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A smol human's journal

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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
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  • Game info
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  • About Me
My shop
x35 First Pokerus caught: 9:15am 22/8/18 Official Dex Completed: 29 Nov 2018 First Arceus: 24 Dec 2018, 03:25 PFQ Patterns
Type race when I joined was Inferno Overdrive (July 2018) First type race I participated in was Hydro Vortex (August 2018)
23F Asian Cis | Heteroflexible Nature: Quiet Atheist | Nihilist | Misanthrope Anxiety | Depression | Conflict anxiety Trilingual English, Mandarin, Malay. Rudimentary Japanese. Learning Afrikaans. Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology major Minors in Psychology and Animal Behaviour Laboratory Technician
Favourite type: / Liked natures: Quiet, Impish, Hasty Likes pink / gold shinies Pokesona is a Vaporeon Games (no longer active) Felisfire | Pure Felinity | Flight Rising | Reptile Breeder Game Steam Hollow Knight | Stardew Valley | Portal
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
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Current hunt: ??

Planned hunts

November type race - Oricorio, maybe Rowlet December type race - Azurill January type race - Feb type race - Petilil March type race - Phantump?

Sticked Hunts

- 13S/11A/1M/1000H - 24S/28A/1M/2015H - 32S/21A/1M/1936H

Past hunts

First Hunt Only boost was Pokeradar, got my very first shiny at #210
Regular S/A Hunts (In order) Special Occasions: - PoTD Hunt - Sept 2018 Type Race Hunt - Oct 2018 Type Race Hunt/First Melan Hunt FAILED - (112S/~30A/0M/3500H) - Nov 2018 Type Race Hunt - Dec 2018 Type Race Hunt/First Variant Hunt -Second Melan Hunt/First Melan (123s/13a/1m/3245h) - First exclusive hunt - April 2019 Type Race Hunt - Melan Hunt (13S/11A/1M/1000H) - Second exclusive hunt - Melan hunt 24S/28A/1M/2015H - Melan hunt - Melan hunt 21S/39A/1M/1806H

Hatched Melans

In order of hatching
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar


  • Items
  • Shiny
  • Albino
  • Melan
-Ubercharm -Hypermode Voucher -PR Memory Stick -All relics -All large gems -Firium Z/fragments -Grassium Z/fragments -Psychium Z/fragments -Waterium Z/fragments -Sweet hearts -Ice/Fairy/Psychic delta Mega Diancie




x8 Purchase:


Purchase (?)
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
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Backup Info

Relics as numbers/coppers

= 1 = 2 = 5 = 10 = 20 = 50 = 100

Charm Charging template

How this is going to work 1. If it is not yet Persephone's day when you read this, but you're interested, subscribe and/or make a post here saying how many you'd like to trade in and for what payment. Do not send me the charms yet! 2. I will be charging the charms early-mid of Persephone's day. Please gift me your charms + payment around rollover if possible, give or take an hour or two - I will make a post + update the main post with an alert about an hour beforehand. If you know you can't be online at that time, you can send me your charms earlier. 3. I will make a note of your username and how many charms I will have to return to you on the main post. 4. Charging will take 24 hours. I will lock the thread once I begin charging the charms. 5. Once the charging is complete, I will unlock the thread and gift out all the live charms to their owners. Payment per charm: 25k/35/5/1
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar

Special Pokemon

Some of my firsts on this game!
  • Shiny
  • Albino
  • Shiny Mega
  • Melanistic
  • Legendary
  • Fakemon
  • Delta+
  • Tourney win
My first hatched shiny: Squish the squishy <3 Also my first Shiny, like, ever Only Pokeradar used, no other boosts.
My first hatched albino and first Mega Albino: Ariel - hatched during Type Race August 2018
My first hatched Mega Shiny: A very pink, very fluffy angel boi <3
My first hatched Melan! Sold as DP unfortunately because I thought I was quitting.
My first hatched Shiny Legendary (Random Chance!!)
My first hatched Special Exclusive 1/2 in chain lol, basically a random chance My first hatched Special Variant
My first hatched shiny delta and special delta
My first tourney-won Fakemon :D Spirit Pattern Won in Tournament #106, Season 9
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar

My Art

Am a fairly new artist, might draw new things at some point but not anytime soon. These are all free to use as long as you credit me.

Sprite Edits


Melan Bait

Bounsweet lineart referenced off official art

Art Credits

Jurobii - Regular/Shiny Solosis

Dr3yd3n - Vaporeon sprite animation

icymoon193 - Shiny Charm sprites

Banners by Chronos

Banners/Mini by AngelOShadows

Banner by gu-moo

Gif Sprites by Shayminwright

Gifs by ShayminWright
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
A thought occurred to me - is evolution equivalent to an exothermic biological reaction? It is unlike growth in that it occurs spontaneously, and powerful energy is released, if only for a brief moment. That energy has been known to be harnessed in the creation of mystic badges by a being known as Ravyne. Could it be that in the process of evolution, there is a breakage of high energy bonds to power cellular realignment? To drive genetic reformation? And what of Mega Evolution? What energy is held by the mega stones, that it possesses enough power to fuel evolution? Could this power be generalized to other uses, other applications? Anya was my very first mega-evolved Pokemon. I dearly wish I could interview her on her experiences of the evolution, but unfortunately the language barrier separates us.
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
Had a thought. When people say, "it works like a charm", it literally "works" like a "charm"!
The Übercharm is an overpowered Charm that doubles your chances of hatching Shiny and Albino Pokémon for 28 days!
When activated, they last for 24 hours and double your chances of hatching a Shiny Pokémon.
. Double the odds. Heh.
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
Did some kind deeds, helping people get Destiny Knots for the the Sidereal Revolution. I would claim to be a misantrophist at times but it fills me with a fuzzy warmth sometimes knowing that I have been able to help others the way I have similarly been helped. Love makes the world go round? I agree, somewhat. Except for the round part - the world isn't round, it's more lumpy I believe.

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