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The Looney Bin: Art and More [OPEN]

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POLL: Headshot Icons?

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Shop Status: OPEN

Information Center Bolded dates are most recent [05/Nov/2018] Opened art trades! Check the third post for details [09/Nov/2018] Adopts added. Link to Post [01/Jan/2019] There's a SALE! Did you know that?


  1. All PFQ rules apply
  2. Please use the form
  3. I have the right to deny your order
  4. Please credit my Toyhou.se where ever you use the art.
  5. Please subscribe to this thread, I'm not going to hunt you down.
  6. Don't rush me, but ask kindly if I don't get your order done within a week, unless otherwise noted.
  7. Examples and completed sketches are for the listed users use only. If you'd like one, place an order, you can use the sketches that were made for you.
  8. Please use the forms provided within the art type hide boxes.
  9. For the Usage section of the forms, please let me know where you'll be using the art.
  10. Don't remove my signature. Also don't claim my art as your own. If it happens too much this shop will disappear. :/
  11. Prices are subject to change at any time for any reason
  12. Payment can also be item equivalent to the listed price. Ex. Price is 50k, pay with 1
  13. Payment is required after 48 hours (2 days). I will PM you if I haven't received it by then

Will Do Anthro Feral Pokémon Dragons Fan-Art Gore Creepy/Weird things
PM me for any orders that include these
Anything not listed below, just ask. Won't do Multi-Character
For now I will only do one character per art piece
Nudity Humans
For now humans are off my Can Do list
Will add more as I figure them out
Current Examples|Older Examples
Pricing conversion 1 = 5 = 5k
A Green Houndoom

Sketch [Open]

Prices [25k , 25 , 5 ] - Headshot/Shoulder-Up Example | Example [75k , 75 , 15 ] - Waist up Example | Example
  • Messy-ish traditional sketches
  • Uncolored
  • These may be anywhere from a headshot up to a half body/waist-up.
  • The final piece will be scanned for a better quality than what the examples show
Credit me for the art.
Form [u][b]Mav! Sketch Plez![/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Headshot or Waist-Up?:[/b] [b]Reference/Description:[/b] [b]Pose:[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Digital Sketch [Open]

Prices Unshaded [Open] [50k , 50 , 10 ] - Headshot/Shoulder-Up Example [150k , 150 , 30 ] - Waist up Example [200k , 200 , 40 ] - Full Body Example
Shaded [Closed] Tis real basic shading as I'm still figuring it out. [150k , 150 , 30 ] - Headshot/Shoulder-Up Example [300k , 300 , 60 ] - Waist up [400k , 400 , 80 ] - Full Body Example
  • Digital Sketches, Still a bit messy
  • Colored
  • Unshaded and Shaded are different prices, and either may be unavailable at any time. Do not ask for shading if it says closed.
Credit me for the art.
Form [u][b]Mav! DigiSketch DigiSketch![/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference/Description:[/b] [b]Pose:[/b] [b]Type (Waist up, full body):[/b] [b]Shaded? (if available):[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

A Smol Kabuto

Create-A-Chara [Open]

  • Fill out the requested form and I'll whip you up a character from scratch.
  • How much details I provide depends on the style you choose.
  • The styles reflect how I've done my OCs info.
  • Anything you would like set for sure, like gender, name, theme, etc. add those to the Requested parameters section of the form.
  • If you want me to whip up a character from my imagination, put N/A in the Required parameters section of the form.
  • Please don't put too much Required details as this is for creating a character, not finishing a character, that would be a different section. You can, however, give me any of the following: species, gender, name, fandom/universe (if applicable), etc
++Currently only offering in Style #1, until I figure out my other styles :> Credit me for the character design.
Need an example of what I can do? This boyyo is decent He's alright too (the other part of his) Of course BNHA is one of my faves so most of them are also decent
Style #1 Boku no Hero Academia style Style Examples This style, by default, includes the following: [Name, Nickname(s), Gender, Height, Birthday, Blood Type, a bit of info on them (up to a detailed backstory), Appearance (including: 3 outfits)] Of course things can be added or removed, as well as changing things to match each character. Just let me know what details you'd like added/changed/removed.
Prices Base is what the cost of no changes to the above list of detail items Base: [50k, 50, 10] The below are added
to the base price when requested
Additions (price per each
That means 1
addition): [5k, 5, 1] Changes (price per each
That means 1
change): [Free] Removal (price per each
That means 1
change): [Free] (may lower the base price depending on how many details are removed) Detailed Backstory: [25k, 25, 5]
Form [u][b]Starr! [size=8]Witch[/size]Doctor me up a chara![/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Style #:[/b] [b]Requested parameters:[/b] [b]Additions, Changes, Removals?:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Finish-A-Chara [Open]

