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Broken Promises

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The sun beat down on the trees, light filtering through the leaves. An Absol streched on a flat rock as two balls of fluff wrestled in the grass. The Absol- who's name was Alalis- had become the caretaker of two Eevee after finding their eggs. She had given them names; Sleeka and Breeze. Breeze was a normal male Eevee, unlike this sister who was a shiny. The middle aged Absol watched Sleeka easily turn the tables on Breeze, before kicking him into a brook. "Sleeka! I thought I told the two of you to stay away from the brook!" Alalis hissed, leaping down and picking Breeze up and out of the river. His brown fur was wet and messy. Alalis sat both Eevee down on the stone. "Okay, don't go anywhere. I'm getting some berries to keep you two out of trouble."
"Okay, we'll stay riiiight here!" Sleeka said, lifting her head proudly. Breeze glared at his sister, but she didn't seem to notice.
Alalis dissappeared into the forest. "What berries do you hope she'll find?" Breeze asked Sleeka. "Pecha!" "I like Oran better. They're blue, and they taste great!" Sleeka streched. "They're blue' is not a good reason, Breeze."
"Yes it is! Blue is the color of Vaporeons and water!" "Nooooo, water is clear!" Alalis laughed quietly as she listened to the two Eevee arguing. She moved quietly, careful not to alert a Pigey or Tailow to her location. She wasn't hunting them, but the racket they made was very annoying. Suddenly, they all set off at once. She turned, knowing exactly who ruined her soundless search for berries. A orange-yellow-red Pokèmon was there, with lots of fluffy fur and a few stripes. "Ni, don't you know if SEALTH?" She snapped at the Arcanine.
"I do! But not everything is soundless is what I'm trying to say." "Not everything sounds like Giratina on a sugarrush while walking either." Alalis snorted. Ni was somewhat of a neighbor, but also annoying, clingy, loud, and what a human might call a total noob. Not that she knew what that meant. "How are Breeze and... uuuuuh... Silka?" "Her name is Sleeka." Alalis growled as Ni tried to change the subject. She stalked away into a bramble patch, avoiding the thorns. The sun was three quarters across the sky now, and there had hardly been any clouds. Alalis was still out, and Breeze had fallen asleep in the den he shared with Sleeka. His sister was curled up in the shade of a tree near the brook.
A single droplet landed on her nose. The silver Pokèmon looked up at the grey clouds. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Sleeka came out from under the tree just as the rain began to fall harder and harder. She looked around the two dens in the clearing; Alalis's old hollow tree and the Eevees' small dugout cave. Then, she climbed into a shallow dugout in the earth, just enough to hide from most of the rain and wind.
Alalis narrowed her eyes against the wind. "So my predictions of a hurricane were true..." her voice was carried away in the wind.
The Absol struggled against the wind, the rain batting against her horn and face. Mud was gathering around her paws, and she could hear thunder. She passed a hollow in a huge tree that hardly twiched as the wind hit it. It would be a safe place to hide while Alalis waited for the storm to pass over. She could eat the Pecha, Oran, and Pinap berries she found. She found her paws turning rowards the hidden space, but she forced them back on course. She had to get back to Sleeka and Breeze! Breeze would be hiding in one of the small family's two dens right now, quietly, without even poking his head outside. But Sleeka... Sleeka would never just be as nice and docile as her brother. She never hid from storms on her own. A branch flew by Alalis, and she winced as it scraped against her side. A Pinap berry pulled out of her mouth and zoomed away with the branch. Suddenly, another branch flew by and Alalis felt a sharp pain in her head. Black stepped into her vision, but she shook it off. Just as she did that, another branch fell from a tree above her, and she was pinned to the ground. Another branch, and the black came in again. The forest floor vanished, and Alalis found herself in soothing, calming blackness.
((I'll start putting in different PoVs now)) Breeze's PoV To Breeze, rain and thunder hitting the ground was a comforting sound for sleep. So was knowing his sister is so close, and soon his mother would soon return with some Oran berries and warm the den with her flamethrower. Breeze shifted in his moss nest, the pattering rain outside. Why'd it feel so cold? Sleeka was supposed to be in her feather bed next to him. Alalis should have been back by then, quietly frying some unlucky Pidgey in her own den near theirs. He should have been full with berries. He opened one eye to check on his Naughty-Natured sister. She wasn't there. The feathers looked like nothing had ever touched them. There were no quiet weezing sounds coming from her corner. He was alone in the den. Where was his sister?
Suddenly, the sound of crunching leaves and snapping twigs filled the air. Mother... ? No. She'd never sound like that. He thought, readying a Sand Attack. The brambles surrounding the enterance to the den suddenly fell away and a huge orange-white head poked in, grabbing him by the scuff. Breeze sent out the Sand Attack, just to miss and hit a part of Alalis's den. The next thing he knew, he was being carried through the forest at a huge speed. Mother could never reach this speed. I don't know who this is!

Pages: 12

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