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Shiro's Adopt Shop(Sketchmon Available! 2 Left!)

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POLL: Interest in celestial keeper adopts?(Comes with fullbody+Chibi)

Total votes: 2

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POLL: Should I post the celestial keeper adopts here or make a seperate thead?

Total votes: 5

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Shiro-san's AvatarShiro-san
Shiro-san's Avatar
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I'm in need of credits! Autobuy temporarly allows credits! Paper Sketchmon! These adoptables are about 400x450ish size, they vary slightly All Skech Adopts are 150zc value flat sale
Hover over the images for more detail! And check the bottom of the table for special exceptions. Regular Currency Ratio! 5,000=5=1=1¢
Payment Exchange Values
Any Summon
250k 250 50
Any Megastone
250k 250 50
Lucky Seal
500k 500 100
Current Tournament Token
250k 250 50
Any Z-Crystal
750k 750 150
Any Z-Fragment
125k 125 25
1 mil 1000 200
Any Medium Gem
25k 25 5
Any large Gem
250k 250 50
Shiny Charm
250k 250 50
Uber Charm
1 Mil 1000 200
*(Jade orbs are 200zc and beast balls are 300zc) *(Small Gems are not accepted-Trading would take way too long)

Terms and Services-Please Read!

Here is all the legal stuff regarding my adopts. Please read this as it is of upmost importance! >All adopts are designed by me and therefore must be credited as such. Even if you or anyone else makes art of the adopts, they must credit the original design to me. Credit can be my deviant art, toyhou.se, or pokefarm account all with the same name. >All adopt sales are final. There are no refunds. If I recieve a chargeback from you, I will never again sell you any adopts or do any art for you ever. There is no takebacks on this, so no amount of apology will work. Your name will also be publically posted on deviant art and toyhou.se to warn others. I would do it here, but pokefarm doesn't allow blacklisting. >You may resell or retrade my adopts, but you cannot make a profit off of it. meaning if you bought it for 30$, then you can sell it for 30$ or less. Please inform me if there is a new owner. >If you wish to change something, such as eye or hair color, please message me and I can adjust it. Do NOT do this on your own. You may not manipulate my image without permission. You cannot drastically change details without my consent. You are however, allowed to change hairstyles and outfits as you please as long as it's reasonable. Ex. no changing long hair to a mohawk. >When buying an adopt, you merely gain the rights to use my design and artwork. You do not legally own the design and I can still do whatever I wish with it. I however, will not sell the same adopt to mulitple people, the rights to use can only belong to one person at a time. The artwork I create is still copyrighted to me. >By posting in this thread, you are offering your consent to these conditions and can face legal punishment for breaking them. Last updated:1/24/19
Here's a few rules to make adopts a smoother and easier experience. >Please double check your math before posting an offer. It's important to avoid underbidding as it inconveniences everyone involved. I'd like it if you showed the math in your post to help me out, but I won't force you to. >Payment is due by the winner after the bid ends. If they don't pay within 24 hours after the second highest bidder wins. >This should go without saying, but please don't offer what you don't have! If you can't afford it, then too bad. If you consistently bid what you don't have then you will be banned. >Auto buy only applies to pure usd or pure zc! Even if the value exceeds the auto buy amount, you will not immediately get it unless you use those currencies! You can use a mix of these two currencies to autobuy as well. >If you wish to cancel your bid, please notify me. The user with the second highest bid will become the top bidder. However! Please do this before the bid ends. >Even if you're the current highest bidder, you can always increase the bid. Keep in mind that you still need to do the minimum required bid for it to count.