  • If you have a character that needs details. This is the place.
  • Basically this is the same as Create-A-Chara but you can be much more specific on required details.
  • Choose the item(s) you'd like me to write up for you
  • Please provide the current details you have of the character I'm writing stuff for

The following is PER 1 detail item Small Details
Name, Nickname, Gender, Height, Birthday, Blood Type, and any other small simple details
(hover for list): [5k, 5, 1] Medium Details
Appearance, Outfits, Short backstory, Other short amount of details, and any other medium details
(hover for list): [10k , 10, 2] Heavy Details
Full Backstory, and any other Heavy details
(hover for list): [20k , 20, 4]
More to be added
Form [u][b]Starr! I need some bits and pieces![/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Character:[/b] [b]Detail(s) Requested:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Design-A-Chara [Open]

  • Are looks/appearance the only thing you're looking for? I can do that!
  • Two levels, one is a written appearance description that meets your requirements, the other is the written bit plus a doodle, It'll be more expensive because this stuff will have to go to Mav after Starr's done with her part
  • Let me know the base details you'd like for sure, anything else not listed will be from my imagination

Prices Hover over the type for more details #1 Literature:
Full detailed description of how they look, this can also include clothes if asked. I can also toss in specific colors (hex codes) if you'd like
[20k , 20, 4] #2 Literature + Doodle:
The above, PLUS a full body unshaded doodle from Mav
[220k , 220, 44]
Form [u][b]Starr! I can't picture them, can you help?[/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Option #:[/b] [b]Details:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

A Pastel Horned Wolf with several eye like markings

PFQ Site Skins [Open]


click image for larger view

Price [100k , 100, 20]
  • Custom Site Skins
  • No custom CSS (IDK what I'm doing there)
  • Make sure you have permission to use the art for the BG image, for my security really
  • Let me know specifics of what you'd like, if none are given I'll follow the theme the best I can
  • Only; Username, Theme, and Payment fields are required in the form
  • I will confirm the final product with you, once everything is worked out the link will be sent when the payment is sent

Form [u][b]Haptik! Custom my PFQ![/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Theme:[/b] [b]Specifics:[/b] [b]Background Image:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Sprites [Closed]

Pixels [Open]

Full Body [110k , 110, 22] Flatties [50k , 50, 10]
  • Pixels
  • Fullbody max canvas size: 200px x 200px. Flatties max canvas size: 40 px high
  • Let me know what size canvas you'd like
  • Flatties are pixels of your character squished/crawling in a 20 px (default) high canvas

Form [u][b]Haptik! Pixels are Everywhere![/b][/u] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference/Description:[/b] [b]Pose:[/b] [b]Type (Full body, Flattie, etc):[/b] [b]Canvas Size:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Slots Slots will remain taken/full until payment is received
Mav's Slots
Starr's Slots
Haptik's Slots
PFQ & Pixel
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar

Sketch Showcase

So here I'll post sketches I did that I really like the way they came out, as well as the sketches I do for others. They will also be posted on the current examples link. Current Examples|Older Examples

My Favorites

+Killua from Hunter x Hunter +Celldweller (One of my OCs) +Ziddamesh (One of my Poke OCs)

Completed Sketches

Speedwagon for BrentieBaldi Nova, Levana for Periidot Hazen for PossessNineTails Nye for Doctor_Sawbones Hikaru Yasu for loucariogirl Monster Walk for renthefloof
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar

