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Lucky Shelter Grabs

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Spewpa's AvatarSpewpa
Spewpa's Avatar
Found these guys recently~
spewpas are very good
trick or yeet
credit: here
BraveHearted's AvatarBraveHearted
BraveHearted's Avatar
I got this gal as an egg that I found in the shelter :3
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bcxers's Avatarbcxers
bcxers's Avatar
just found this beauty <3
Emily Jones's AvatarEmily Jones
Emily Jones's Avatar
I think this is my luckiest grab yet. During a typerace, I was looking through the shelter for some reason when I saw this Palkia. My party was full with eggs at the time so I couldn't adopt it. I frantically started massclicking so my eggs would hatch and I was hoping no one would grab it. Fortunately, they hatched and I managed to grab her! She has quite the timeline too
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Foffle's AvatarFoffle
Foffle's Avatar
Delta in the shelter! I've come back to Pokefarm recently and I'm back to grabbing shelter treasures. Also got a Palkia, Delta Sobble and a few of the exclusives I've missed
meowforcats's Avatarmeowforcats
meowforcats's Avatar
Gotten quite a few deltas and legendaries, even got a mega leafeon recently
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wïrr's Avatarwïrr
wïrr's Avatar
these are only a few of them, but they're some of my favorites!
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Lunalatic's AvatarLunalatic
Lunalatic's Avatar
Found someone's starter they released on accident and returned it to them yesterday. Also, delta Scorbunny. Three of them.
RiNrAnDoMtImE's AvatarRiNrAnDoMtImE
RiNrAnDoMtImE's Avatar
Just accidentally refreshed on an Albino Weedle.
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I have two specials that I’ve found in the shelter: Then I’ve found a few deltas, a bunch of legendaries, and once I found someone’s melan, a LONG time back (returned it to them). I also once found someone’s Pokémon that was in a breeding pair with their special Pokémon. Took me a couple hours, but I found it. It was a female Deino. -w-
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