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Deoxys' Island [actual rp]

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"I won't distract them, promise! I'll try to socialize a bit, hopefully I won't scare anybody off." Kit said as he ran out of the house in excitement, looking around at the island that was now glowing with sunlight. He hadn't been on the upper side of the beach in a while, maybe something cool washed up, like sea glass or a cool trinket somebody lost. He straightened his hat and started trekking up the sandy beach, looking out for shiny treasure. "Well, could you maybe make a blanket for this one?" Honey put her paw on Blitz's head to keep him from walking off. "It's slowly getting colder and I don't want him to get sick. I'd be happy to pay you in whatever you take." She admired all the lacy work. Maybe someday when she got her life in order she'd start some new business, make herself useful.
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"Certainly, dear! I'll need some measurements, of course." She pulled out a small spool of measuring thread, and walked over to the child. "Alright, dearie, could you stretch your arms out for me?" She asked. "Looks great!" Juniper said approvingly, before returning to sorting out the usable and non-usable herbs she'd collected.
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
"Like this?" Blitz stretched out his short legs as far as he could. "I don't mind if it's a bit big, then I can hide in it!" He wobbled a bit, trying to stay up with one paw out, having to lean against Honey for support.
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Max smiled with his razor sharp teeth. in a very, nonthreatening way. But either way, somebody smiling vampire fangs at you would freak you out a little too. "Yeah, anything you need me to find?"
hey, the lich queen made this profile picture! my trade shop! my art shop!
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Volti nodded, and used the string to take measurements. She wrote them down with her smaller set of arms, and tucked them away in her now not empty drawer of notes. "It'll probably take a few days, but I'll do my best to get it before the chill!" She started sifting through her silks, trying to find a complementary color.
"Thank you." Honey nodded, before looking around at the village. She hadn't spent a whole lot of time there, might as well check it out now. Blitz, of course, hopped around in front of her, trying to tell her where to go and what she should look at, and Honey had to follow him or he'd end up breaking something.
Skyra woke up,” Morning already?” She sighed, “Should i get a job now? I want to help out with the island.” She thought for a moment and finally decided. With a slight nod to herself she got up and walked outside into the brisk air. She began walking toward the medic den.


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