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The CBC's lil' Journal

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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
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Please do not post here!
This is my attempt to do a journal
I had one back in the days with my love, but then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when we went on a hiatus and our journal was deleted...
~ I'll make lists and whatnot and editing everything rapsodically and eventually post random pokés that I've got from hatching/trading/other. c: And other random stuff, too. Yeah. For 'important' things, look at that directory below... I will add a fancy template later... Directory * = I need to redo/make these >.>
Avatar is made by HotTubz ordered here. Collecting (mostly) missing and special deltas + deltas for Trebor! Pm me, please~ <3 ~*~*~¤~*~*~
Don't want to fall behind with the new sprites? Sprite discovery thread~ and you can discuss them in the Sprite Discovery Discussion~
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
About me
Nicks: Tune, Blue Chicken, csirek
mispelled chicken "csirke" in Hungarian, with small capital
Real name: Tünde Country: Hungary (server time +1) Age: 26 Birthday: 11th of January (Capricorn) Jung-test: ISTJ/INTJ Pokesona: a delta fighting blue Torchic (who would be a Fire/Dark pokemon without the delta typing)
Pic made by my wonderfully amazing irl friend Inkydoc! Go check her out~
Hello~! So this should be some proper introduction of myself. Very well. I am the Crazy Blue Chicken™, a 26 years old gal from Hungary, who is really depressed nowadays. I am trying to find myself again recently, because somewhere in the last years I've lost my own self, which is made a big hole in my heart and made me really depressed. Now I am trying hard to find the light and pushing, to come out of it alive~ Wish me luck. :D Setting the depressing things aside, I am really into A:tla & LoK, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, Star Wars, She-Ra and Rick and Morty. I used to watch tons of animes, but things happened (mostly the awful last year of the University as a japanese major), and I've lost my fire towards them. But I really love the japanese culture and language, altought I am not very good at the latter, but I can say a thing or two in japanese ;) Recently I am into programming and coding, altought I still have to learn a lot, because I am self-tought and lacking some basics. I'd like to have a course soon and trying to get a job in this field. I enjoy reading
mostly books with fantasy and sci-fi theme
books and comics, watching series, playing videogames, role playing and sometimes writing and more rarely drawing, because I convienced myself that I am bad at these last two activities... I was on PF1 with the username Tune-chan, I had a fun time, until I was banned after some weeks because I was too good and suspicious XD I wrote a ticket and got back my account months later, and was very active back then (because clicking on PF was more comforting than studying to my exams XD), but then PFQ happened, and I was really salty to start everything all over again, so after PFQ opened, I went hiatus shortly after, because everything was not bad but really different. The farming was forgotten, until my Love started to play regularly again (she wasn't really active on PF1, but PFQ felt better for her :D), and first I clicked to get her some Mega Stones on the 10th Massclick Weekend back in 2015 May. It was the matter of time and I was playing again steadily. :D There were a little hiatus between 2018 jan/feb-2018 july because of anxiety, depression, and other delicious irl things, but I am back at it again, hoarding my precious delta fighting babs and starting fresh with my specials collection in a whole~ :D If we are at it, I love Fighting type pokés now with a passion, it started with the Machop-line back in the early 2000s. :D Machoke is my all time favourite fighting type, and was an odd one out of my favourite pokés: all of the others were fire and later dark types as well. With Hoenn, Torchic came and with him my everlasting love towards that little fire chick. I am actively hoarding them, and building a fire chick army >:3 I'll hunt them eventually, but I have to build up my credits pile first becuase I do not want to release them x'D I have a thing for dog-shaped pokés as well, such as Growlithe, Arcanine, Poochyena, Mightyena, Entei, Houndoom, Lillipup and newly Rockruff (and Kenyip, ohmysweetArceus, the Kenyip-line...!), but I like the Electrike-line, Absol, my favourite fairy godfather Snubbull and his bodyguard Granbull, the majestic Furfrou, and I like to include the Zorua-line here as well. I have other favourites that came with all the time I spent with playing pokemon roms and/or on PF1/PFQ, here is a little list of them all... Okay, not all, but come on. I like about 50-75 pokemon at minimum. XD

30 random PFQ habits of mine

  1. I try to at least party click back most of the time.
  2. If you don’t have anything in your party, I usually go and click your first field (or your second, too if you don’t have at least 6 in the first)
  3. I often shelterhunt to max out my Shelter Pass star.
  4. I am always willing to help with trade evos, just label it and I’ll gift back the pokemon untouched!
  5. I like browsing the trade forums, but not the shops. ^^”
  6. I’ll most likely rescue any Combusken/Blaziken from the shelter if I have the field space. I used to adopt them all, but I renewed my collection and released all that weren't 'special' to me in some way. ^^"
  7. If I have spare shelter adopts, I like to adopt variants/exclusives/revived fossils/lvl 100/evolved by stone pokés and simple trade evos to wondertrade them off. Or ready to evolve pokés – there are a tons of ready to evolve pokés by leveling in the shelter released by others...! D:
  8. I want to collect breeding pairs of all breedable pokés with at least one parent of Impish/Brave/Sassy (and in special cases Quiet) natures.
  9. I like to add edits to my journal. I am awful tho and have half-finished posts because of it.
  10. I don’t care how much you clicked me. If you are on my clickback list, I’ll click you back. (I’ll just use mean look on you while I am clicking if you can’t click all 6 in my party...)
  11. I try to always have a full party if I can.
  12. I like to try click all online users’ parties. It makes me feel satisfied when I click the open 10 button and it goes to my page c:
  13. If I catch you filling your party with eggs, I’ll usually wait and spamming F5 until you have a full party~
  14. Sometimes I barely click 1k a day, but other times I chase pokerus and doing random massclicks (mostly on some of my friend’s fields) while trying to click every online user makind 30k+ interactions a day.
  15. I usually buy Zc in every month.
  16. I use several css modifier to enhance my farming experience :D (such as an autostacker, easy party mass-clicks, sheltergrid, bigger eggs of my hunt, special poke finder in the shelter...etc. mostly from <HERE>)
  17. I always labeling my trades and say ’thank you’, when offering on one...
  18. I like wondertrading trade evos naming them ’I am ready to evolve’. :D
  19. I will never wondertrade non special pokés. At least sending out rare genders, but that is the rarest.
  20. I like to watch the statistics page to see where am I. I’d like to be on the top100 in most of them. c: See my progress here.
  21. I am lowkey obsessed making tables and lists for the journal usually in notepad XD
  22. If I get 25k or the increment of 25k credits, I'll put it away to my moneysafe. Making my life miserable when I do trades, paying with currency and forgot to get them back before clicking the trade *facepalm*
  23. I like lurking in other users journal... c:
  24. I like making breeding pairs, I have 3+ fields of exclusives with different OTs to mix and match. (I had...) I won't do less than 96% tho, and I am always try to improve my pair collection to have them all at 98-99% (with Impish/Brave/Sassy(/Quiet) natures)
  25. Gardening is the bane of my existence, I've always forgot to water them berries.
  26. I lowkey hate tournaments. I don't like most of the tasks, and I don't like the fact that it makes me doing things that I don't wanna to keep up and collect fakemons/tokens.
  27. I am awful when it's come to hunting - I won't add the specials (shinies, albinos and in some cases even melans!) to my collections unless it is bred by me with the right nature.
  28. I like to make Totem mons. I don't know it is just satisfying when all of the stickers have found and the mon change it's forme... c:
  29. I have way too many messy hidden fields... >.> Roughly 25% of my fields are hidden ^^"
  30. There is not enough fields, like, ever. I've collecting too many things... It is almost 1 mil per field ON A DUSKY DAY now ><
I've always liked the pokemon natures Brave, Impish and Sassy (and Quiet), because I think I can identify myself with them. XD I have 3 'personalities' in my head: Tune, the original one, who is the Brave one of the brunch, a real gryffindor; Saku, the optimist and fun-loving, pranking 'Impish'-self; and the quiet, but rather sharped-tongued Sassy Natsu, who has all of the extreme moods and moodswings. (Note: I do not have personality disorder, this whole thing is just my headcanon (got it? haha), the by-product of my vivid fantasies :D) I like puns. I like pun-ishing people with my puntastic puns. I am not as good in english as in hungarian, but I am awful nonetheless. XD Music is my life's driving force, without music I can barely function (and music saved my life quite literally when I had suicidal thoughts). I usually love Symphonic Metal and the whole Metal genre in general, but I regularly listen Rock music, too, and had a very serious J-rock/Visual Key period (Gackt was my god) in my life. :D Also listened some K-pop back in the days (I loved Shinee
RIP Jonghyun, you were and always be my favourite <333
with a passion, and I like a couple of songs of other boybands), and I have so many guilty pleasure pop songs. XD My newly found favourite is Steam Powered Giraffe, they were there when I was in the deepest depression and saved me countless of times with their cheerful, silly and fantastic music and performances~ A never thought I'll have a robot crush
especially that I am very lesbian
as the person of The Spine, and Bunny is a real inspiration! <333
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
To do list - 2019
  • Make a fancy template - for here & for the shop -> art was ordered from the wonderful Kelsium
  • Fill the journal with stuff that I want - Collections (S-A-other), Dexing, Missing Fite deltas, Other Deltas, Breeding Pairs, Shelter hunting buddies, Art-stuff
  • Make a shop already you stoopid chic'!!!
  • Make a naming contest thread
  • Collect: 14/12 13/12 13/12 for Furfrou hunt
  • Buying all the Incenses (need two of each, just because):
    Full Incense
    Lax Incense
    Luck Incense
    Odd Incense
    Pure Incense
    Rock Incense
    Rose Incense
    Sea Incense
    Wave Incense
  • Albinos: Got 'em <333
The brave Guardian hunt~ 176/500
Pactum with the Devil~ 25/300
I have Superpowers!
7987/12500 - 63.9%
Burn DARK FIRE, BURN! Got'em <3
Brave Maravol Collection
Aggro pattern
Astral pattern
Beast pattern
Clone pattern
Crystal pattern
Dream pattern
Flutter pattern
Mimic pattern
Moon pattern
Pester pattern
Petal pattern
Prism pattern
Quick pattern
Repeat pattern
Sarahae pattern
Skelotorus pattern
Sparklemuffin pattern
Spirit pattern
Spooky pattern
Vibrant pattern

