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...Human? ~ A Gijinka RP! [ACTUAL RP]

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You slowly wake up. You feel with your hands- wait, HANDS?! Yes, hands! Anyways. You feel with your hands, the soft sand. You look around, seeing others around you. They look like they 'suffered' the same thing you did. You gain enough strength to crawl to the water. As you approach, you open your eyes wider, looking into your reflection. All you can remember is you and your peers reaching forwards to touch a shining light in the cave. The moment you made the slightest contact with it, it flashed, then you fell to the ground. You tried remembering your name, but that didn't work. But how did you end up here? Oh well. The most important thing is finding that stone, finding whoever or whatever brought you here, and why you now look like a human. "You look like you've just seen a ghost!" You hear a voice from behind you. "I'm Kitsuna. I will help you all along your journey!" She says, smiling. "Get up. We have a lot more practicing before we can go explore. Now, take my hand if you're ready for the future." She reaches a hand out, staring you down.


You start out on a beach. There are a total of 5 places to travel, each with different problems and surroundings. Of course, you can choose to stay in one of the areas before the cave, but that's only if you want the curse to stay. The plot is, basically, you spend a very long time, searching for a cave. You camp out with others, create friends, create for than friends, and create enemies. Keep in mind, we all have one goal. To abandon this curse.


~All PFQ rules apply. (No swearing, etc.) ~Keep this PG! ~Use the form. ~No running ahead. We don't want this roleplay to end in 100 posts, do we? ~As thread owner, I will be moderating, changing the weather, and controlling the roleplay and what happens. ~No Godmodding (Taking control of someone else's character) ~Be kind to players. Your character can be a jerk, but that character is not you. ~Please write long posts. Not 2 sentances. We want this roleplay to be detailed, as well as said before. Not ended in 100 posts. ~The character limit is 3, do not try to push past this. ~Only Pokemon may be used! ~Please put your forms into a hidebox! It only helps me and keeps this thread neat. ~No legendary gijinka unless I allow you. I have rights to them. ~Not a rule, but just as important: A gijinka is a Pokemon or Pokemon OC turned into human. They can still have ears, tails, bows, claws, anything. But not a Pokemon form. They can have 1 Pokemon companion that is NOT a legendary or shiny. This Pokemon chose you, you did not choose them. So technically, they are still wild. You can have them shiny, but expect them to be easily taken away.
"Now, follow me, the others are waiting." She says, pointing to a campsite.
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Brett (Torracat/Linoone/Furret) Brett had been awake for a while now. He wasn't sure what to do. Upon hearing Kitsuna's voice, Brett had refused to let go of the girl he was clinging to, refusing to admit he didn't even know her. He was just clinging to her for safety. "If I'm following you, I want to bring this girl!" He said, angry but somehow remaining cute. He clung onto the girl tighter, causing her to sit up with a jolt. Brett got pushed back almost immediately, falling to the ground and yelping. Delle (Dhelmise) Delle sat up with a jolt, pushing away Brett out of instinct. The moment she did so, she paused and looked at her hand. Her hand..? She didn't have a hand! What was happening? Delle stood up and walked over to the water shakily. Staying at the water for a few minutes, she eventually walked back, obviously shaken. "W-what's happening..?" She said quietly. Why wasn't she in her normal body? Even though this one was strange, Delle had to admit, it did look good... (I got a picture of my babbu Brett as a Pokémon)
FïrëFøxxø's AvatarFïrëFøxxø
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Kit was still waiting at the beach for any others to get their faces out of the sand or for the rest to finish near the water. A cool breeze came across the shore, causing her hair and small dress to flow nicely. She started to sing a small tune, smiling. "At least I don't feel alone anymore..." She mumbled.
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Peter was in shock as he stared at his hands, and screamed a very high pitched, freaked out, screech. "I'M A HUMAN?!" He yelled, and started to roll all over the sands as he held his sides. "I can't be a human, I can't be a human, I can't be a human, I can't be a human..." The boy-man mumbled as he rolled, and then reached very slowly towards his derriere. "M-my tail!" He shouted and held it firmly in his hands while shaking with relief, and pressed the red orb to his cheek. "Oh thank Arceus.." Peter then flipped out and let go of it when he noticed the rest of them. "YOU GUYS ARE HUMANS TOO?!" Peter screamed, and held his head in his hands.
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Jikokuten attempted to stand up after he saw his own reflection. The Arcanine stumbled before he was able to stand straight up. He wobbled around a bit, still trying to get used to having to stand on two legs. “... It appears that we are.” Jikoku responded, trying to sound as calm as possible. He then checked his necklace.. wait, where was his megastone? At least Jikokuten still had his biwa on his back.
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Midori was confused, and scared, and trying her best not to scream like the other, thing that just screamed. "Well, at least hands are similer to my claws, right?" She thought, running her hands along each finger, looking for some sort of built in weapon. She found her nails and scratched herself, it felt a bit painful, probably enough for someone to be caught off guard so she could run away, but thankfully she found proof of reality. "Ouch, okay, not a dream, not a dream. Well, look on the bright side, you have, no idea who or where you are." Sweat rolled down the side of her face as she put her hands inside her poncho. She looked at the others. "Alright so, there are weird hoomens, at least I think they're hoomens. Maybe I should hide, then again I seem to be a hoomen, so maybe they won't try to hurt me...I'll try to, be friendly with them, maybe they won't notice me as much, but I'll try." She got up, trying to stand on her new found legs and emedietly fell on her face. "Great. That makes for something I'll never live down. At least I'll be left alone for awhile."
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Jikokuten’s ears picked up someone falling with their face hitting the sand. He looked over, still trying to wobble around with his two legs. The Arcanine then spotted another human on the sand. Maybe they were the one he heard? “Hello?” He spoke, beginning to squat to meet with the fallen human. The Arcanine sounded calm by the tone of his voice.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Brett (Torracat/Linoone/Furret) Brett got off the ground, holding his wrist. Delle had injured it. Not severly, just enough to hurt. He got up, whimpering, looking for someone to cling on to (most likely Delle again, even though she hurt him). Finding Delle watching a group of other Pokemon, he hugged her waist, which caused her to look down in a mixture of anger, confusion, and disgust. He hugged her tighter despite the look she was giving him. Delle (Dhelmise) Delle had been practicing walking because she formerly had no feet at all. She needed the practice. Finding a cluster of other Pokemon, she layed low and watched them. Upon Brett clinging to her, she had the urge to push him away but that would blow her cover. Long story short, she was stuck with a 3 year old who acted like a small 9 year old child clinging to her waist.
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Iama's eyes fluttered open, beginning to take in the colors of this.. strange new world. First thing she did was push herself up-- She stumbled over, falling onto her side. She.. actually didn't seem to notice everyone else. Or anyone else. Maybe they'd already passed. So, once again, she attempted to stand up, fumbling over a bit, before finally getting herself steady. 'Sis had done this,' She thought. 'It shouldn't be that hard...' Finally, she looked around to see if anyone else was still there. Didn't seem like it. Shoot. I guess I'm alone again, Iama thought...
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AJ walked up behind Kit, scaring her. "AJ! You made it!" She said, hugging him. AJ hugged back, smiling. He was always happy and safe around Kit. "Alright darlin', you go to the fire and show everyone what to do. I'll bring everyone else here over." He said, pointing to the others on the beach. "Will do!" Kit smiled, running to the firepit. It was quite late, around 10:00PM. AJ walked over to Iama. "Hello. Do you need any assistance with walking to the firepit?" He asked, putting his hand out in a kind matter.

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