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Lucky Shelter Grabs

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Laurenzside's AvatarLaurenzside
Laurenzside's Avatar
I'm finding tons of genesects!😂
Panda1440's AvatarPanda1440
Panda1440's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Laurenzside

I'm finding tons of genesects!😂
Same! I think Captian did a mass release?
QueenCocoa's AvatarQueenCocoa
QueenCocoa's Avatar
Ive found a whole bunch of exclusives and variants but not a single genesect :') although im trying
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Kiwani's AvatarKiwani
Kiwani's Avatar
I managed to find this little darling. It's also my first cs that I found too. Now if only I can find someone willing to do a swap for one with the any berry preference.


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SpaceX's AvatarSpaceX
SpaceX's Avatar
Got this delta!!
Whimbie's AvatarWhimbie
Whimbie's Avatar
Finally getting back to this site after a year, and being the shelter hunting junkie that I am I very quickly started digging through the shelter to get the mons I missed while I was gone. Instead I found this girl. Surprisingly, after the sea of shinies, deltas, legendaries, etc. that I've found in there, this is my first ultra beast. And a Guzzlord at that lmao. I haven't even taken the time to unlock the Aether House for myself yet. Found these babs as well, but I was more excited about the UB (though albino Nickit/Thievul is super pretty I have to admit): Edit: I guess someone is just releasing a bunch of Guzzlords into the shelter lmao? I found another.
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Nugglet's AvatarNugglet
Nugglet's Avatar
I've found a couple purposely released shinies. Which means I've actually found more shinies randomly in the shelter during this hunt than my over 600 chain shiny hunt has given. 😹
Realm's AvatarRealm
Realm's Avatar
Hi I accidentally released my first albino to the shelter. I'll buy him back for 300gp if anyone found him, he means a lot. Golbat.
Purpleboi's AvatarPurpleboi
Purpleboi's Avatar
I just got this in a shelter LOOK AT DIS BOI if you don’t believe me check the bottom
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Nugglet's AvatarNugglet
Nugglet's Avatar
Contacted the person who released just in case it was an accident, so I may not be keeping this. But.. wow

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