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The Log Cabin, Pokesona/OC RP! (Actual RP)

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Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
... yeah i'm going somewhere else... (the wall turns black as i slowly float towart it and go right thru It turns out. he was just going to the kitchen)
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A blue-ish portal suddenly ripped through the forest and Tarot jumped out, looking around. His eyes were glowing with a faint blue light until the portal faded. He seemed a bit worn out after that. "Please let this be the right place.." He sighed, flattening his ears and walking through the dense forest. He could hear bits and pieces of different conversations as he angled his ears to find the cabin, and he finally came across it, looking tired as usual. Finally found it.. He thought as he looked up at the log cabin with wide white eyes.
Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
Bane in the kitchen looks thru a window seing the new face. i use my gHoStLy PoWeRs to stick my head past the wall and say hi "Hello? oh hi! welcome uhh... here... i was invited here by my bud so uhh make yourself at home... i guess... (the wall is black for a bit then fades to normal)
Suddenly a voice rings from the kitchen. "Risotto is ready! Who wants some!" a small sheep like creature with red horns and an apron calls from the kitchen. She checked if she had put the right mushrooms in, the POISONUS ones
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Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
"uhh no thanks, i can't eat rice. it makes me vomit every time i try it."(said Bane looking in the fridge) But how about i make a pie for everyone afterward?
"No" Mei said sternly, "You may not, cabin policies say NOT to mainly because a gang three years ago tried to poison everyone." she snorted. Jaci coming in with her classical clipboard nodded. "Yes, this is true. I'm sorry but without permission from the head chef, you can't."
Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
...what. The. Arceus.
Bluefoxxo's AvatarBluefoxxo
Bluefoxxo's Avatar
Stardust looked over, making sure that the bubble doesnt pop. "Ah, im not hungry..." Stardust then looked at the broken window. "It was not me I swear. It was that purple bird monster that I consider a friend.
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"I'll have some." Irisillia said. She walked up to Mei, still somewhat suspicious. "What's in it?" she asked.
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Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
"i can't eat rice sorry...". "uhh how about i make a pecha berry pie!" (the sweet berry)

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