Brave Unown Collection

from Castiel
from Ohush
from Kimbolimbo
from Castiel
from Kimbolimbo
from Temtia
from Kimbolimbo
from Selitha
from DarkIceNinja
from Angelicbaby113
from Castiel
from rmcqu1
from Castiel
from Castiel
from Antarem
from Galadea
from Kimbolimbo
from DarkIceNinja
from Crystalmysrtia
from Ohush
from Galadea
from Castiel
from Swhank
from Castiel
from DarkIceNinja
from Castiel
from Ohush
from Castiel
from Castiel
I must be insane, tho... >.>
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Shiny collection~ Nothing fancy yet, just a list. B=Brave, I=Impish, S=Sassy, Q=Quiet

ABC list

Abomasnow (B) Abomasnow Mega (B) Abra (delta-fighting) Aegislash blade [<3] Aegislash shield [<3] Aerodactyl (B) Aerodactyl Mega (B) Aggron Mega (Q) Aipom (delta-ice) Alolan Diglett (S) Alolan Dugtrio (S) Alolan Grimer (B) Alolan Muk (B) Alolan Persian (I) Alolan Raticate (B) Alolan Rattata [<3] Alolan Vulpix (delta-fighting) Alomomola (delta-fighting) Amaura (I) Amoongus (B) Ampharos Mega [<3] Anorith (B) Apoc Arcanine [<3] Apoc Arcanine (delta-fighting) Apoc Breloom (B) Apoc Golett (I) Apoc Growlithe (S) Apoc Schroomish (B) x2 Araquanid (S) Arasprit (delta-fighting) Arbok Mega [<3] Arcanine (B) Archen (I) Archops (I) Armaldo (B) Aromatisse (Q) Aron (delta-fighting) Arthreux (B) Articuno (delta-fighting) Audino x2 [<3 + raffle] Audino Mega [<3] Aurorus (I) Avalugg (B) Baflammet (I) Bagon (B) Bagon (delta-ground) Baltoy (S) Banette (I) x2 (+1 megastone needed) Barboach (delta-fighting) Bastiodon (B) Beautifly (S) Beedrill [Hegy] Beedrill Mega [Hegy] Bergmite (B) Bidoof (I) Blaziken x2 [<3] Blaziken Mega [<3] Blissey (B) Blophin (S) Bounsweet (B) Bouffalant (I) & (B) Breloom Mega [<3] Brionne [cissza] Bulbasaur (S) +1 not IB[Hegy] Bulbasaur (delta-rock) Bunbori (B) Bunbori (delta-ghost) Buneary (B) + 1 not IB[<3] Buneary (delta-fighting) Butterfree [Trebor] Buzzwhole (delta-fighting) Cacnea (I) Carbink [Antarem] Carnivine (I) Carvanha (B) Castform (I) Cerberus (I) Chansey (B) Charmander (B) Charmeleon [Shee] Cherrim (B) Chimchar [Shee] Chimecho (B) Chingling (B) Claydol (S) Cloyster [<3] Combee [cissza] Combusken [<3] Comfey (I) Corphish (I) Corsola [<3] Crabominable (B) Crabrawler x2 Cradily (B) Cranidos (S) Crawdaunt (I) Croagunk (Q), (B)x2 Croagunk (delta-fighting) Crustle (I) Crygonal [<3] Cubchoo [shelter] Cubone (delta-steel) Cyndaquil (delta-fighting) Cyndaquil [Hegy] Dedenne (B) Deino [<3] Delibird [cissza] Donphan (B) Doublade (I) Dragonair [gift] Dratini (delta-grass) Drifblim [cissza] Drifloon [cissza] Druddigon (S) Druddigon Mega (S) Drowzee [cissza] Ducklett (I) Duosion (I) Durant (I) Dwebble (I) Early Bird Natu (delta-fighting) Eelektross (B) Ekans (S) Emolga (Q) Espurr (B) Eevee (B) (delta-fire) Farfetch'd [<3] Farfetch'd Mega [<3] Fearrow (S) Ferroseed [Trebor] Ferrothorn [Trebor] Flarbat (Q) Flarbat (delta-fighting) Flareon Mega (B) Flaroptera (delta-fighting) Flarotis (delta-fighting) Flygon (S) Flygon Mega (S) Flying Pichu (B) Foongus (B) Frillish female (B) Frillish male (B) Furfrou [<3] Gabite (I) Garchomp (I) Garchomp Mega [<3] Gastly (B) +1 (not IBS) Gastrodon occident [cissza] Gastrodon orient (S) Gengar (B) Gengar [Hegy] Gible (I) x2 Girafarig (B) Girafarig Mega (B) Giratina (B) (delta-rock) Gliscor (I) Gogoat Mega (delta-fighting) Goldeen [cissza] Golett (S) Golisopod (B) Golurk (S) Goodra [random chance] Gourgeist super size (I) + [Ewy] Gothita (B) Gothitelle (B) Gothorita (B) Gragon (B) (delta-poison) Granbull (I) Growlithe (B) x2 Grumpig (B) Guild Wigglytuff [shelter] Gulpin (Q) Gumshoototem (I) Gyarados [wondertrade] Hakamo-o [cissza] Happiny (B) Haunter (B) Hawlucha (B) Hawlucha Mega [<3] Heracross female (B) Heracross male (B) Heracross Mega (B) Honedge (I) Houndoom [<3] Hypno [cissza] Igglybuff [<3] Impyre (I) Incineroar [Shee] Inflale (S) Jangmo-o [cissza] Jellicent male (B) Jumpluff (S) Jynx (B) Kakuna [Hegy] Karrablast (B) x2 Klefki (B) +1 (delta-fighting) Klang (I) Klink (I) Klinklang (I) Kricketot (S) Kricketune (S) Kommo-o (S) [cissza] Kommo-o Totem [shelter] Kyutopi (delta-fighting) Lapras [cissza] Lapras Mega [cissza] Lairon (I) Leavanny (S) Ledian (B) Liepard (I) Liepard Mega (I) Lileep (B) Lillipup (delta-ice) Lillipup [<3] Litleo [<3] Litten [wondertrade] Lopunny (B) Lopunny Mega (B) Lunatone (B) Lunupine [<3] Luvdisc (S) Luxray [<3] Lycanrock dusk (delta-fighting) Lycanrock midnight [<3] Machop [<3] Machoke [<3] Machamp [<3] Magby (B) Magcargo (S) Magearna (B) Magikarp [cissza] Magmortar (B) Magnemite (B) Magneton (B) Magnezone (B) Mamoswine (S) Mandibuzz (B) Mankey (S) x2 Mantine [cissza] Mantyke [cissza] Maravol (Q) (delta-fighting) Maravol (B) - Prism Mareanie (delta-grass) Masqureain (S) (delta-fighting) Mawile (B) Meditite (delta-steel) Mew (S) Mightyena Mega (B) Mimikyu (I) Mimikyu Totem (I) Minior (B) Minun (I) Misdreavus (B) Mismagius (B) Morelull (B) Mudbray (B) Mudsdale (B) Murkrow (delta-fighting) Nidoking (delta-fighting) Nidoking (I) Nidoqueen (I) Nidoran female (delta-fighting) Nidoran male (I) (delta-fighting) Nidoran female (I) Nidoran male (I) Nidorina (I) Nidorino (I) Noivern Mega (Q) Nosepass (S) Oranguru (I) Orthrus (I) Orthrus (delta-fighting) Oshawott (S) Pachirisu (S) Palossand (S) Palpitoad (I) Pancham [<3] Passimian (B) Persian (S) Persian Mega [<3] Phanpy (B) Phanpy (delta-dark) Phantump (B) Phione [cissza] Pichu (delta-fighting) Pidgeot [<3] Pidgeot Mega [<3] Pidgeotto (B) Pidgey [<3] Pidgey (delta-ice) Pignite [Shee] Pikipek (delta-fighting) Piloswine (S) Pineco (B) Ponyta (Q) Popplio [cissza] Porygon (B) Porygon2 (B) Primarina (B) Primeape (B) Probopass (S) Pumpkaboo super (I) Purrloin (I) Purrloin (delta-poison) Pyroar male [<3] Pyroar Mega [<3] Quibbit toxic (delta-fighting) Qwilfish (I) Ralts (delta-normal) Rampardos (S) Rapidash (S) Rapidash Mega (S) Regice (B) Regigas (B) Regirock (B) Relicanth (delta-ghost) Remoraid (I) Reuniclus (I) Rhyperior (delta-fighting) Salamence (B) Salamence Mega (B) Salandit [wonder trade] Samurott [<3] Sandygast (S) Scolipede (B) Scyther [Hegy] Seaking [cissza] Sealeo [cissza] Searene (B) Seasonal Torterra [<3] Sentret [<3] Sewaddle (S) Sewaddle (delta-flying) Sewaddle (delta-grass) Sharpedo (B) Sharpedo Mega (B) Shelgon (B) Shellder (B) Shellooccident [cissza] Shelloorient [cissza] Shieldon (B) Shieldon (delta-flying) Shinx [wonder trade] Shuppet (I) Skitty (B) Slowbro Mega (B) Slugma (S) Smeargle [<3] Sneasel (B) Snivy [wonder trade] Snivy (delta-fighting) Snover (B) Snowpoke (S) Snowshrew (I) Snowslash (I) Snubbull (I), (B), (S) Solosi(I) Solrock (S) Solynx (B) Spearow (S) Spheal (Q) Spiritomb (S) Spiritomb (delta-psychic) Spiritomb (delta-ground) Spoink (B) Spritzee (Q) SRaticate [<3] Starly (S) (delta-fighting) Steene (B) Stufful [Ewy] Sudowoodo (I) Surfing Pichu male (I) (delta-dragon) Surskit (S) Surskit (delta-fighting) Swadloon (S) Swalot (Q) Swanna (I) Swellow [<3] Swinub (S) Swoobat (S) Tauro(S) Terrakion [NJ] Terrink (I) Tillink (I) Tillink (delta-fighting) Thyplosion (Q) Togedemaru [<3] Togedemaru (delta-fighting) Togedemaru (delta-ice) Togedemaru totem (delta-fighting) Torchic x6 ((Q)+5) Torchic (delta-water) Tornadus [<3] Toxapex (B) Toxicroak [<3] + (B)x2 Trapinch (S) Trapinch (I) (delta-fighting) Tropius (S) Tsareena (B) Turtonator [Shee] Tynamo (B) Typhlosion (delta-fighting) Tyrunt (delta-bug) Unown T (Q) Vampire Gilgar (delta-fighting) Vanillite (Q) Vanillish (S) Vanilluxe [cissza] Venipede (B) Vibrava (S) Vivillon [<3] Volcarona (S) Wailmer [cissza] Wailord [cissza] Wailord Mega (S) Walrein [cissza] Weavile (B) Weavile Mega (B) Weedle [Hegy] Whirlipede (B) Wigglytuff [<3] Wimpod (B) Wishiwashi (S) Woobat (S) XD001 (B) Zangoose [<3] Zangoose Mega [<3] Zapdos (B) Zoroark Mega Zorua (delta-electric) Zorua (delta-fighting)
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Albino collection~ Nothing fancy yet, just a list. B=Brave, I=Impish, S=Sassy, Q=Quiet

