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The Rorie League, a Pokémon Trainer RP (setup/open)

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Come to the Rorie Islands! The new heart of ADVENTURE in the Ocean! advertisement brought to you by Cattafang Welcome to the Rorie League Trainer RP, where both battling in gyms and participating in contests is possible! In case you wonder, yes, the RP is open and accepting roleplayers. Don't be afraid you won't be able to jump in, everyone is free to explore the region, challenge the gyms and compete in the contests halls at their own pace. And I will always provide an entry point for new players. My job will be somewhat of a DM in this RP and control the NPC's, which includes the gym leaders you people will have to battle. I will also decide when it's day or night or what the weather conditions are. I will not create a trainer who enters the Rorie League. Please read everything carefully, I know there is a lot of text, but it is important information. I would not have written it down if this was not the case. Especially the part of battling and the league is something you have to know before you submit your character form, because there is a catch in this League. If you have questions about any of it and you do not wish to ask in the thread, you may always PM me.


The main plot is straight-forward: try to win the Rorie League. Sub-plots will be provided to keep the RP interesting. You are a trainer. It's both your task and privilege to explore the Rorie islands and maybe, if you wish, battle and/or catch wild Pokémon. You have to try to defeat the gym leaders, so you can earn a place in the Rorie League and compete to be the Rorie League Champion. The gym leaders can be challenged in any order. You can do the main plot in your own time and space and side-plots can come from the DM, but can also come from the players themselves. When the RP goes too long without posting an element of danger is added, randomly targeted at someone with a roll of the dice.


The RP will take place on an island group called the Rorie Islands. This group consists of the following islands: Rhando, Ornitan, Resto, Indelgy and Evoru. The first four islands each have a gym: ground, water, fire and flying. The last island has the arena where the Rorie League is organized. The biggest port is located on Rhando Island at it's here that ferry from Vermillion City in the Kanto region docks. This is currently the only route in from outside the Rorie islands. Between the Rorie islands smaller boats are used to go to any of the other islands, each island has its own port. An image of the Rorie Islands: Below you can find the information about the individual islands and the Pokémon you can catch on each islands

Rhando Island

Rhando islands has large forests and plains, a big lake in the center and a rocky area up north with 3 hotsprings and a geyser which erupts every three hours. At the north side of the island there are high cliffs looking out over the ocean. On a clear day you can see Ornitan Island from here. The Pokémon found here are normal, flying, grass, bug, ground and rock types. By the ocean, water types can be found as well. In the forest there is a cave with some bat-like Pokémon and occasionally a ghost type. There are two large cities called Mesperit City and Lilan Town. Scattered around the island are several smaller villages as well. Mesperit City: places of interest are the port, a Pokémon Center, A Pokémon Mart, the ground gym and a ground-themed contest hall Lilan Town: places of interest are a Pokémon Center, A Pokémon Mart and a research facility/lab where the Pokémon professor is. Just outside Lilan Town is the Rhando Pokémon Academy There is a road between Lilan Town and Mesperit city, a bus leaves at the full hour in Mesperit city and at the half hour in Lilan Town. It takes about 20 minutes to travel with the bus, a taxi or a car between the cities (a little faster if it's Andy driving) There is a house in the forest outside Mesperit city, walking there will take about 15-20 minutes from the edge of the city. Thomas Redcliff lives here, an old man who seems to know a lot about Pokémon.

Pokémon that can be found on Rhando Island

Caterpie+evolutions, Weedle+evolutions, Ladyba, Spinarak, wurmple+evolutions, Scatterbug+evolutions, Hoppip, Aipom, Oddish, Cherubi, Pidgey, Spearow, Tailow, Pidove, Fletchling, Rattata and Heracross in the forests and plains. Zubat & Gligar in the cave in the forest (occasionally Litwick, Ghastly, Misdreavus and Duskull can be spotted in and around the cave, but they rarely show themselves) Onix, Shuckle, Larvitar, Gibble in the rocky area up north.

Ornitan Island

Ornitan has lots of rivers, lakes, flower fields and grassland. Water, grass, flying and fairy type Pokémon can be found here. The port city is called Watersleat, the two other villages are called Old Pond and Mollin. Places of interest in Watersleat are: the port, a Pokémon Center, A Pokémon Mart, the water gym and a water-themed contest hall.

Pokémon that can be found on Ornitan

Tropius, Natu, Ducklett, Wingull, Lotad, Pidgey, Azurill, Togepi, Flabébé, Sunkern, Cherubi, Cottonee, Sewaddle, Shroomish, Seedot. In a cave under the gym you can find: Staryu, Shellder, Clamperl, Krabby, Corpish, Slowpoke, Froakie.

