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let's talk about pure-pokeradar hunting.

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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
My first and only (so far) chain resulted in 768 eggs just for one shiny, and that was when I was so fed up I borrowed someone's shiny charm and box for a day. The thing that made me confused was albinoes are supposed to be rarer than shinies, yet I got one before the dumb shiny.
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Currently 366 Bulbasaur hatched with only Pokéradar and no shiny yet (I have an Übercharm from the 12DoC that I'm waiting to use when school gets off tho).
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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
Good luck on your hunt. I foresee a long chain ahead of you(unless you’re lucky!)
A friend of mine have always been just pure pokeradar hunting, because of school and stuff she haven’t wanted to use boosts of any other kind- even though I once gave her a month of HM ^^’ I went to look at her chain...11/16/9334 Yeah she’s definitely my inspiration <3
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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
Wait, she hatched 9000 eggs?
Yes she have, I guess she’s gotten stuck hatching the same egg xD Like I did with Cleffa
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
Oh lordy
NeonFlame's AvatarNeonFlame
NeonFlame's Avatar
I got a shiny Minccino a while back on a pure radar hunt. With a chain of 103. (though it was Sei day and I was borrowing a charm)
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Lunalatic's AvatarLunalatic
Lunalatic's Avatar
Currently hunting for Fennekin. I have a chain of over 600 eggs and only one albino to show for it. It's been at least three weeks since I started, I just want to hatch one shiny so I can move on and work on Arceus rank.
Yukiko Shi's AvatarYukiko Shi
Yukiko Shi's Avatar
Apart from the 1 week of Hypermode, most of my hunts have just been with the PokéRadar (and PokéRadar+ back then) and oh boy do I remember when it was hatch one shiny and chain is broken and how non-hyper mode users needed the PokéRadar+ too...I'm glad that the system has changed. I felt like I was pretty lucky when it came to some of my hunts but I'll need to find every shiny and check them to really see how many eggs it took to hatch x Pokémon. It'll be interesting and a blast from the past at my hunts. I'm currently on a Pawniard hunt, which is currently sitting at: 2020 (time of writing). I...dunno when I'm going to stop... (melan?)
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