Art Trades

So, now that I've gotten my new drawing tablet, I'm able to draw in digital. So this section is now for art trade like it said it would be. If you're interested in paying with an art trade please let me know when you post your form. If you find one of my characters that you'd like to draw before I ask please let me know as well. For an art trade I expect the same level as you ask of me. Ex. digital full body from me = digital full body from you
Character(s) The characters listed below are my priority LF art. But that doesn't mean you have to draw them, I have plenty of characters of many species to choose from on my toyhou.se --- Any of the ones HERE Rouz Tiekis (She's had a design update so info will come with her) Travon Haptik --- My toyhou.se if any of the above don't catch your interest I will provide more information depending on who you pick.
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar


Going to post my adopts here. This section probably will be empty majority of the time, but there will be the occasional adopt that pops up. Adopt Rules: +You can change any details of the adopt (name, gender, etc.) +Don't change the design, you can add markings and adjust the colors, as long as the original design is recognizable +Credit me for the design, and the proper artist if I used lineart (link will be provided) +You can re-sell/trade/gift the adopts as long as the proper credits follow with it. +For batch adopt, specify which one you'd like. I'll crop it out and send you the unwatermarked image When you credit me please credit my toyhou.se, I'm pretty much inactive on dA, you can credit my PFQ but toyhou.se is preferred. If you have a toyhou.se let me know because I can transfer the design to you that way. I don't expect anyone to pay in USD, it's just there for price comparison. Also the prices may not follow my currency conversion on the first post, and some may not list a type of currency, that means I'm not accepting that type for that adopt. Sorry. All will be linked to their dA post as well as their image displayed below. Bigger images available on their dA post, just click the name for the adopt that's below the image. I may take character/design trades or art trades for these, just ask. :>

Adopts {Updated: 17/Dec/2018}

Prices are EACH The comma (,) means or. [EX. 200, 20 is the same as 200 or 20] Itsy Bisty Moth Dragon [200, 10, $0.10]
Watermeloon [500, 20, $0.20]
Tiny Buggie Dragons Batch #1 #1,2,5,10-12,15 [200, 10, $0.10] #3 [400, 30, $0.30] #4,13 [300, 20, $0.20] #7-9,14 [100, 5, $0.05]
Harpy Gijinka Batch #1 I will recolor the sprites for [10, 2, 4 Medium Gems (any)] extra #1 - Charming Charizard Harpy [50, 10, 2 Large Gems (any)] (Both sprite price) #1a, 1b - Charming Charizard Harpy [30, 6, 1 Large Gem (any)] (one sprite, please specify with or without tail if you choose this option) #2 - Retro Ho-Oh Harpy [30, 6, 1 Large Gem (any)] #3 - Ferocious Fearow Harpy [30, 6, 1 Large Gem (any)]

For my future reference [img]Image url[/img] [url=dA url]Adopt name[/url] [0, 0, $0.00]
BrentieBaldi's AvatarBrentieBaldi
BrentieBaldi's Avatar
Hello, I'm interested... But before I place an order you said you're up for drawing anything, does that include fan art too??
Avatar is art made for me by ColorfullyMonotone on DeviantART. Character is my Gothorita OC (gijinka form)
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
Yep. Any character wether it’s an oc or a cannon character. One of my examples, if the link is working, is a cannon character from Hunter x Hunter. If that’s what you mean. ^-^
BrentieBaldi's AvatarBrentieBaldi
BrentieBaldi's Avatar
Yeah, that's what I meant by that, like a character from a series. :3 All right~ Could you maybe give Speedwagon (JJBA) a shot?? :3 Username: BrentieBaldi Reference/Description: Speedz Pose: anything is fine Other: n/a
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
Sure thing. I should have that done either later today or sometime tomorrow. Thank you for your interest
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
I sorta like it. I hope you do. Let me know if the link doesn't work @BrentieBaldi - Robert E. O. Speedwagon
BrentieBaldi's AvatarBrentieBaldi
BrentieBaldi's Avatar
Agh, the link isn't working. D:

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