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Lucky Shelter Grabs

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SamEarl13's AvatarSamEarl13
SamEarl13's Avatar
Stumbled on this ghost delta Mareanie, the purple aura works really well imo.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
-inhale- HER
SamEarl13's AvatarSamEarl13
SamEarl13's Avatar
Very last adopt i had in the shelter today and a shiny pichu turned up. Will definitely be evolving it to a Raichu for dexing.
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I found this fella today!
EvilAngel's AvatarEvilAngel
EvilAngel's Avatar
How are you guys so lucky :o I've never encountered a shiny before. Rarest thing, a fire delta (and that was a long time ago)
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I have a soft spot for these guys... I get a lot of em from the shelter!
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Gema's AvatarGema
Gema's Avatar
Well, I'm a shelter hunter. So, I've stumbled upon quite few cool finds. All of my legendaries were found in the shelter.(Execpt for my Latias, that was a gift.) Found a few deltas here and there, few shinies too. My top three best finds so far: 3rd. My favourite pokemon, so finding one in the shelter, expecially as a newbie, was such a shock for me. Found a second since then. Amry of mews is next on the list! 2nd. x4 Considering the requirments to get an egg. Finding one alone in the shelter, is pretty awesome. But four is a bit crazy. 1st. It's one thing to find a Groudon, but to find one in primal forme to boot? That just blew my mind. First time I found out about different formes too.
Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
Vaporeon26's Avatar
Just a few minutes ago couldn't believe my eyes I usually never find anything special
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Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar
Same lol They released them on purpose :o
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