ABC list

Abomasnow (S) x2 /need megastone/ Aegislash blade (I) Aegislash shield (B) Alicalf (delta-fighting) Alolan Diglett (S) Alolan Dugtrio (S) Alolan Marowak Totem [Hegy] Alolan Ninetales [cissza] Alolan Raticate Totem [<3] Alolan Rattata [<3] Alolan Vulpix [cissza] Amaura [cissza] Apoc Shroomish (B) Araquanid Totem (B) Arasprit (S) Arbok (B) Arbok Mega (B) Arthreux (S) Audino (I) Audino Mega [<3] Aurorus [cissza] Bastiodon (I) Bisharp (I) Blophin (S) Bouffalant (B) Bounsweet (B) Bruxish (I) Buneary [cissza] Bunbori (B) Carbink (I) Carvanha (B) Caterpie (B) Cerberus (I) Charizard [<3] Chespin (Q) (delta-fighting) Chimecho [cissza] Chingling (I) Cloyster (S) Cobalion (I) [Kels] Combee [cissza] Combusken (S) Crabominable (B) Crabrawler [<3] Cranidos (B)x2 Cubone (B) Dhelmise (I) Dedenne (S) Donphan (B) Doublade (B) Drifloon (Q) Druddigon (B) Druddigon Mega [<3] Dugtrio (S) Dunsparce Mega (S) Durant (I) Dusknoir (I) Early Bird Natu (B) (delta-fighting) Eelektrik (I) Eelektross (I) Ekans (B) Electrode (I) Emolga (I) Escavalier (B) Exeggcute (I) Farfetch'd (B) Farfetch'd Mega [<3] Farfetch'd (delta-steel) Fearow (B) Fletchling [<3] Furfrou [<3] Gastly (B) Gastrodon orient (Q) Girafarig (B) Girafarig Mega (B) Glalie Mega (Q) Goldeen [cissza] Granbull (I) Gyarados [cissza] Halloween Purrloin [<3] Haunter (B) Hawlucha [<3] Heatmor [<3] Heracross female (B) Heracross female (B) (delta-psychic) Heracross male (B) Heracross male (B) (delta-water) Heracross Mega (B) Herdier [<3] Honedge (B) Hoot-hoot [<3] Houndour (S) Igglybuff (B) Inflale (S) Jangmo-o [cissza] Kangaskhan [<3] Kricketot (S) Koffing (S) Lapras [cissza] Lickitung (S) Lileep (I) Lillipup [<3] Linoone [<3] Litleo (delta-ground) Lopunny (S) [cissza] Lopunny Mega [cissza] Machop [<3] Machoke [<3] Machamp [<3] Magcargo (S) Mankey [<3] Maravol (B) - Prism Meowstic male [<3] Meowth [raffle] Mightyena [<3] Miltank [<3] Mimikyu (S) Mimikyu Totem (S) Misdreavus (B) Mudbray (S) Mudsdale (S) Murkrow [<3] Nidoking (I) Nidorino (I) Nincada [<3] Nosepass (S) Oddish (I) (delta-fighting) Oranguru [Meow] Orthrus [<3] Oshawott (delta-fighting) Pachirisu (S) Palossand (S) Passimian x2 (B) Pawniard [<3] Phanpy (B) Pichu [wonder trade] Pidgeot [<3] Pidgeot Mega [<3] Pidgeotto [<3] Pidgey [<3] Pidove [<3] Pikachu [<3] Pikipek (delta-fighting) Poochyena [<3] Popplio [cissza] Primeape [<3] Probopass [cissza] Pumpkaboo super size [Ewy] Pyroar female (Q) Pyukumuku [<3] Ralts (delta-ground) Relicanth (B) Rockruff [Hegy] +1 [<3] Rotom (I) Rufflet [<3] Sandygast (S) Scolipede (S) Seaking [cissza] Sealeo [cissza] Searene (B) Sentret (B) Seviper Mega (S) Sharpedo Mega (B) Shellos orient [cissza] Shieldon (I) Shinx [shelter] Skrelp (B) Sligoo (S) Slugma (S) Smeargle [<3] Sneasel (B) Snover (S) Snowpoke (S) Snubbull (I) Solrock (Q) Spearrow (B) Spinda (I) Spiritomb (I) Spoink [cissza] Stoutland [<3] Stufful [<3] Stunfisk (delta-ground) Surskit (delta-fighting) Swellow (B) Tauros (S) Terrink (S) Tillink (S) Timburr [<3] Togedemaru [Hegy] Turtonator (S) Tynamo (I) Tyrantrum (I) Tyrunt (I) Vanillite (Q) Venipede (S) Venusaur [cissza] Vivillon [<3] Voltorb (I) Wailmer [cissza] Walrein [cissza] Whirlipede (S) Weedle (B) Yanma [<3] Zigzagoon (I)
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Melan babs~ <need to redo the lists orz>

