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Deoxys' Island [actual rp]

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"Sounds like a good plan." Binx nods his head in agreement, quickly looking over at the cat in the grass. It wouldn't be right for him to be out in the elements like this, so finding a place would be a good idea.
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((smh sorry for being gone so long)) With the approval of her temporary teammate, Honey sped off to find a tree or at least a shaded and protected area to camp. To be honest, had she not had that battle near the rock and evolved into the Leafeon she was now, she probably would have found a Thunderstone and evolved into a Jolteon. After all, she had quite the high speed stat, anyways. She managed to zip through the forest without tripping, thankfully and angled her ears to listen to the faintest sounds. In the distance she could hear.. voices? She looked up at the sky. Who would be out here right now? Crouching down, she creeped closed to look, and could see a small collection of buildings. "A.. village? A village! We're saved!" Honey exclaimed as she raced back to Binx to tell him the news. She had a slight worry that maybe this village wasn't open to random 'mons that just washed up on the shore, but they had to help right? They couldn't turn away two injured Pokemon, surely.
Aconite nodded a bit. "I don't know what that word means but it sounds nice. Yeah. I'd like that..." She replied. By the sound of her voice, the fusion sounded somewhat young. Most likely less than a year old age wise.
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"Healing?" She narrowed her eyes in thought, how do you define healing to someone who doesn't undertsand it? She cleared her throat before continuing. "To heal is to slowly but surely become alright again after being injured or hurt in some way. Almost as if that previous injury never happened. For some, it feels like that pain just fades away. Most pokémon think of just the body when it comes to healing, but healing is also for your mind and feelings, too." Callista's expression slowly turned to one that was wistful, grateful, yet almost harboring a faint hint of sorrow. Her shoulders lowered as her vision shifted toward the cracked open egg. "When I was in my lowest and worst of times, I was so fortunate to find someone who understood the need to heal oneself after experiencing something... Unpleasant. They gave me the chance to finally feel as though everything would be okay, and that I didn't have to hide my flaws or who I truly am." Callista raises her head toward Aconite and smiles, "Even though you may be hurt in the past, sometimes recovering from that hurt can shape who you are now." Callista began to feel sheepish as she realized how confusing that might sound to someone else, "Well, healing may sound complicated, but it just might be me. It's pretty simple, really." She cleared her throat again, trying to shake off how she may have made the definition of a simple word sound complex. "As I mentioned earlier, I can make Heal Pulses. These can heal the wounds of those who are hurt. This only affects the ones around me, though... Well, even if you aren't wounded, the pulse might make you feel less tired or stressed. All I need you to do is stand still and take deep breaths as I make the pulse, okay?" Callista closes her eyes and concentrates. Then, bright waves begin eminating from herself, as they reach Aconite. Any feeling of pain or tiredness before begins to slowly fade away with each wave.
Callista doesn't seem to notice, but the egg shifts. Slowly, a small, round shape pokes out of the open top of the egg, and unfolds to reveal the head of a tired togepi. The small pokémon yawns as he stretches his arms out. Galen's eyelids flutter to a close, but more in bliss than slumber.

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A large, fluffy, yellow shape washed ashore on the island. It seemed relatively okay, except for being sopping wet. Volti slowly pushed herself up, her legs heavy due to the water dragging at the fur. Static electricity rippled along her fur as she walked, before she flopped on the ground, rolling around in the sand to dry her fur. "Ugghhh I hate water." She grumbled, upon finally standing up. Her fur was now dry, but it was gross and sandy. She'd have to wash it off again, and then dry it again. Greaaat. "Uh, anyone there?" The giant spider mon walked around, examining the strip of beach she'd found herself on. Wherever she was, it wasn't Unova.
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(oof I don't want this to die time for some amomdine) Amoldine seemed to smile, and almost let out a chuckle. Children were so entertaining, maybe she'd have one of her own someday... Or she could do something she had just been thinking about. It'd have to be alright with Kit though... Aconite was still following Callista's directions, yet seemed distracted by the Togepi.
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Island Conditions

