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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
How about it would only work if there is no berry selected? So after you tapped all of the pokés, you just tap the berry again and swipe? It's one more step but could prevent accidental swipes.
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i'm a primarily mobile user and i have no problem switching between fields by just tapping the button. as stated in previous comments, i tap very fast when mass clicking and my phone often thinks i'm swiping, and will scroll me up or down the page. and chiming in on the health issue, i have a condition that causes hand tremors, usually mild but enough to confuse my touchscreen. i can only see this kind of feature being a nightmare for me and making mass clicking impossible on mobile on my bad days. i feel like if the next/previous buttons being too small is a problem, you could use custom css to make them bigger, and that'd eliminate the need for swiping entirely. it'd be a pretty simple code too. TLDR: i'd only support this if there was an opt-out, and even then i feel like it's unnecessary. no support.
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Spiritwingz's AvatarSpiritwingz
Spiritwingz's Avatar
I also have a touch screen computer and tablet. Both of those works have different formats when used here, so just changing the size of the buttons wouldn't help quiet as much. ^^' I can see the concern but when you have tremors does it think it's a large swipe or a little? If the swipe was required to be a certain distance across the screen all in the same direction couldn't that avoid the problem?
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Grym's AvatarGrym
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QUOTE originally posted by Morzone

If Niet can find a way to, as he says, "implement it just right" then I'm in full support for the suggestion.
I agree. I use a tablet and this would be awesome. I feel like it would speed up the process of mass clicking. Support.
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BraveHearted's AvatarBraveHearted
BraveHearted's Avatar
Ok, I was oddly thinking about this suggestion before I went to sleep last night. Bare with me as I'm not good at explaining things and this may not be 100% possible, but I will leave that judgment to Niet. So I was thinking what if there is a checkbox/mode system put in place? Kind of like the party checkbox/mode system where it can automatically bring you back to the top of a user's party, but for field swipping. The checkbox would, I'd imagine, be in the field view area. For example if you check the checkbox it will be in swipe mode and you can't use any outside methods, minus hotkeys (maybe), like the berry dragging method. Then when you uncheck the checkbox you will not be able to use the swipe mode method unless you re-click the checkbox. Similar to if you uncheck the party checkbox it will not go to the top of a user's party automatically and you manually have to scroll each time you visit a new party. While if the checkbox is checked it will automatically go to the top of each visited party. So I feel a somewhat similar method could be used via fields? Again, this was just an idea I thought up before I went to bed and it may or maynot 100% work. Though I'm leaving that judgment call to Niet. Not that I don't trust a user's PoV of course!
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D.MC's AvatarD.MC
D.MC's Avatar
if it could be implemented correctly and have a option to turn it on/off i guess ill support but i honestly dont see very many people useing it or useing it very long. but i still stand with the touch screen messing up either the device its self causing it to happen or medical issues as nonpuellamagi has stated.
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Spiritwingz's AvatarSpiritwingz
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gastlygirl's Avatargastlygirl
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I like BraveHearted's suggestion of a check box. I can see really looking this feature but it needs to be toggle-able for previous reasons. I support it.
Spiritwingz's AvatarSpiritwingz
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