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RP Rules [Other/Pokemon] U Rated

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RP Rules; Other/Pokemon. U Rated

These rules are for the other/Pokemon U-rated forums. These do not cover the 15+ forums.
  • Swearing; Swearing is not allowed in the U rated forums. Period, no cursing. Words such as 'crap' or 'Damn it' are however acceptable. Censored swears are also not allowed.
  • Mature Scenes; - Intimacy; No intimate scenes that cross over into the 15 - 18+ scenarios are allowed. No fade to blacks. Kissing, hugging and 'making out' are acceptable. There should be no indication that something beyond these has happened in the past, nor should it be indicated in your text. - Illegal substances; No drug use, no illegal substances should be mentioned in your RP. Substances such as alcohol and nicotine are allowed, but should be kept minimal - your character should be of age to use these substances. UK laws apply. Nicotine; 16. Alchohol; 18.
  • Violence; Violence is allowed, but there should be no blood. No getting into the vivid detail of what has just transpired with the violence.
  • Art/Templates; Any art used should either be your own, official artwork, or art that you have gained permission to use. All art must be credited. If you do not have permission to use the art then you can not use it. Failure to credit/gain permission for the art will result in action taken against your account. Art must be credited and you must have permission to use it unless it's official. If it's official work you must credit. Photographs must be credited, if it's a famous photograph we don't expect you to gain permission for use as it should fall under public usage/official works. All artwork should fit with the rating of the RP. Mature artworks are not allowed.
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