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Zephyrlan's AvatarZephyrlan
Zephyrlan's Avatar
Could the box be white and the ribbon sky blue please? Sorry about that, I didn't see a box and ribbon color section on the form and assumed that meant you would choose the colors ^^;
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Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
I can if people want me to but people usually just put it into extra comments. I'll add you all to my list in a moment once I finish editing my List post.
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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
KnØcK ØüT's AvatarKnØcK ØüT
KnØcK ØüT's Avatar
You got it spot on! (had to imagine what you described, and its perfect. A couple lil seeds on the pink part too would be nice. :) ) Used this from your signature to try and get it. The top of the box would be a solid green, and the ribbon is a pink with black spots as well.
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Comissioned by Animela
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Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@Selocon How is this? This Smol is just a Preview that opens up to a Much bigger version upon Click. @Knockout If this is okay PM me and I'll give you a Paypal to use.
selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
I love it!!! Sending!!!!
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@Kutani I forgot I finished these during my last Stream lmao How are these?
Zephyrlan's AvatarZephyrlan
Zephyrlan's Avatar
They're perfect. I'll go ahead and send the payment for them right now <3
DeathBird's AvatarDeathBird
DeathBird's Avatar
If this isn't open I apologize- Hey! Lickies! Username: DeathBird Character Image/Reference: this lil bean Background: Just a grassy field Extra Comments: - Payment: 4 large gems I think? Hope I got this right..
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, send a PM/labelled trade.
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Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Sorry that is correct, I've just been focused on other things this last week~ I'll start on that in the morning.
ÜbiCørrin's AvatarÜbiCørrin
ÜbiCørrin's Avatar
Wrap me up! Username: UbiCorrin Character Image/Reference: My summoner (made by discord user AylatheGamer01#2319) and Dimitri (By the way, if you're having a hard time seeing the details, here's the closeup for clarity!) Extra Comments: Additional animation: My summoner kisses Dimitri on the lips. Gift box color should be blue with heart patterns on it, and ribbon color is white. Payment: Will 1650 GP be enough to do this?
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origin of gif is linked in image (3:02)
Made by Animela
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