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The Psychic Shrine - Esme's Shop

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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
The Psychic Shrine
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Hello there! This is a trade shop, of course. Here I offer a few things. Now, this version of the it is a bit on the WIP side, but you can still find what you want! Just click the tabs! :D

Rules or something

Here are some rules or just a couple of suggestion: . Be clear on your order, please. . Please do not PM me about trades. That's what this shop is for. . Don't spam. There's a reason why you can edit posts. . For the love of Arceus, please do not use trade fodder that you want back. I usually release the trading mules once I can. Unless you use a Ralts, then it's mine forever huehuehue. This isn't a requirement, but I encourage using any unwanted Ralts as your fodder. . Please subscribe to the thread if you're going to buy something. This is just to prevent confusion and it saves us the trouble of having to PM each other if one of us has 5 (or whatever your limit is) trades going on. . Be patient. Often times I'll be at school or I am sleeping. . Don't be rude in general, please. It makes this little Ralts sad. Nobody likes a sad Ralts, even if you think you do.

Current Hunt: Eevee

Username Order Payment
please no specific nature requests... ^^' (unless there's a specific Eevee have you want). Oh, and no asking for rare-gendered albinos... Prices!
Shinies 20, 40 GP, 2 , 4 shinies a for Lucky Egg, 20k (I can take relics!), 1 for four, 1 medium gem
Albinos 40, 80 GP, 4 , 1 random summons, 1 for 1 , or , 2
4k - 6k 25, 50 GP, 1 , 2 shinies a for Lucky Egg, 50k (I can take relics!), 1 , 3 medium gems - 3 shinies for 1 , , , or a Lucky Egg
7k-10k 100 * 100 GP * 5 * 1 random summons 75k * 2 * 2 for , , or
Leftover Albinos
4k - 6k 50 * 1 , or
7k-10k 75 , 1 , or (mixed payment is fine)
Each medium gem is 5 ZC! x 15 x 0
Template made by Esme
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ShirøUsagi's AvatarShirøUsagi
ShirøUsagi's Avatar
3 shiny porys for 150k? (I need their shiny dexes so I might as well get them while I can)
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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
AI's AvatarAI
AI's Avatar
Hi ^^ May i ask for this albino 100GP please? Thank you ^^
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
iqqy's Avatariqqy
iqqy's Avatar
Hello ! I was wondering if you could put me down for 2 Shiny porygon for a lucky egg and 1 shiny porygon for GP ? I know you said not to ask for specific natures, but if I requested non-specific Spicies, is that okay ? It's also okay if you need me to pay a little extra for this. If by the end of your hunt you get no spicy shinies, I'll still take three shinies. n u n
Hi ^^ I was wondering if you could put me down for 3 shiny Porygons? 2 for 100 GP and the last for a box? ^^ Thank you
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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
iqqy's Avatariqqy
iqqy's Avatar
Hi, sorry for double posting, I was just wondering if I could get feedback as to whether or not my request was accepted ?
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
I only got two spicies right now ;u; I will wait until I have another spicy if you want

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