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Having delivered Mew's message, Jirachi decided then was the perfect time to remember he had originally approached the Alolan duo with a human friend in tow. "Oh, sorry, Eliza!" he chirped, floating back over by her. "I forget how scary those guys must look to humans." He gave a sheepish smile. "Anyway, I think those guys can handle themselves. Let's go see Mew now!" He started toward the building, but paused occasionally. It was clear he was excited, but intent on not leaving his new friend behind again.
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Eliza followed Jirachi, jogging to keep up with him. This was all really scary. She'd much rather be at home and taking a nap. Jingle rubbed her head against Eliza, making chirping sounds. "Thanks, sweetie.' Eliza rubbed the mon's head and smiled.
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Mesprit found herself napping within Mews garden. "Huh...? Where am I...?" She asked herself and got up. "I should probably stay here until someone finds me.."
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The first sign that warned Lu of something being off was the warmth that gently draped his upper body and made his featherbeds tingle. It had a sort of familiarity to it, a nice and nostalgic something that he couldn’t place in his semi-conscious state. The second and more disquieting sign was the fact that he didn’t felt as weightless as he used to, resting on a hard surface that didn’t feel at all like the soft sand of the seabed. Alarm forced Lu out of his sleepy haze –wait, when did he fall asleep? – and snapped his eyes open to check what was going on, only to wince violently at the sheer brightness that suddenly assaulted them. Placing his left wing over his face to shield them, Lugeo laid motionless for a while and waited for his eyesight to recover, as well as adjust itself to seeing light again after a long, very long time of darkness. All the while he worked on keeping his breath even in an effort to stave off the dread that threatened to spill over. The fact he could breathe air freely didn’t help matters and he tried to ignore it as best as he could. Slowly and eventually though, what little Lu could peer at thought his wingtip of his surroundings cleared up and his breath hitched, alarm growing steadily at the sight; there were blades of what he definitely recognized as grass poking and grazing at his snout and wing while larger plants stood not too far from them. In spite of the knot of unease settled on Lu’s chest, he took in a fortifying breath and braved himself to fully lift his wing from his head. More sunlight poured into his face as he did and the surroundings in front cleared up as a result, showing more plants of different sorts spawning across from him –most of them covered with flowers or loaded with berries– and a clearing that guided further into the forest. No, Lu corrected himself, it’s a garden. I’m... in a garden? The rising panic from finding himself out of water now fought on his mind with the utter befuddlement of waking up in what appeared to be someone’s garden. That didn’t make any sense; there was just no way he could have beached in the middle of a garden so, what was even happening? Whatever the answer was, Lu was sure he wouldn’t find it while lying down there. Sluggishly and with a lot of care, the Lugia rose up to a sitting position where his wings and tail kept close to his body. He tried to not think of how heavy he felt without water and it’s dismissed pull of gravity or on how mussled his short drying up plumage looked, instead noting the faint sound of water flowing somewhere near. He whirled his head around in search of the source and, surely enough, found it in the fountain standing some feet behind him. Lu stared dumfounded at the water flowing freely from it for a while, a moment in which he once more tried to make sense of his situation and came out empty handed. - Meanwhile, Altan tried to piece together what had just happened. Last he remembered he was peacefully preening the flight feathers of his right wing, perched on a huge dead tree after a session of aerial stunts above the clouds. He seemed to have lost consciousness at some point during his cleaning-up and now he’d somehow found himself resting on top of a very alive tree and in a place that definitely wasn’t a mountain; its plain land and many living trees of varying colors and no charring caused by lightning a glaringly obvious sign of the wrongness that surrounded his current situation. A dangerous thought briefly crossed his mind, causing in turn a spike of alarm that made him stretch out both wings as much as he could to give an once over at each in search of injuries or any sort of damage. Thankfully, no pain radiated from them and no feather seemed to be lost or out of place so, heaving a relieved sigh, Altan neatly folded his wings over his back and focused on glancing around in search of any familiar landmarks. Good, good, everything seems to be fine, he thought, a grimace forming on his face as he went on out loud by adding, ‘‘good thing I didn’t black out while flying. That would’ve truly been disastrous.’’ At some point northwest of his, a sort of building could be seen poking out of the treeline in the distance. There were also several tall... somethings, he noted, too far away to be seen as anything other than colored blobs. Now that he noticed it, there was also an oddly sweet scent in the air that his nostrils hadn’t registered before. ‘‘What a weird place,’’ he huffed an amused laugh to himself. No other landmaks appeared on the distance, so this was probably his chance to guide himself back home, or at least find a safer place to stay in the meantime. Anothe huff escaped his beak. ‘‘Well, time to find out where on Earth am I’’ With that, he unfolded his wings once more and fanned out his tail before jumping off the tree in order to begin his flight towards the area. The take off and the following powerful flaps of his wings made the trees below rustle noisily, but it slowly lessened the higher he lifted himself in the air. Hopefully, soaring over the building would bring him any clue of where this place is.
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Giratina took the consideration into thought. As tempting as it may be to try these berries Meloetta speaks of, she physically couldn't leave until those darn answers were given. "I'm afraid I must decline due to situational reasoning. For if you must I request you be quick for as the remainders must be close by now." Turning her head, she took a deep breath and decided to walk off to a spot in the room alone. The atmosphere of the room grew to become more so overwhelming the longer she stayed. Distracted from her thoughts before, the reminder of the time being wasted was still present, along with the unsettling presence of the humans. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soaring through the breeze in the skies, sun beaming brightly upon her tri-color pelt. She seemed to have noticed the decrease of nightmares lately, which happened to be strange for as she had no recent evidence of Darkrai's presences either. "As much as I appreciate the spare time, this is very odd.." The cressilia continued to glide across. Glancing up towards the sun, suddenly her vision went black. In panic, the frantic legendary tried to break free, open her already open eyes, anything to escape the dark. Tingling bonds wrapped around her wings, expanding around her body, crawling up her neck and to surround her head at last. Opening her eyes slowly, she lifted her dirt covered head to observe. Questions popped up in every corner of her brain, but curiousity overpowered every single one. "What is this place? I never came across this land before." Her body levitating just above the ground, she shook her head causing the dirt to fly back towards the earthy soil. "It is quite beautiful here I must say, is anyone else here?" She asked herself as she started to cover ground in search. "Hello! Is there anyone out there who can tell me what's going on here?!"

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