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DeathBird's AvatarDeathBird
DeathBird's Avatar
It looks great but could you possibly add Andrews hat since it's the bow on his hat that's optional not the hat itself ^^` Also I might have problems sending the payment because I'm moving atm but I will get it to you as soon as I can.
39/200 23/200 Buying Death Wings
250K CR/250 GP/50 ZC
and Lustrous Orbs
300K CR/300 GP/60 ZC
, send a PM/labelled trade.
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Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Sorry about the Delay but I didn't want to accept your payment until you were satisfied I added the Hat. Is this better?
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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
DeathBird's AvatarDeathBird
DeathBird's Avatar
Yes that's perfect thank you ^^
In you conversion summary, it says 2 shiniest for a gift wrap. Are there any specific shinies you were looking for?
Made by Animela for me only! Sprite Shop: here Journal: here (I made a new one that is much more organized!) EDITED ON: 11/16/2019
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
To be honest I'll take most shinies although I'd prefer ones that I don't already have. My Journal isn't currently up to date though because I've been too busy to update it for a while.
Could you take a look at my shiny fields and see what shinies you would want? Also, would an additional character be extra? I couldn’t find the additional fee for it. It would be preferred if you chose a line of shinies instead of individuals but it’s fine either way ^-^
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Honestly I completely forgot about adding their pricings to the front because I never really thought Doubles would take off, although they've been popular recently to say the least. But generally I do around a 50% upcharge when adding an additional character to pieces like that. (For both the character & The animation if animation is included) I'm about to Head to bed and I have a busy morning but I'll spend tomorrow afternoon looking through your fields and Pm you when I get the chance.
Wrap me up! Username: Swirlinginferno Character Image/Reference:


Extra Comments: Could Sabrina (the espeon) wink at Galaxy, then he looks at her and licks her. Then she blushes and looks away Payment: The spheal line

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