April 4/16Idol Yuna☆ Winner Meg227 4/25Haruna! Winner Meg227


5/19Elegant Couple-Meowstic Gijinka! Winner Cïnderheårt999 5/20Mega Manetric Arcanine Fusion! Winner Inconspicuous 5/21Lopunny Sylveon Fusion! Winner Raijin 5/23Godly Fusion-Bidoof Arceus! Winner MidnightStars


7/7Ninetales Slyveon Fusion! Winner Serenaaa 7/8Gunslinger Absol Gijinka! Winner Meg227 7/10 Jirachi Gijinka Winner Lanayru 7/14Luxray Zekrom Fusion! Winner Minjoo


8/11Ghost Retype Murkrow! Winner EternallyBright 8/22-Legendary Fusion! Raikou Zapdos!- Winner AriaPsiana389 Super cute! Cinccino Meloetta Fusion! Winner Minjoo Special Adopt! Ninetales Gijinka! Winner Meg227


-Bounty Hunter Lycanroc!- Winner Kieren -Outlaw Lycanroc!- Winner Meg227 -Legendary Fusion! Rayquaza Giratina!- Winner Fryena


-legendary Fusion! Silvally Arcanine!- Winner KittenPatissier Super Cute Mew Gijinka! Winner Minjoo Flufftastic Fusion! Vulpix Swablu! Winner Meg227 Maximum Edge! Darkrai Gijinka! Winner Kieren



Winners Emotion: Isopodsan Wooly: Meg227 Trickster: Devil0356 Special! Absol Variants Batch 2! Winners Untamed: Devil0356 Pride: Meg227 Ascension: Sugita Dazzling Knight! Aegislash Gijinka! Winner Érable Shocking Combo! Zeraora Manetric Fusion! Winner Inconspicuous


Shaymin Variant-Volcanic! Winner LunaOokami Shaymin Variant-Resolute! Winner Devil0356
All art and coding by me.Adopt Shop-My Art/Life Journal
Saving credits for a Type:Null hunt.Swapping gp for credits 1:1k, buying ultra beasts 150gp each, null vouchers ,1,000gp! Just send a trade or pm!
× 77911722 / 200,000,000
Shiro-san's AvatarShiro-san
Shiro-san's Avatar
Past Free Events!

Free Chirstmas 2018 Avatars

Free Christmas Avatars!!(Free to use, just please credit me!)
Sitten1115's AvatarSitten1115
Sitten1115's Avatar
Sb with 2 random canon megastones, I can add specific ones if needed
Check out my shop for free dex trades! Credit for current avatar here
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Art by Miasaurus.
Devil0356's AvatarDevil0356
Devil0356's Avatar
May I bid: Large Normal gem and 50 ZCs on him please. Total Value: 150 ZC Passed highest: 100 ZC
Shiro1877's art permission Syre's art permission Syre's art shop My orders are on pages: 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 18 (4), 19, PM, 28, 30, 32, 35 Delivery of orders on pages: 7, 10, 12, 15, 19, 19, 29, ???, 48, PM, ? ?, 38, ? Avatar Icon thing made by TrollGirl <3
bird-kicker's Avatarbird-kicker
bird-kicker's Avatar
bidding a boxbox! value: 200 zc
avatar @dva01 on DA formerly MidnightStars
Meg277's AvatarMeg277
Meg277's Avatar
Hello! May I bid (3) BoxBox? Fabulous birdy ^~^
All art and coding by Shiro.
Just a happy vulpix
Shiro-san's AvatarShiro-san
Shiro-san's Avatar
Highest bidder added! Sorry about the delay I was at work. The current total is 600Zc value and the shiny version has been added!
Shiro-san's AvatarShiro-san
Shiro-san's Avatar
Good morining folks! Just a heads up that this auction ends at server reset tonight. Nows your last chance to bid if you want the murkrow!
13 Tourney tokens (650 ZC equivalent)!!!
My Art Shop with my sis EternallyDark! My profile pic was made by Shiro1877! **Credits in order of sprites** ShinyShinx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Meg277's AvatarMeg277
Meg277's Avatar
(3) BoxBox = 600 ZC (2) Large Normal Gem= 200ZC For a total: 800ZC

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