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The Life of Liam

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Prologue Once upon a time deep whithin a forest There was a Pokemon named Jack Who had met a mate whithin the same place This sparked his heart to something new Though he may have tried and tried He felt like it was hopeless Until during one faithful day Somebody wanted to capture his beloved And so with all of his might He fought and fought with all of his strength Fighting for the love of his life Until he had succeded From there he won the heart of his love And settled a new life with her Living peacefully in the forest Waiting for their lamb to born to the world After months of patient waiting he was born The newborn was clueless of this world From thereon after they lived a happy life If only it lasted... When the seed of Jack was older He saw an arrogant trainer wanting power And with his every strength he protected But he didn't realized the strength of his foe And now his young lost him, now alone With only his mother to support him Now he wishes to avenge his father Starting with that trainer...

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This is just a prologue of the first FF I'm gonna make, I plan to structure it like some sort of poem, hopefully I did good for my first try. Something unneccessary but I made this during while I was a bit tired.

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