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Broken Promises

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Breeze struggled against the Pokèmon. Suddenly they ran into a cave. The tunnel seemed to be getting thinner and thinner, before opening up into a big cave. A small campfire burned in the middle. He was put down onro the cave's floor. Breeze turned around to look at the other Pokèmon. It was an Arcanine.
"Who are you?!" Breeze growled, sounding mildly threatening. "Calm down, my name's Ni. I'm your mom's friend." The Arcanine laughed. "Where is she? Where's Sleeka, and where's mother?!"
"Your mother's here. But she's hurt. It's up to fate now." Ni sighed. "What about Sleeka? Is she here, too?" Breeze asked. Ni shook his head. "I couldn't find her. Not a trace. You were the only one at Alalis's meadow. Come see her. She's asleep, but she'll want to see you when she wakes up." Ni suggested.
Breeze followed Ni to a rock ledge with some moss on it. A drippung, white shape was on it, not even moving a hint. "Mother?" Sleeka's PoV
Sleeka narrowed her eyes against the rain. She'd climbed on top of a ledge because her cave had started to flood. Thunderstorms are amazing. They bring darkness. And the lightning reminds me of an Umbreon's rings. I hope one day I'll be an Umbreon and be so strong like mother. I wanna make her proud.
Sleeka lept of the ledge, looking around. The clearing that had been filled with sunlight in the morning, the stream that led to the river quietly flowing past Alalis's den. Now, the grass was covered in mud, and the stream was overflowing into both of the dens, and hitting against Sunstones. Suddenly, a tree fell over the two dens. Sleeka yelped as dirt and gravel filled them. "Breeze!" She ran over to the Eevees' den, starting to dig. But strangely, nothing showed up. "...he left?" Sleeka whispered. "When? I didn't notice..."
She didn't get to finish, as a sudden, whocking pain shot through her. She wailed, falling shrinking down to the forest floor. She spitted a warm glow begining not dar from her, in the tree. Lightning! It must have hit the tree, and I was close enough to be effected... and now, a forest fire's started! Sleeka clumsily got up, tripping and falling again.
She growled and forced herself up, and then into a clumsy run, while being wacked in the face with branches.
At last, she reached a small, abandoned den in the roots of an oak tree. Sleeka leapt inside and curled up, watching the storm.

Pages: 12

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