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Lucky Shelter Grabs

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AggOtick's AvatarAggOtick
AggOtick's Avatar
Oh man! First shelter albino! Will be perfect with the team i am trying the create.
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Pata97's AvatarPata97
Pata97's Avatar
i just found a shiny.. and accidentally clicked on reload😬 but i found a few legis yesterday.
IvoryReilly's AvatarIvoryReilly
IvoryReilly's Avatar
Just earlier i was looking through the shelter. i pressed reload and after i did i saw it one shiny found. This is like failing a shiny in the old games
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Finally I'm lucky!!! mod edit: Caps removed
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Just thought id let folk know that I've released all my legends, deltas, (non special but some delta) megas and 58 special (shiny and albino) pokemon to the shelter! If you stumble across one when scouring the shelter congrats and I hope you give whatever it may be a loving home ♡ Edit: I found one of the ones I released... Does this count as lucky? Ahah.
dragon360's Avatardragon360
dragon360's Avatar
I found one!
Avatar made by FrigidMellohi Visit my shop! https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/301653/Gardevoirs-and-Co-Boxes-and-gems/post/5875380 My first self-hatched shiny, named after Hermione from Harry Potter! Please click her!
Alchemi's AvatarAlchemi
Alchemi's Avatar
I... I am... speechless.
FatalDubstep's AvatarFatalDubstep
FatalDubstep's Avatar
Uh well this happened
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Probably the most interesting one I've come across lol


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