Project: Fighting Stars

There are 65 fighting type*
Mankey, Primeape, Poliwrath, Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Heracross, Heracross Mega, Tyrogue, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Gallade, Gallade Mega, Breloom, Makuhita, Hariyama, Meditite, Medicham, Medicham Mega, Lopunny Mega, Riolu, Lucario, Lucario Mega, Croagunk, Toxicroak, Timburr, Gurdurr, Conkeldurr, Throh, Sawk, Scraggy, Scrafty, Mienfoo, Mienshao, Pancham, Pangoro, Hawlucha, Crabrawler, Crabominable, Stufful, Bewear, Passimian, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o ____ Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Marshadow ____ Boxaby, Kangspar, Valkind, Frayja, Raichu Mega, Breloom Mega, Hawlucha Mega, Saiyan Rattata, SS Rattata, SS Raticate, SS2 Raticate, SS3 Raticate, SS4 Raticate Plus: Combusken, Blaziken, Monferno, Infernape, Pignite, Emboar, Chesnaught ____ Taimorpha, Arfrica, Kalahowli
pokemon altogether. I achieved 6/65
*Technically 85, but the Starters and the Kenyip-line is counted in other categories

Project: Doggies

There are 44
Growlithe, Arcanine, Arcanine Mega, Snubbull, Granbull, Houndour, Houndoom, Houndoom Mega, Poochyena, Mightyena, Mightyena Mega, Electrike, Manectrike, Manectrike Mega, Manectrike Mega Q, Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland, Furfrou, Absol, Absol Mega, Rockruff, Lycanrock Midday, Lycanrock Midnight, Lycanrock Dusk, Zorua, Zoroark, Zoroark Mega, ___ Entei ___ Lunupine, Lunupine Mega, Kenyip, Arfrica, Kalahowli, Puppod, Slugdog, Apoc. Growlithe, Apoc. Arcanine, Frosdour, Chilldoom, Orthrus, Cerberos, Apoc. Poochyena, Apoc. Mightyena
dog shaped pokemon altogether. I achieved 2/44

Project: Starter Collection

There are 82
Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Venusaur Mega, Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Charizard Mega X, Charizard Mega Y, Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, Blastoise Mega Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Sceptile Mega, Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Mega Blaziken, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert, Swampert Mega Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott Chespin, Quilladin, Chesnaught, Fennekin, Braixen, Delphox, Froakie, Frogadier, Greninja Rowlet, Dartix, Decidueye, Litten, Torracat, Incineroar, Popplio, Brionne, Primarina ____ Taiveret, Taipaeus, Taimorpha, Flarbat, Flarotis, Flaroptera, Hydrark, Hydrinus, Hydrinifor, Seasonal Turtwig, Seasonal Grotle, Seasonal Torterra
starters altogether. I achieved 0/82, yet...

Other Babbus

Delta-baby: Randomly hatched melans:

Project: The Heart of the Lion

Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, Mega Luxray, Litleo, Pyroar m, Pyroar f, Mega Pyroar, Solynx, Solynx Mega, Orkit, Orkit with Claw, Orcalot

Project: I can be Anything You want me to be, baby~

Eeveelutions Ahoy - 0/17
I can dream big...
~Planned hunts~
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Delta Fighting Research Center ~Introductory post~ >>Insert wanted picture here<< >>Insert professor here<< Hello and please be welcomed in the Delta Fighting Research Center! I am >>professor name<< and I lead the research team of this facility. We are here to examine the behavior and habits of delta fighting pokémons. Tune was kind enough to set up our facilites on this farm, and she is a big help finding us new test subjects. The pokémons here are living a natural and well balanced life, and we do not running tests that are harmful for them in any ways. We just want to see how can they perform in various tasks. They are very playful and need lots of training and activities that can help them drain their plus energies! We have several training and playing fields and several gyms set up for their needs accompanied by various professionals. Here are our residents:


