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QUOTE originally posted by Remilia

the exclusives list
fixed, thanks! this would go in this thread or PMs next time
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You need an account to edit. Making an account is quick and simple. You can find the page to register here. If you have any questions on how to do so, you're welcome to DM me or Euradym with them, and we can explain it to you.
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I have some of the missing sprites too <-- Male (from my dex)
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QUOTE originally posted by Leacky

I have some of the missing sprites too <-- Male (from my dex)
Got em! Thank you <3
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Bumping this thread up.
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Sprites that are still missing (some of these are undiscovered):


- Melan Female Kadabra - Melan Female Alakazam - Melan Weepinbell - Melan Female Tangrowth - Melan Female Seaking - Melan Ditto - Melan Mega Mewtwo X


- Melan Ho-oh - Melan Unowns D, E, F, G, J, L, N, Q, S, T, U, V, ?


- Melan Female Ludicolo - Melan Female Relicanth - Melan Regirock - Melan Registeel - Melan Latias (+Mega) - Melan Latios (+Mega) - Melan Kyogre (+Primal)


- Melan Female Bidoof - Melan Male Roselia - Melan Palkia - Melan Regigias - Melan Manaphy - Melan Darkrai - Melan Arceus (+all formes)


- Melan Patrat - Melan Darmanitan - Albino Summer Deerling - Shiny, Albino, Melan Summer Sawsbuck - Melan Beheeyem - Melan Zekrom - Melan Meloetta (+Pirouetta forme) - Genesect (+all formes)


- Melan Xerneas (+Active mode) - Melan Zygarde Complete - Melan Diancie (+Mega) - Melan Hoopa - Melan Hoopa Unbound - Melan Volcanion Flabebe - Melan Black Flabebe - Melan Dark Red Flabebe - Melan Light Green Flabebe - Melan Light Blue Flabebe - Melan Aqua Flabebe - Melan Purple Flabebe - Melan Light Purple Flabebe - Melan Light Pink Flabebe Floette - Melan Grey Floette - Melan Black Floette - Melan Dark Red Floette - Melan Red Floette - Melan Orange Floette - Melan Light Green Floette - Melan Blue Floette - Melan Light Blue Floette - Melan Dark Aqua Floette - Melan Aqua Floette - Melan Dark Purple Floette - Melan Purple Floette - Melan Light Purple Floette - Melan Pink Floette - Melan Light Pink Floette Florges - Melan Grey Florges - Melan Black Florges - Melan Dark Red Florges - Albino Light Red Florges - Melan Orange Florges - Melan Light Yellow Florges - Melan Dark Green Florges - Melan Light Green Florges - Melan Blue Florges - Melan Light Blue Florges - Melan Aqua Florges - Melan Light Aqua Florges - Albino and Melan Dark Purple Florges - Melan Purple Florges - Melan Light Purple Florges - Albino and Melan Pink Florges - Albino and Melan Light Pink Florges


- Melan Tapu Lele - Melan Tapu Fini - Melan Cosmoem - Melan Solgaleo - Melan Lunala - Melan Nihilego - Melan Pheromosa - Melan Xurkitree - Melan Celesteela - Melan Kartana - Melan Guzzlord - Melan Poipole - Melan Naganadel - Melan Stakataka - Melan Blacephalon - Melan Necrozma (+all formes) - Melan Magearna - Melan Marshadow


Exclusives - Melan Female Flarotis - Melan Female Flaroptera - Melan Chirok - Melan Toxitrice - Melan Gumairy - Melan Eucylph - Melan Puppod - Melan Slugdog - Melan Rokiwi - Melan Brushiwi - Melan Female Alicalf - Melan Cetacorn (Male and Female) - Melan Croaket - Melan Quibbit (all formes) Maravol - Melan Aggro Maravol - Melan Astral Maravol - Melan Beast Maravol - Melan Clone Maravol - Melan Crystal Maravol - Melan Dream Maravol - Melan Flutter Maravol - Melan Mimic Maravol - Melan Moon Maravol - Melan Pester Maravol - Melan Petal Maravol - Melan Quick Maravol - Melan Repeat Maravol - Melan Skelotorus Maravol - Melan Sparklemuffin Maravol - Melan Spirit Maravol - Melan Spooky Maravol - Melan Vibrant Maravol PFQ Megas - Melan Mega Ho-oh Q Variants - Melan Female Early Bird Xatu - Shiny, Albino Summer Seasonal Turtwig - Melan Autumn Seasonal Turtwig - Melan Winter Seasonal Turtwig - Shiny, Albino Summer Grotle - Melan Winter Seasonal Grotle - Shiny Summer, Albino Seasonal Torterra - Melan Fluxray (Male) - Albino Female Snow Combee - Melan Primal Palkia Q
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The wiki reupload is over, so I've repurposed the thread to explain how sprite uploads work in general on the wiki.
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Quick question, Now that we have Totem Q Pokemon is there a special category we should put on them like we did for the megas? Or do y'all just want us to put the Varient Category? Sorry to be a bother I figured this would be a good place to ask. If not then please direct me where to ask so that I know for next time :) I got an answer from Sei (who asked Niet) and they say to put the varient category :D

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