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The Log Cabin, Pokesona/OC RP! (Actual RP)

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Hello everybody!


A log cabin lies in the forest, it apears to be in good shape, but it doesn't look like anybody is using it... Now its a place where pokesonas and OCs can come and relax, hang out, and do whatever they want! the kitchen is great for those who love to cook, the sleeping area is a nice place where Pokesonas and OCs can lay down for a nap, and the living room is nice and cozy, and great for those who just want to relax, and meet up with friends, but who says the log cabin is the only place to go? there's a whole forest out there, go out and explore! and you never know what events and other things may be waiting around the corner...


-All Pokefarm Q rules apply. -Please do not swear, i am a young player and cannot see these words, things like "Heck" may be used as replacements, use of a certain 3-letter word starting with G is frowned upon as well, this goes for both the roleplay and the setup. -Use the golden rule, treat others like you would like to be treated. -Please don't Godmod, meaning do not take control of other people's characters. -Don't steal other people's characters. -Please keep all OOC to the setup. -Human/humanoid characters are not included, sorry! -The character limit is 3. -Please use at least 2 sentances per post, this is to avoid spam. -Don't use a character untill it has been accepted. -I may change/update the rules at any time. -You have a small amount of time to edit your post if any rules have been broken, so you have a bit of a window before Receiving a warning :)
Here is the setup: https://pfq.link/~LypJ Lets start the RP!
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Stardust arrived at the cabin. "Ah, time away from the loud motorcycles and stuff." she calmly said. "Alright! Time for snacks!" she finished her sentence, as she began to look for the kitchen.
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Cecilia trekked through the foliage, using her jet-black Dramon Killers to cut away the plants that got in here way. The BlackWarGreymon stopped when she saw what appears to be a log cabin right ahead. She took a step forward to closely inspect the cabin. In order to properly open the door, she stored away her jet-black Dramon Killers by letting them turn into a black mist before they poofed away. She then used her claw to turn the doorknob, slowly opening the door.
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Two whispers could be heard from somewhere in the darkness. "Are you sure this is the place Aeron, it looks too shabby." said a very small and squeaky voice. "Yes Mei, I'm sure this is the place, Aikiko told us this was the place..." said another voice supposably Aeron. Mean while a creature wearing a coat enters the cabin. "Hello everybody, I am Jaci and I am the supervisor here!"
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Fierce ran into the forest as fast as he could. He skidded to a stop at the edge and yelled as loudly as he could. "FINALLY! HOME AGAIN!" Lightless padded into the forest nervously. She looked around at the trees and bushes, wondering if anything dangerous could be hiding behind them. Slowly she made her way through and eventully came across the cabin. She inspected it slowly, up and down. Then she shrugged and decided to go in. She jumped on the chair in front of the fireplace and sat down, looking around.
Mei glared at Fierce. "Could you keep it down!" she hissed. "Yeah, we are on a misson to make every creature here as miserable as possible because are friend Aikiko told us too!" Aeron said, without even realizing what hid did. Mei slapped him on the cheek. "You are so stupid." she whispered.
Cecilia stepped into the log cabin, her yellow eyes moving around as she was taking in her surroundings. It seemed friendly enough. No known enemies here..
Alliek2008's AvatarAlliek2008
Alliek2008's Avatar
"Oh, I'M sorry." He said with a snort. "I haven't been home in the forest for a while, but i don't expect you to know anything about that." Lightless lifted her head as Cecilia entered the log cabin. She looked big, and sort of scary. She lowered her head again, trying to stop herself from trembling.
"Ok, time for part beta." she whispered to Areon. She put on her cutest smile and a pink apron and entered the cabin. "Hewwo lovelies! I am Mei! I will be your cook and I will also guide you on how to make some SWEET TREATS!!" she winked. Meanwhile, Aeron found the nearest pond and sat in wait.
Cecilia took note of the smaller creature that seemed scared of her. She was quite used to this reaction due to being a giant dragon warrior that also happens to be a virus. She decided to ignore it for now, sitting next to the fireplace of the cabin. Her head turned when she heard the announcement of some other creature making sweet treats. Cecilia didn’t need such knowledge, so she ended up watching.

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