Our special residents' data sheet can be found here

ABC list

Abra (shiny) Abra Absol x4 Absol Mega Aegislash Blade forme Aegislash Shield forme Aerodactyl x2 Aerodactyl Mega Aggron (shiny) Aggron Aggron Mega Aipom Alcremie (Ruby Cream + Strawberry) Alicalf m (albino) Alicalf x3 (3m) Alolan Marowak Alolan Marowak Mega Alolan Marowak Totem Alolan Ninetales Alolan Raichu Alolan Raticate Alolan Rattata Alolan Sandshrew (albino) Alolan Sandshrew Alolan Vulpix (shiny) Alolan Vulpix x6 Alomomola (shiny) Alomomola x2 Altaria Altaria Mega Amaura (melan) Amaura x7 Ampharos Ampharos Mega Anorith Apoc. Arcanine (shiny) Apoc. Arcanine Apoc. Breloom Apoc. Golett Apoc. Growlithe x15 Apoc. Mightyena x2 Apoc. Poochyena (albino) Apoc. Poochyena x2 Apoc. Shroomish Appletun Applin (shiny) Applin x2 Aqrabion Araquanid Arasprit (shiny) Arbok Arbok Mega Arcanine (shiny) Arcanine Arcanine Mega Archen (albino) Archen x3 Archeops x2 Ardik f (shiny) Ardik x5 (3f + 2m) Arfrica Ariados Armaldo (shiny) Armaldo Aron (shiny) Aron x18 Arrokuda Articuno (shiny) Articuno x2 Artic Camerupt female Artic Camerupt male Artic Numel male (albino) Artic Numel female Artic Numel male x2 Audino Aurorus Avaragon Ayeren x2 Aytheraye Azumarill (albino) Azumarill Azurill Bandicoon x3 Banette Banette Mega Barbaracle Barboach (shiny) Barboach Barraskewda Bastiodon Bayleef (shiny) Bayleef Beartic Beautifly Beedrill (shiny) Beedrill x3 Beedrill Mega Beheeyem Bellossom Bellsprout Bergmite Bewear Bezerell x3 Bezermuur Bezermuut x2 Binacle Bisharp Blacephalon Blastoise Blastoise Mega Blaziken Blaziken Mega Blipbug x2 BM Slugma Boltund Bouffalant Bounsweet (albino) Braixen Brionne Bronzong Bronzor Bruxish Budew x2 Buizel Bulbasaur x4 Bunbori Bunbori Mega Buneary (shiny) Buneary x3 Bunnelby x4 Burmy plant cloak Burmy sand cloak Burmy trash cloak Butterfree Butterfree Mega Buzzwole (shiny) Cacnea x2 Cacturne (f) Carkol Carnivine Carvanha Cascoon Castform Castform Snow forme Castform Sunny forme Caterpie Cavallost Celebi Celesteela Centiskorch Cerberus (albino) Cerberus Cetacorn (m) Chandelure Charaxalis Charizard x2 Charizard Mega forme X Charizard Mega forme Y Charmander x3 Charmeleon Cherubi Chespin (albino) Chespin Chikorita (shiny) Chikorita Chilldoom Chimchar Chinchou Chingling Chirock Cinccino Cinderace x2 Clamperl Clauncher Clefable Clefairy Cleffa x4 Clobbopus x4 Cobalion x3 Combusken Corphish Corsola Corviknight Corvisquire Cosmog Cottonee (shiny) Crabominable Crabrawler x2 Croagunk (shiny) Croagunk x4 (2f+3m) Croaket x4 Crobat Croconaw Crustle Cubchoo x5 Cubone (shiny) Cubone x12 Cufant Cursola Cutiefly x2 Cyndaquil (shiny) Cyndaquil x6 Dartrix Decidueye Dedenne Delcatty x2 Delphox x2 Deoxys Dewgong Dewgong Mega Dewpider Dhelmise x2 Diancie Diggersby Diglett Ditto x21 (Adamant, Bold, Brave, Calm, Careful, Docile, Gentle, Hardyx3, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Lonely, Mild, Naive, Naughty, Quiet, Sassy, Serious) Ditto (albino) x2 (Brave, Impish) Dodrio (f+m) Doduo x2 (f+m) Donphan Dottler Doublade Dragalge Dragapult Dragonair Drakloak (albino) Drakloak Drampa x2 Drapion Dratini (albino) Dratini Dreepy (albino) Dreepy Drifblim Drifloon x2 Drizzile (albino) Drizzile Drowzee Dubwool Ducklett Dugtrio Duraludon Durant x3 Dusclops Duskull x5 Dustox Dwebble x2 EB Natu (albino) EB Natu (shiny) EB Xatu (albino) EB Xatu Eelektrik Eevee x12 Eiscue No Ice forme Ekans (albino) Ekans x2 Eldegoss Electrike Elgyem Emolga Entei x2 Espeon Espeon Mega Espurr x3 Exploud Faemilarín Faemueno Falinks (shiny) Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Mega Feebas Fennekin Finneon (albino) Finneon Flaaffy Flabébé x3 (Dark Aqua, Dark Purple, Red) Flapple Flarbat (shiny) Flarbat x2 Flareon (albino) Flareon Flareon Mega Flaroptera (shiny) Flaroptera Flarotis (shiny) Flarotis Floette (Red) Flygon (shiny) Flygon Flygon Mega (albino) Flygon Mega Flying Pichu x3 Flying Pikachu (m) Flying Raichu (m) Fomantis Foongus Frillish (f+m) Froakie x3 Frogadier Frosdour Froslass Mega Frosmoth Furfrou x7 Furret Furret Mega Galarian Corsola Galarian Darukama Galarian Farfetch'd Galarian Linoone Galarian Meowth (shiny) Galarian Meowth Galarian Mr. Mime Galarian Ponyta (albino) Galarian Ponyta x4 Galarian Rapidash Galarian Stunfisk Galarian Yamask (albino) Galarian Yamask Galarian Zigzagoon (albino) Galarian Zigzagoon Gallade Gallade Mega Galvantula Garbodor Garchomp Garchomp Mega Gardevoir Gardevoir Mega Gastly (albino) Gastly x5 Genesect Gengar (shiny) Gengar Gengar Mega Gible x2 Girafarig (f) Glaceon Glaceon Mega Glalie Mega Glameow Glaquine (shiny) Glaquine Gligar Glileo x7 Gloom (albino) Gloom Gogoat Gogoat Mega (shiny) Gogoat Mega Golbat Goldeen Golett Goodra Goomy Gorebyss Gossifleur (albino) Gossifleur (shiny) Gossifleur Gothorita Gourgeist Small Size Gragon x3 Granbull Grapploct Greedent x2 Greegon Greninja Grimmsnarl Grookey (shiny) Grookey x5 Groudon Groudon Primal forme Grovyle (shiny) Grovyle Growlithe x10 Grubbin Grymphony Guild Igglybuff Gulpin Gumairy Gyarados x2 (f+m) Gyarados Mega Halloween Purrloin Haredini Hatenna Hatterene Hattrem Haunter Heatmor Heatran Heliolisk Helioptile Heracross (f+m) Heracross Mega Hitmonchan x2 Hitmonlee Hitmontop Honchkrow Honedge (shiny) Honedge Hoopa Unbound forme Hoothott Hoppip Horsea Houndoom Mega Houndour Hydrark Hydrinus Hypno Igglybuff Impidimp (albino) Impidimp (shiny) Impidimp Impyre Incanasius Incineroar Incineroar Feral forme Indeedee female (albino) Indeedee female Infernape Inkay Inteleon (albino) Inteleon Ivysaur Jellicent (m) Jigglypuff Jirachi Joleteon Jolteon Mega Joltik x2 Jumpluff Mega Kakuna Kalahowli Kangaskhan Kangspar Karrablast Kecleon x6 Kenyip (albino) Kenyip x4 Kinaster (albino) Kinaster (shiny) Kinaster x9 Kingdra Kingler Kitsunari x3 Kitwurm x2 Klaatupillar x2 Klefki (shiny) Klefki Konatus Koroku (albino) Koroku Kricketot female (shiny) Kricketot (3f+m) Kricketune (f) Kryptik x2 Kyukori Kyurem Kyutopi (shiny) Kyutopi Lairon Lampent x2 Lanturn Lapras x2 Lapras Mega Leafeon Leafeon Mega Leavanny Lickilicky Liepard Lileep Lilligant Litlep Litten (shiny) Litten x4 Litwick x2 Lombre Lopunny Lopunny Mega Lotad Loudred Luckoo x2 Lugia Lumineon Lumineon Mega Lunupine (albino) Lunupine Lurantis Luxio Luxray Luxray Mega Lycanrock Dusk forme (shiny) Lycanrock Midday forme x2 Lycanrock Midnight forme Machamp Machoke Machop x2 Magcargo Magikarp x9 Magnemite Malamar Mamoswine Manaphy Mandibuzz Manectric Manectric Mega Manectric Mega Q Maractus Maravol Skelotorus (albino) Maravol Prism (shiny) Maravol Astral x7 Maravol Beast x2 Maravol Crystal Maravol Flutter x3 Maravol Pester Maravol Prism Maravol Quick Maravol Robinsoni x2 Maravol Sarahae Maravol Sparklemuffin x2 Maravol Spirit x2 Maravol Spooky Mareep Marill x3 Marowak Masquerain (shiny) Masquerain Mawile x2 Mawile Mega Meganium Meloetta Piruette forme (albino) Meloetta x2 Meloetta Piruette forme x2 Meowstic x2 (f+m) Meowth x3 Metabbit Metapod Mew Mew Mega Mewtwo Mega X Mienfoo Mienshao x2 Mightyena (shiny) Mightyena x2 Mightyena Mega Milcery Mime Jr. Mimikyu Totem Minccino x2 Minibbit (albino) Minibbit Minun x2 Misdreavus x2 Mismagius Moffkat Monferno Morelull Morgrem Morpeko Hangry forme Mothim Mudkip Munchlax Munna Murkrow (shiny) Murkrow Musharna Natu Necrozma x2 Nickit (albino) x2 Nickit (shiny) Nickit x4 Nidoking (shiny) Nidoking Nidoqueen Nidoran f (shiny) Nidoran f x8 Nidoran m (shiny) Nidoran m x8 Nidorina Nidorino Nihilego Nincada x4 Ninetales Ninetales Mega Ninjask x3 Noctowl Noibat Nosepass x5 Numel Obstagoon Oddish (albino) Oddish x3 Onix x3 Orbeetle Orcalot Orthrus (albino) Orthrus (shiny) Orthrus x7 Oricorio Baile Style Oricorio Pa'u Style x3 Oricorio Sensu Style Orkit x2 Oshawott (albino) Oshawott x2 Pachirisu (shiny) Pachirisu Pansage Pansear Paras Parasect Pasovan x11 (10 reg, Prime trim) Pawniard x5 Peckoo Peekoo Pepyre x3 Perrserker Persian Persian Mega Petilil x6 Petripeep (albino) x2 Petripeep (shiny) Petripeep x9 Phanpy Phantump Phasmaleef Desert forme Phasmaleef Forest forme Phastix x2 Phione Pichu (albino) Pichu (shiny) x2 Pichu x4 Pidgeot Pidgeotto Pidgey Pidove (shiny) Pidove Pikachu x8 (f+m, duskull, gengar, luchador, villian, worlds 2014, zubat) Pikipek (albino) Pikipek (shiny) Pikipek x4 Piloswine Pinchurin Pinsir Politoed Poliwag x3 Poliwhirl Poliwrath Polteageist Ponyta (albino) Ponyta (shiny) Ponyta x3 Poochyena (shiny) Poochyena x5 Popplio Probopass Psyduck Pumpkaboo Super Size Puppod x2 Purrloin Purrpa Pyriscor (f) Pyroar x3 (3f) Pyroar Mega Pyukumuku Quagsire Quetzaptyl Quetzephyr Quibbit Toxic forme (shiny) Quibbit (Charged, Fae, Herbal, Toxic) Quilava (shiny) Quilava Raboot (albino) Raboot Raichu x2 (f+m) Raichu Mega x2 Ralts Rapidash (shiny) Rapidash Rapidash Mega Raticate Rattata Rayquaza Regice x2 Registeel Relicanth (m) Reshiram (shiny) Reshiram Reuniclus Rhydon Rhyhorn Rhyperior Rhyperior (shiny) Ribombee Ribombee Totem Rillaboom Riolu Rockruff x5 (1 Elf Helper Costume) Rokiwi Rolycoly Rookidee x2 Roselia Roserade Rotom Fan forme Rotom Mow forme Rowlet x2 Rufflet Runerigus Ryukuza x2 Sableye (shiny) Sableye x2 Sableye Mega Saiyan Rattata Salandit (albino) Salandit Samurott Sandshrew Sandslash Sandslash Totem Sawsbuck Scaracross (albino) Scaracross (shiny) Scaracross x2 Scatterbug x2 Sceptile Sceptile Mega Scizor Scizor Mega Scolipede Scolipede Mega Scorbunny (albino) Scorbunny x7 Scrafty Scrafty Mega Scraggy (albino) Scraggy x5 Scyther Seadra Searene x3 Seel x3 Selkrub (shiny) Selkrub Sentret (shiny) Sentert x2 Serperior Serpetone Servine Seviper Seviper Mega Sharpedo Sharpedo Mega Shaymin (albino) Shaymin Sky forme Shedinja x3 Shelgon Shieldon x2 Shinx x6 Shinxel Shuckle x2 Shuppet Sibex x2 (f+m) Sigilyph x5 Silcoon Silicobra (shiny) Simipour Simisear Sinistea (shiny) Sinistea x3 Sizzlipede x3 Skarasear Skargas Skarmory Mega (albino) Skarmory Mega (shiny) Skiddo x3 Skitty x4 Skorupi x5 Skrelp x2 Skwovet x2 Skyrie x2 Slakoth Sligoo x2 Slowbro Mega Slowpoke Slugma Slurpuff Slypin (albino) Slypin (shiny) Slypin Smeargle x3 Sneasel x2 (f+m) Snivy (shiny) Snivy x9 Snom (albino) Snom Snorlax Snorunt Snover (f) Snow Combee Snow Vespiquen Snubbull x23 Sobble (albino) Sobble x2 Solgaleo Solosis Solynx (albino) Solynx Solynx Mega Spewpa Spheal Spinarak x3 Spinda (shiny) Spinda x2 Spiritomb x4 Spoink Squirtle SS Clefable SS Clefairy SS Cleffa x7 SS Rattata (shiny) SS Raticate Staraptor Staravia Starly (shiny) Starly Steelix Steelix Mega Stonjourner (albino) Stonjourner (shiny) Stufful x9 Stunky Sudowoodo x2 Sunkern Surfing Pichu (m) + (f) Surfing Pikachu (m) Surskit (albino) Surskit (shiny) x2 Surskit x2 Swablu Swadloon Swanna Swellow (albino) Swellow x2 Swinub (albino) Swinub x3 Swoobat Sylveon Sylveon Mega Taillow x5 Tapu Bulu Tapu Koko Tapu Lele Tauros Teddiursa Tepig Terabbit Terrakion x2 Terrink Thievul (albino) Thievul x2 Thundurus Thwackey Tillink (shiny) Tillink x7 Togedemaru (shiny) Togedemaru Totem (shiny) Togedemaru x6 Togedemaru Totem Togekiss Togepi x3 Togetic Torchic x48 Torkoal (shiny) Torkoal x2 Torracat x2 Toucannon Toxel (albino) x2 Toxel (shiny) Toxel x2 Toxicroak x2 (f+m) Toxilisk Toxitrice Toxtricity Amped Toxtricity Low Key (albino) Toxtricity Low Key Tranquill Trapinch (shiny) x2 Trapinch x3 Treecko x5 Trevenant Tropius (shiny) Tropius Trubbish x3 Trumbeak Turtonator Tympole Tynamo Type:Null Typhlosion (shiny) Typhlosion Tyrantrum Tyrogue x6 Tyrunt (shiny) Tyrunt x3 Umbreon x2 Umbreon Mega Unfezant female Unfezant male Unown A, F Ursaring Valenoir (shiny) Valimp Valkind Valladox Vampire Gligar (shiny) Vampire Gligar Vampire Gliscor Vanilite Vaporeon Vaporeon Mega Venipede x4 Venomoth Venonat x2 Venusaur Venusaur Mega Vespiquen Vibrava Victini Victreebell Vivillon x11 (Continental, Elegant, Fancy, Icy Snow, Jungle, Marine, Ocean, Poké Ball, Polar, Sandstorm, Sun) Volcanion Volcarona Vulpix x4 (1-2-2-3) Wagell Wailmer Wartortle Weedle Whirlipede Whiscash Whiscash Totem Whismur Wigglytuff Wishiwashi Wishiwashi School Forme Wishiwashi Totem Woobat (shiny) Woobat x8 Wooloo x3 Wooper f (shiny) Wooper x2 (2m) Wormadam plant cloak Wurmple x3 XD001 Yamask Yamper (albino) Yamper x3 Yanma Yveltal Zapdos Zebstrika Zekrom Zeraora (shiny) Zeraora Zigzagoon Zoroark Zorua (shiny) Zorua x3 Zubat
Total: 1349 Shiny: 74 | Albino: 12 | Melan: 1 | Mega: 60
59 different species
| Legendary: 51
44 different species/formes
| Exclusives
Tournament pokés + Variants + PFQ Megas/Totems/Formes
with countless of duplicates
Totem: 8
7 different species
| Ditto: 22
18/ different natures + 2 albinos
| Vivillon: 6
6 different patterns
| Maravol: 24
13 different patterns
| Flabébé: 3 | Unown: 1 | Minior: 0 (last counted: 2020.02.17.)
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Last updated: 2020.02.18.