Weather: Damp and cold. A blanket of white fog envelopes the island. Just humid enough to mess up your hair/fur. Season: Just entering fall. Leaves are becoming brittle and brownish, but not falling off of the trees yet. Time: 11am. It has been a week since the last post.
Deoxys was comfortably snuggled underneath a fuzzy blanket, sleeping soundly and snoring lightly. Well, he was until a Starly started to screech at the top of its lungs right beside his bed. He groaned and sleepily lifted his tendril - without looking at the bird - up enough to prod at the birds face and beak to get it to be quiet. His efforts only succeeded in making the bird bite down on his tendril and start screeching louder. "Oww! Stop that!" The bird let get of his tendril and laughed a bit before flying off. The alien sighed and got up. He washed his face and then began to prepare for his daily duties as leader of the island. Rachael was jogging her way across the beach, patrolling her section as usual. Nothing had really come up lately, but she had taken a few things from her hut and buried them across her section of the island. Why? She wasn't quite sure, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. To be honest, she had already forgotten where she buried most of her belongings. She had left a small, sloppily written note to Leo before she had left, and had even nuzzled him on the forehead. The note read, "went owt pawtrollin. luv yew, be bac sun <3 -rachael". She had taken lessons on writing and spelling, it's just really hard writing with a nasty tasting charcoal stick in your mouth on a damp piece of paper that kept flapping around in the breeze. Ruyn was cleaning her paws in the water near her house, waist deep in the ocean. She carefully licked her fur, grooming it as best her could. She was also spitting out piece of fur because she wasn't too good at it. The hybrid finished, and crept back to her little hole in the ground, looking inside for a second before going back to her previous spot. She splashed around in the water joyfully, laughing and trying to catch little Krabby. She hissed when one of them pinched her hard on the paw, and gave up trying to catch them. Ruyn pursued a few Wishwashi and ended up catching one with her claws and almost let it go when it slapped her in the face with its tail. She bit down on it and it soon stopped. Tossing it onto the sand, she opened its belly and took out the bones before nomming on it.
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Volt had set up shop near the edge of the village, in a large hollow tree. She'd decorated it with lacy silk and the like, and a few smaller crafts set out front. "Open! Come take a look!" The silk-woven sign out front read, beckoning possible customers in. As Volti spent her time making new things, she had little time to keep a garden as well. Juniper was doing her usual morning work, just sweeping the floor of the medical hut, and throwing out old supplies. She enjoyed a simple life like this, just cleaning and caring for the little plants. Mallow had kept to herself in the tiny hut, quietly napping and foraging. She enjoyed the peace and quiet, but the inherent loneliness paired with it left a hollow feeling in her chest. She was too frightened to leave the quiet forest of fading greens and yellows. A small, green lump washed ashore, her pale green skin riddled with old, half-healed wounds. She slowly sat up, rubbing the gross, salty water from her skin. She could see a small village in the distance. Maybe she'll be there!! Abeline knew deep down that it wasn't true, but the truth would destroy her, so she hid behind the facade of hope she'd built, and started heading towards the villag, a determined expression on her face.
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A week had passed since Binx had offically had made himself a small hut near the forest, where he and Honey Tea had first met. It was a small hut, but it was big enough for him to pretty much sleep in, and have a roof over his head. Today was the third day that he had become a sentry, and guarding the island was a duty that he had taken very seriously. Although, he couldn't quite run as fast as he wanted to, because the wound on his shoulder had gotten quite infected, and it currently was stitched closed, and had a bandage over it to prevent further infection. He also had to take a small does of herbs on a daily basis, which was over at the medical center. Leo had finally been able to catch up on his sleep, and had been out like a light for the past few nights. Usually he would notice when Rachael would get up and get ready to head off for her shift for the day. However, as of late, he hadn't even notice her leave. He was quite surprised to find the hut empty once again. He yawns as he stretches, noticing the small note that was left. Leo smiles a quirky grin before he picks the note up and puts it away to be thrown out at a later time. He would have to be at the medical center soon, so he decides to do a bit more cleaning and to spend some time with the eggs.
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Ember wasn't far away from Ruyn, in fact, she has only about a yard away from her. She thought of a terrible pun, and Snickered out "guess if you got enough, you could feed a whole school!" Max was once again, organizing the herbs for Juniper. This time by which season they were made.
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