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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
@Minty sounds great! So if everyone could put in their suggestions ASAP, I'll put up a poll and the top 5 most popular ones will be in the event :D that way it won't get too spread out.
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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
And the results of the poll are in! We've got Luvdisc, Roselia, Buneary, Ralts and Flabebe in for the Valentine's hunt. Due to previous interest in Smoochum though, I'll add it to the list as well so we've got 6 in all ^^
naobilynn's Avatarnaobilynn
naobilynn's Avatar
I think I'm going to do ralts, mainly cause I already have a pair and they're one of my favorites.
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BananaMoonKit's AvatarBananaMoonKit
BananaMoonKit's Avatar
Ironic enough Im hunting swirlix :’> Cotton candy is sweet
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DarkMuffin's AvatarDarkMuffin
DarkMuffin's Avatar
I'm still hunting Buneary so I'll have plenty of eggs to spare for the shelter!
Kajiban's AvatarKajiban
Kajiban's Avatar
i think i'll stick with Snubbull! its pink so i guess it counts?
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wingull's Avatarwingull
wingull's Avatar
i think i'll jump in on this and hunt buneary 👀
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I sadly wont be able to partake- I'm hunting Bunbori.. It's Buneary's brother from another mother. x'D And with the revamp the albi is pink, haha.
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wingull's Avatarwingull
wingull's Avatar
hi everyone! i went and made some melan bait for those of us hunting buneary!
Omg thats so cute !!

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