Albino dexes I don't have

Kanto 62%
Johto 43%
Hoenn 50%
Bulbasaur Ivysaur Mega Venusaur Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard Y Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise Mega Beedrill Rattata Sandshrew Nidoqueen Cleffa Clefairy Vulpix Ninetales Zubat Golbat Bellossom Psyduck Golduck Arcanine Poliwag Polwhirl Poliwrath Politoed Kadabra Alakazam Mega Alakazam Weepinbell Tentacool Geodude Graveler Golem Alolan Geodude Alolan Graveler Alolan Golem Ponyta Rapidash Mega Slowbro Seel Grimer Muk Gengar Onix Steelix Mega Seelix Drowzee Marowak Rhyhorn Rhydon Rhyperior Tangela Seadra Starmie Mega Scizor Mega Pinsir Mega Gyarados Eevee Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon Sylveon Munchlax Snorlax Articuno Zapdos Moltres Dratini Dragonair Dragonite Mewtwo Mega Mewtwo X Mega Mewtwo Y MewChikorita Bayleef Meganium Quilava Typhlosion Totodile Croconaw Feraligator Spinarak Ariados Togetic Natu Xatu Flaafy Ampharos Mega Ampharos Azurill Aipom Sunkern Sunflora Wooper Quagsire All Unown except G Remoraid Delibird Skarmory Houndoom Mega Houndoom Stantler Tyrogue Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Hitmontop Elekid Electabuzz Electivire Magby Magmar Magmortar Raikou Entei Suicune Larvitar Pupitar Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar Lugia Ho-ohTreecko Grovyle Sceptile Blaziken Mega Blaziken Mudkip Marshtomp Swampert Mega Swampert Silcoon Lotad Lombre Ludicolo Seedot Nuzleaf Shiftry Wingull Kirlia Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir Gallade Mega Gallade Masquerain Shroomish Slakoth Vigoroth Whismur Loudred Makuhita Hariyama Sableye Mega Sableye Mega Mawile Meditite Medicham Mega Medicham Manectric Mega Manectric Gulpin Swalot Wailord Torkoal Cacnea Swablu Altaria Mega Altaria Corphish Crawdaunt Baltoy Claydol Cradily Feebas Milotic Castform all formes Kecleon Shuppet Banette Mega Banette Absol Mega Absol Huntail Gorebyss Bagon Shelgon Salamence Mega Salamence Beldum Metang Metagross Mega Metagross Regirock Regice Registeel Latias Latios Mega Latios Rayquaza Mega Rayquaza Deoxys Attack Deoxys Defence Deoxys Speed
Sinnoh 47%
Unova 41%
Kalos 48%
Turtwig Grotle Torterra Chimchar Monferno Infernape Piplup Prinplup Empoleon Luxio Luxray Budew Roserade Burmy all Wormadam all Mothim Vespiquen Buizel Floatzel Cherubi Cherrim Cherrim sunny forme Shellos Occident Gastrodon Occident Purugly Skuntank Happiny Chansey Blissey Chatot Gible Gabite Garchomp Mega Garchomp Riolu Lucario Mega Lucario Hippopotas Hippodown Drapion Toxicroak Lumineon Mantyke Mantine Mega Abomasnow Porygon Porygon2 Porygon-Z Uxie Mesprit Azelf Dialga Palkia Heatran Regigigas Giratina Cresselia Phione Shaymin Shaymin Sky formeVictini Snivy Servine Serperior Tepig Pignite Emboar Dewott Samurott Liepard Pansage Simisage Pansear Simisear Panpour Simipour Tranquill Unfezant Blitzle Zebstrika Swoobat Drilbur Excadrill Gurdurr Conkeldurr Tympole Palpitoad Seismitoad Throh Sawk Cottonee Whimsicott Petilil Lilligant Basculin Red Stripe Basculin Blue Stripe Sandile Krokorok Krookodile Darumaka Darmanitan Darmanitan Zen forme Yamask Cofagrigus Tirtouga Carracosta Zorua Zoroark Minccino Cinccino Solosis Duosion Reuniclus Vanillite Vanillish Vanilluxe Sawsbuck Foongus Amoonguss Frillish Jellicent Galvantula Elgyem Beheeyem Lampent Chandelure Axew Fraxure Haxorus Crygonal Mienfoo Mienshao Golurk Braviary Mandibuzz Deino Zweilous Hydreigon Larvesta Volcarona Terrakion Virizion Tornadus Tornadus Therian forme Thundurus Thundurus Therian forme Reshiram Zekrom Landorus Landorus Therian forme Kyurem Kyurem Reshiram forme Kyurem Zekrom forme Keldeo Keldeo Resolute forme Meloetta Meoletta Piruette forme Genesect allQuilladin Chesnaught Fennekin Braixen Froakie Frogadier Greninja Bunnelby Diggersby Fletchinder Talonflame Flabébé Floette Florges Skiddo Gogoat Pancham Pangoro Swirlix Slurpuff Inkay Malamar Binacle Barbaracle Dragalge Pumpkaboo Small/Average/Large Gourgeist all Bergmite Avalugg Noibat Noivern Zygard 10%/50%/Complete Diancie Hoopa Hoopa Unbound forme Volcanion
Alola 47%
PFQ exclusives 21%+17%
PFQ Megas 30%
Rowlet Dartrix Decidueye Litten Torracat Incineroar Brionne Primarina Trumbeak Toucannon Yungoos Gumshoos Gumshoos Totem Grubbin Charjabug Vikavolt Vikavolt Totem Oricorio all Ribombee Totem Lycanroc all Whishiwashi all Mareanie Toxapex Fomantis Lurantis Luranits Totem Morelull Shiinotic Salazzle Salazzle Totem Bewear Steenee Tsareena Komala Drampa Hakamo-o Kommo-o Tapu Koko Tapu Lele Tapu Bulu Tapu Fini Cosmoem Solgaleo Buzzwole Pheromosa Guzzlord Poipole Naganadel Stakataka Necrozma all Magearna Marshadow Zeraora MelmetalOrcalot Faemueno Faemilarín Faemísimo Wagell Wanamangora Gosold Goldesem Impyre Solynx Mega Solynx Boxaby Kangspar Mega Kangspar Mega Bunbori Taiveret Taipaeus Taimorpha Flarbat Flarotis Flaroptera Hydrark Hydrinus Hydrinfor Avaragon Kinaster Luckoo Peckoo Peekoo Quetzephyr Quetzaptyl Pixrine Kitsunari Kitsubuki Phastix Phasmaleef Forest forme Phasmaleef Desert forme Pasovan Glaquine Cavallost Metabbit Terabbit Bezerell Bezermuur Bezermuut Ayeren Aytheraye Skeleco Pantiidae Klaatupillar Charaxalis Incantasius Kyutopi Konatus Arfrica Kalahowli Chirock Toxitrice Serpetone Toxilisk Euclyph Puppod Slugdod Rokiwi Brushiwi Cetacorn Valkind Frayja Croaket Quibbit all Slypin Haredini Selkrub Aqrabion Skargas Kawotor Lutriva Selutian Kitwurm Purrpa Moffkat Pepyre Skarasear Aphreyd Scavady Mantidra __________ Saiyan Rattata SS Rattata SS Raticate SS2 Raticate SS3 Raticate SS4 Raticate Flying Pichu Flying Pikachu Flying Raichu Surfing Pikachu Surfing Raichu Snowboarding Pikachu Snowboarding Raichu Sandslash Totem SS Cleffa SS Clefairy SS Clefable Koroku Kyukori Guild Igglybuff Guild Jigglypuff Guild Wigglytuff Apoc. Growlithe Apoc. Arcanine Snowbro Snowking Early Bird Xatu Vampire Gligar Vampire Gliscor BM Slugma BM Magcargo Frosdour Chilldoom Donphan Totem Apoc. Poochyena Apoc. Mightyena Apoc. Breloom Ryukuza Magquaza Seasonal Turtwig Seasonal Grotle Seasonal Torterra Shinxel Fluxio Fluxray Mega Fluxray Snow Combee Snow Vespiquen Primal Dialga Primal Palkia Halloween Liepard Apoc. Golett Apoc. Golurk Braviary Totem Glileo Pyriscor Feral Incineroar Oricorio Pointe StyleMega Butterfree Mega Raichu Mega Ninetales Mega Persian Mega Arcanine Mega Rapidash Mega Dewgong Mega Alolan Marowak Mega Jynx Mega Lapras Mega Vaporeon Mega Jolteon Mega Flareon Mega Espeon Mega Umbreon Mega Leafeon Mega Glaceon Mega Dragonite Mega Mew Mega Weavile Mega Skarmory Mega Lugia Mega Celebi Mega Mightyena Mega Breloom Mega Manectric Q Mega Wailord Mega Milotic Mega Luxray Mega Floatzel Mega Giratina Mega Liepard Mega Scolipede Mega Haxorus Mega Pyroar Mega Gogoat Mega Heliolisk Mega Noivern
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TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar

To be added to their place:

Everything was added~

Melan Dexes I have

#006 Mega Charizard X #007 Squirtle #010 Caterpie #012 Butterfree #013 Weedle #014 Kakuna #015 Beedrill #015 Mega Beedrill #019 Rattata #020 Raticate #023 Ekans #024 Arbok #028 Alolan Sandshrew #030 Nidoran (m&f) #031 Nidorina #035 Cleffa #038 Vulpix #040 Igglybuff #042 Wigglytuff #045 Crobat #046 Oddish #047 Gloom #048 Vileplume #049 Bellossom #052 Venonat #053 Venomoth #054 Diglett #054 Alolan Diglett #055 Alolan Dugtrio #056 Meowth #057 Persian #056 Alolan Meowth #057 Alolan Persian #058 Psyduck #060 Mankey #066 Poliwrath #067 Politoed #071 Machop #072 Machoke #077 Tentacruel #084 Slowpoke #090 Farfetch'd #099 Gastly #102 Onix #103 Steelix #111 Alolan Exeggutor #112 Cubone #113 Marowak #113 Alolan Marowak #113 Alolan Marowak Totem #115 Lickilicky #120 Rhyperior #123 Kangaskhan #123 Mega Kangaskhan #124 Horsea #131 Mime Jr. #133 Scyther #141 Lapras #152 Omanyte #153 Omastar #156 Aerodactyl #156 Mega Aerodactyl #160 Zapdos #162 Dratini #163 Dragonair#170 Cyndaquil #171 Quilava #172 Typhlosion #176 Sentret #178 Hoothoot #179 Noctowl #182 Spinarak #183 Ariados #186 Togepi #187 Togetic #188 Togekiss #191 Mareep #194 Azurill #195 Marill #208 Wooper #209 Quagsire #212 Misdreavus #214 Unown M #214 Unown P #214 Unown ? #216 Pineco #217 Forretress #218 Dunsparce #219 Gligar #221 Snubbull #222 Granbull #224 Shuckle #225 Heracross #226 Sneasel #227 Weavile #228 Teddiursa #229 Ursaring #232 Swinub #233 Piloswine #234 Mamoswine #235 Corsola #238 Delibird #240 Houndour #244 Stantler #246 Tyrogue #247 Hitmonlee #256 Miltank #263 Lugia #265 Celebi#279 Wurmple #280 Silcoon #281 Beautifly #282 Cascoon #283 Dustox #284 Lotad #292 Wingull #293 Pelipper #296 Gardevoir #298 Surskit #305 Nincada #306 Ninjask #307 Shedinja #314 Probopass #315 Skitty #316 Delcatty #326 Plusle #327 Minun #328 Volbeat #331 Swalot #332 Carvanha #333 Sharpedo #334 Wailmer #335 Wailord #336 Numel #339 Spoink #341 Spinda #342 Trapinch #343 Vibrava #344 Flygon #350 Seviper #352 Solrock #355 Corphish #357 Baltoy #359 Lileep #360 Cradily #361 Anorith #362 Armaldo #363 Feebas #365 Castform (all) #367 Shuppet #371 Dusknoir #372 Tropius #376 Wynaut #378 Snorunt #384 Clamperl #387 Relicanth #389 Bagon #401 Groudon #401 Groudon Primal
#407 Torterra #411 Piplup #413 Empoleon #414 Starly #419 Kricketot #426 Roserade #427 Cranidos #429 Shieldon #430 Bastiodon #431 Burmy Trash Cloak #431 Burmy Sandy Cloak #435 Vespiquen #436 Pachirisu #439 Cherubi #440 Cherrim both formes #443 Drifloon #444 Drifblim #447 Glameow #448 Purugly #455 Blissey #456 Chatot #457 Spiritomb #458 Gible #459 Gabite #460 Mega Garchomp #463 Hippopotas #465 Skorupi #466 Drapion #469 Carnivine #470 Finneon #472 Mantyke #473 Mantine #474 Snover #475 Abomasnow #475 Mega Abomasnow #479 Rotom all formes #481 Mesprit #483 Dialga #485 Heatran#497 Serperior #503 Samurott #509 Purrloin #510 Liepard #511 Pansage #522 Blitzle #523 Roggenrola #524 Boldore #525 Gigalith #529 Drilbur #530 Excadrill #540 Sewaddle #541 Swadloon #542 Leavanny #549 Lilligant #550 Basculin Blue Stripe #551 Sandile #552 Krokorok #553 Krookodile #555 Darmanitan (both) #556 Maractus #557 Dwebble #559 Scraggy #560 Scrafty #566 Archen #567 Archeops #568 Trubbish #569 Garbodor #575 Gothorita #579 Reuniclus #582 Vanillite #585 Deerling #586 Sawsbuck #587 Emolga #594 Alomomola #599 Klink #600 Klang #601 Klinklang #607 Litwick #608 Lampent #609 Chandelure #610 Axew #611 Fraxure #612 Haxorus #613 Cubchoo #614 Beartic #618 Stunfisk #622 Golett #626 Bouffalant #636 Larvesta #637 Volcarona #638 Cobalion #641 Tornadus #641 Tornadus Therian #647 Keldeo #647 Keldeo Resolute#664 Scatterbug #665 Spewpa #666 Vivillon #672 Skiddo #678 Meowstic #679 Honedge #680 Doublade #681 Aegislash Blade Forme #681 Aegislash Shield Forme #682 Spritzee #683 Aromatisse #686 Inkay #688 Binacle #689 Barbaracle #692 Clauncher #693 Clawitzer #694 Helioptile #695 Heliolisk #696 Tyrunt #698 Amaura #699 Aurorus #700 Hawlucha #709 Pumpkaboo Small Size #709 Pumpkaboo Large Size #709 Pumpkaboo Super Size #710 Gourgeist Large Size #713 Noibat #714 Noivern #716 Yveltal #717 Zygard Core #717 Zygard 10%
#727 Popplio #732 Toucannon #740 Oricorio Baile Style #740 Oricorio Pom-Pom Style #740 Oricorio Pa'u Style #740 Oricorio Sensu Style #742 Ribombee #745 Wishiwashi #745 Wishiwashi School Forme #748 Mudbray #749 Mudsdale #750 Dewpider #752 Fomantis #761 Steene #762 Tsareena #763 Comfey #764 Oranguru #765 Passimian #766 Wimpod #767 Golisopod #768 Sandygast #769 Palossand #770 Pyukumuku #771 Type: Null #773 Minior #773 Minior Exposed #775 Turtonator #776 Togedemaru #777 Mimikyu #780 Dhelmise #784 Tapu Koko #786 Tapu Bulu #793 Buzzwole #799 Poipole #804 Magearna#822 Corviknight #828 Gossifleur #844 Cramorant (regular) #883 Duraludon
PFQ exclusives
PFQ Variants
PFQ Megas
Faemueño Faemilarín Faemísimo Impyre Mega Bunbori Flarbat Flarotis Hydrark Hydrinus Kinaster Tillink#109 Death Star Electrode #219 Vampire Gligar #220 Vampire Gliscor #300 Apocalyptic Shroomish #336 Artic Numel #434 Snow Combee #483 Dialga [Primal Forme Q] #509 Halloween Purrloin #622 Apocalyptic Golett #623 Apocalyptic Golurk #740 Oricorio Pointe Style#012 Mega Butterfree #024 Mega Arbok #057 Mega Persian #083 Mega Rapidash #113 Mega Alolan Marowak #136 Mega Jynx #147 Mega Espeon #177 Mega Furret #227 Mega Weavile #335 Mega Wailord #344 Mega Flygon #350 Mega Seviper #380 Mega Froslass #471 Mega Lumineon #571 Mega Zoroark #612 Mega Haxorus #705 Mega Goodra #714 Mega Noivern
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Last updated: 2020.02.02.

