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Mega's evolution items and MORE

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hello. im mega. welcome to my shop. this is what i have.it's alot. ill seperate them into catigorys. also you can pay me in either credits,gp and zc. but i prefer gp or zc so i can get hm.

my new banner credit to queen klance.also here is the code.

the code is [ URL=https://pfq.link/~LLbQ][ IMG]https://orig)).deviantart.net/bad9/f/2018/226/0/2/megapokemonfan_by_skyea7x-dcnkf9o.png[/ IMG][/ URL] (just dont put the spaces for the code)
also new partner.^^ we can help eachother.but its not a joint shop.here is their link.suport them plz.^Y^chocomaro's shop thing.

evolution stones.

dawnstones 9, icestones 7, ovalstones 10, sunstones 6, moonstones 7, leafstones 8, shinystones 5,

evolution items

deepscale 16, deeptooth,19, dragonscale 19, kingsrock 11, whip dream 6, up-grade 12, sachet 10, razor claw 9, razor fang 23, reep cloth 7, dubias disk 15, magmariser 20, electiser 12, metal coat 15, protector 8.

special evolution items

amciant power orb 9, mimic orb 9, everstone 11, rollout orb 9, stomp orb 10, double hit orb 10.


red pokeblock I 22, purple pokeblock V 14, gold pokeblock A 2.

event items

tourniment token(red) 16


relic copper 0, relic silver 1, pretty wing 4, pearl 5,big mushroom 1,tiny mushroom 1,star dust 12,big perl 1,star peice 4.
if you want any of my items tell me and offer a trade. if i decline it's bc i dont think it's fair.


art by miffed ^^

my badges

the image doesent fully show up. also my new icon is by aidanshepard
Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
May I buy 2 relic copper for 8 zc? Also: First customer :D
Pfp Made by Yours Truly
Is this the Krusty Krab No it’s Patrick!
yes you may start the trade.
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
280gp for your 6 coppers and 4 silvers?
688/6278 Dragon Gems
Hearts Souls
Maleficent’s Sinister ‘Stache
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Thank you! I've sent the payment with a little shiny friend!
... so silent.
this is sooo quiet...
bump~ hope i ge some custimers.

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