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...Human? ~ A Gijinka RP! [ACTUAL RP]

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Luxrayzzz's AvatarLuxrayzzz
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”Um, what’s goin’ on?” Shadow asked
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"Hnn..." Robin woke up on the beach, close to Shadow, and sat up quickly. This isn't right! My claws! Where are my claws?! Where his wings had once been, he now had human arms... And hands... No... Hands? Only... Only humans have hands! The Archen-turned-human stood up, wobbling as his knees now face a different way than they always have. He felt super tall, but of course he would, and wrapped his tail around one of his legs as a sort of support. "Nn... Hello?" He cheeped, looking towards the other fellow on the beach.
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Spooks, having wondering where her comrade had disappeared to, sighed. Looks like people still hated her because of her species. Ghost types got such a bad rap... She looked ahead and noticed two others and walked over. "Hey! Are you guys alright?"
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Luxrayzzz's AvatarLuxrayzzz
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"Um hi?" Shadow replied Robin. Then Shadow noticed another Pokémon coming.
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((uhh sorry @everyone I'll just put Peters weird comasleep dreams in a hidebox from now on ;;)) Peters eyelids fluttered and groaned, again, more loud this time. Loud enough for someone to hear and be concerned. The gjinkas forehead gem glowed softly, and he slowly sat up. Wait.. How long have I been asleep?! He quickly looked around, only to realize he had been unconcious for.. two hours. Negh.. my head hurts! He slowly got up, stumbled over to the water and flopped down. He splashed some water over his wound, cleaning it gently. After a while, Peter decided to go and see if any food was in the forest. He was getting hungry. He slowly made his way over to it, gently grasping the trees for balance. Meanwhile, Vera was hiding behind some bushes with the Poochyena, watching the strange Cottonee, Absol and Haunter gjinkas. She was about thirty or so yards away, but her hearing and sight was good enough so she could see what they were doing.
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Robin looked around the beach, which didn't have too much in ight besides the other two pokemon- no, people. "H-hi. This is weird." "Who are you guys? Did you touch a weird rock too?"

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