Shiny Dexes I don't have

Kanto 74%
Johto 60%
Hoenn 70%
Charizard Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise Rattata Raticate Sandshrew Sandslash Cleffa Clefairy Clefable Golbat Crobat Paras Parasect Psyduck Golduck Poliwag Poliwhirl Poliwrath Kadabra Alakazam Weepinbell Victreebell Geodude Golem Grimer Muk Mega Gengar Steelix Mega Steelix Alolan Marowak Totem Staryu Starmie Scizor Mega Scizor Pinsir Mega Pinsir Mega Gyrados Espeon Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon Sylveon Munchlax Snorlax Moltres Mewtwo Mega Mewtwo X Mega Mewtwo YTotodile Croconaw Feraligatr Spinarak Ariados Togetic Togekiss Natu Xatu Yanma Yanmega Unown All except T Mega Houndoom Stantler Tyrogue Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Hitmontop Elekid Entei Suicune Larvitar Pupitar Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar LugiaTreecko Mega Sceptile Mudkip Marshtomp Swampert Mega Swampert Zigzagoon Linoone Lotad Lombre Seedot Nuzleaf Shiftry Wingull Pelipper Kirlia Gardevoir Gallade Slakoth Vigoroth Slaking Makuhita Hariyama Sableye Meditite Medicham Mega Medicham Electrike Manectric Mega Manectric Altaria Mega Altaria Seviper Kecleon Mega Absol Beldum Metang Metagross Mega Metagross Latias Mega Latias Latios Mega Latios Kyogre Primal Kyogre Rayquaza Deoxys Deoxys Attack Deoxys Defense Deoxys Speed
Sinnoh 63%
Unova 64%
Kalos 65%
Turtwig Grotle Monferno Infernape Prinplup Empoleon Budew Roselia Roserade Burmy Trash Cloak Burmy Sandy Cloak Wormadam Plant Cloak Wormadam Trash Cloak Wormadam Sandy Cloak Mothim Buizel Floatzel Stunky Skuntank Chatot Riolu Lucario Porygon-Z Mesprit Dialga Palkia Darkrai Arceus AllVictini Servine Serperior Emboar Patrat Watchog Herdier Stoutland Pansage Simisage Pansear Simisear Panpour Simipour Tranquill Unfezant Timburr Gurrdurr Conkeldurr Throh Sawk Whimsicott Basculine Blue Stripe Basculine Red Stripe Darumaka Darmanitan Darmanitan Zen forme Yamask Cofagrigus Tirtouga Carracosta Trubbish Garbodor Cinccino Sawsbuck Galvantula Axew Fraxure Haxorus Mienfoo Rufflet Braviary Vullaby Zweilous Hydreigon Cobalion Virizion Reshiram Zekrom Kyurem Kyurem Reshiram forme Kyurem Zekrom forme Keldeo Keldeo Resolute forme Meloetta Meloetta Piruette forme Genesect AllChespin Quilladin Chesnaught Fennekin Braixen Delphox Forakie Frogadier Greninja Bunnelby Diggersby Flethcinder Talonflame Flabébé Floette Florges Binacle Barbaracle Pumpkaboo Small/Average/Large Gourgeist Small/Average/Large Yveltal Diancie Mega Diancie Hoopa Hoopa Unbound forme
Alola 68%
PFQ exclusives 37%+46%
PFQ Megas 70%
Rowlet Decidueye Trumbeak Toucannon Vikavolt Totem Oricorio Pa'u & Baile Ribombee Totem Lycanrock Midday Wishiwashi School Totem Araquanid Totem Fomantis Lurantis Lurantis Totem Salazzle Salazzle Totem Bewear Type:Null Komala Drampa Kommo-o Totem Tapu Koko Tapu Lele Cosmog Cosmoem Solgaleo Lunala Nihilego Pheromosa Xurkitree Celesteela Guzzlord Poipole Naganadel Stakataka Necrozma Dawn Wings Necrozma Dusk Mane Necrozma Ultra forme Marshadow MelmetalMega Lunupine Orcalot Faemueño Faemilarín Faemísimo Wagell Wanamangora Boxaby Kangspar Mega Bunbori Taiveret Taipaeus Taimorpha Luckoo Peckoo Peekoo Quetzephyr Quetzaptyl Pixrine Kitsunari Kitsubuki Bandicoon Phastix Phasmaleef Forest forme Phasmaleef Desert forme Pasovan Glaquine Cavallost Minibbit Metabbit Terabbit Bezerell Bezermuur Bezermuut Klaatupillar Charaxalis Incantasius Konatus Kenyip Arfrica Kalahowli Chirock Toxitrice Serpetone Toxilisk Slugdog Brushiwi Cetacorn Valkind Frayja Croaket Quibbit Charged Quibbit Herbal Quibbit Magma Quibbit Fae Slypin Haredini Selkrub Aqrabion Skargas Kawotor Lutriva Selutian Kitwurm Purrpa Moffkat Pepyre Skarasear Aphreyd Scavady Mantidra _______ Flying Pikachu Flying Raichu Surfing Pikachu Surfing Raichu Snowboarding Pikachu Snowboarding Raichu SS Clefable Koroku Kyukori Guild Igglybuff Guild Jigglypuff Snowbro Snowking Death Star Voltorb Death Star Electrode Early Bird Xatu Blue Moon Slugma Blue Moon Magcargo Frosdour Chilldoom Donphan Totem Apoc. Poochyena Apoc. Mightyena Whiscash Totem Ryukuza Shinxel Fluxio Fluxray Mega Fluxray Snow Combee Snow Vespiquen Primal Dialga Primal Palkia Halloween Purrloin Halloween Liepard Braviary Totem PyriscorMega Raichu Mega Ninetales Mega Arcanine Mega Dewgong Mega Alolan Marowak Mega Jolteon Mega Umbreon Mega Leafeon Mega Glaceon Mega Lugia Mega Celebi Mega Manectric Q Mega Seviper Mega Giratina Mega Scolipede Mega Heliolisk

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