather recent usage tbh. More of a joke ' term'? Would need more feedback on it!
Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
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"Troll parties" is a term made by the community; it's not officially used or endorsed, so it wouldn't make sense to include that in an official FAQ. That's more suited to things like Uzumi's abbreviation guide, in my opinion.
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Maybe could it be possible, to add something about IV breeding pokes? or to link the guide? --> most dont even know what this is or how to even find the IV of a poke....most even dont know there is a thing like iv or that this poke have a use^_^ (i do think i did not see something about iv in the FAQ) ^^ Also if iv "breeding"of Ditto or lgendary is possible or not...? (yes i know they cant be really breed^^ but is there a way to get them to be higher iv then the last ones ...? could be interesting question to know an answer bevor one summons as iv breeer or future breeder^^) to this i could not find something in the wiki or FAQ... --> you cant find much about iv and breeding or the use of iv pokes, only in the forums a nice short iv breeding guide by schleifi...and a tiny little bit in wiki ...could be a interesting thing to know for iv breeder and new user who want to know what a iv poke is^^ Hope that is not a to silly request^//^
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Here's one that's common: Q: "My Pokemon are EXP-Locked, yet they still gain EXP in the Daycare! Is this a bug?" A: Nope! This is purely intentional, so if you want a Pokemon EXP-Locked at exactly zero EXP, keep them out of the Daycare!
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
I'll take a gander at these and update when my brain isn't a mess! Always looking for more so feel free to discuss~
scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
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Q: are gen 8 pokemon going to be here? A: no, Niet does not want the hassle and they will most likely never, ever be a thing. feel like this will be of use.
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