Resto Island

Resto island has a giant dormant volcano, but there are caves with lava-lakes in them. It also has muddy beaches, and some plains. Here you can find fire, rock, ground, electric and dark types. And some water types near the coast. The port village is called Poras, the other is called Stonethrow. Places of interest in Poras are: the port, a Pokémon Center and a Pokémon Mart. The fire gym and a fire-themed contest hall are in a cave at the foot of the vulcano, it's a half hour walk from the port, but The Resto Rapidash Tour has its first stop at the entrance of the cave. The Resto Rapidash Tour is owned by a man named Peter and he offers a tour around the volcano in a wagon pulled by two Rapidash.

Pokémon that can be found on Resto

Aron, Chinchou, Wooper, Torkoal, Sandshrew, Houndour, Geodude, Slugma, Stunfisk, Magby, Zorua, Tynamo/Eelektrik, Larvesta, Rhyhorn, Durant, Heatmor, Mudbray, Ponyta.

Indelgy Island

Indelgy island has forests, grass, meadows. This island is home to flying, bug, fairy and normal types. And some water types near the coast. The port village is called Prillis, the other village is called Hilltop. Places of interest in Prillis are: the port, a Pokémon Center, A Pokémon Mart, the flying gym and a flying-themed contest hall. On the island is also a large farm with Miltank, Tauros and Mareep.

Pokémon that can be found on Indelgy

Spritzee, Swablu, Pidgey, Caterpie+evolutions, Scatterbug+evolutions, Vanonat/Venomoth, Burmy+evolutions, Meoth, Glameow, Skitty, Snubbull, Lillipup, Rowlet, Hoothoot, Farfetch'd.

Evoru Island

Evoru island is the smallest, with a think forest and rocky underground. There is only one city, called Evoru. Places of interest in Evoru: the port, a Pokémon Center, A Pokémon Mart, the Pokémon Rangers HQ Just outside the city is a large stadium and a big contest hall, the league and contests held here are done with all four elements. It is not allowed to catch Pokémon on this island and rangers patrol the area, but you may catch Pokémon who live in the ocean. One noteworthy group of Pokémon is a colony of Cyndaquil, the expert on them runs the Pokémon Mart. A giant Onix is known to roam the forest.

The Ocean

Pokémon that swim in the ocean in these parts are: Horsea, Tentacool, Staryu, Lapras, Chinchou, Remoraid, Shellder, Clamperl, Krabby, Corpish, Qwilfish, Corsola, Carvhanna, Wailmer. Sometimes a Gyarados or Milotic is spotted.
There are ferries going between the five islands. See more about the travel times in the hide-box 'travel times' There are no wild rare, shiny or legendary Pokémon on the islands, but if you want a specific Pokémon in your party, that can be arranged through NPC's, just let me know.

please read this

This location is something I use in my fanfictions, please do not use outside this rp without my approval.

Travel times

These are all direct routes from one island to another and the ferries are known to locals as commuter ferries. From Rhando it takes 20 minutes to go to Ornitan, 30 minutes to Resto, 1 hour to go to Indelgy and 1h30min to Evoru. From Ornitan it takes 20 minutes to go to Rhando, 30 mintues to go to Resto, 30 minutes to go to Indelgy and 1 hour to go to Evoru. From Resto it takes 30 minutes to go to Rhando, 30 minutes to go to Ornitan, 30 minutes to go to Indelgy and 40 minutes to go to Evoru. From Indelgy it takes 1 hour to go to Rhando, 30 minutes to go to Ornitan, 30 minutes to go to Resto and 25 minutes to go to Evoru. From Evoru it takes 1h30 minutes to go to Rhando, 1 hour to go to Ornitan, 30 minutes to go to Resto and 25 minutes to go to Indelgy. The number of times a ferry departs depends on the travel time, the ferry to Evoru will leave every 3 hours from Rhando, whereas a ferry to Ornitan will leave every 45 minutes from Rhando. Every 4 hours a ferry will leave from Rhando that will make a stop at every island, ending in Evoru and then returning to Rhando. This is a tourist ferry rather then a commuter ferry.

Battling and the league

Pokémon battles are done anime-style. This is a rp and a bit more creativity in battles then counting stats and hitpoints is appreciated. No Pokémon should have an unrealistic ability for speed or jumping and dodging every attack. Allow your Pokémon to get hit. For battles against wild Pokémon or catching wild Pokémon I will use this site to roll a d10 dice. 1-4 will be a loss, 5 is a tie and 6-10 is a win. If you have a type advantage, you get a +2 in the roll, which means if I rolled a 5 it will be 7 and therefore a win. If you have a type disadvantage, then you receive a -2 penalty. You are free to play them out as you see fit, just keep the result in mind. If your first Pokémon fails, you can use a second Pokémon. They get a +2 bonus on the roll, since the opponent is already weakened. This stacks with the type advantage. Evolved Pokémon are harder to catch, so depending on what evolution they will get a +1 or +2, or your Pokémon receives a -1 or -2 penalty. The result of gym battles are not rolled, I will take the gym leader and we'll see how the battle goes. About the League: Every official gym battle, including the League, will be fought with 3 Pokémon. The League is themed around the four basic elements (water, fire, air and earth), and the gyms represent each of the elements. While you may use any Pokémon you want to defeat the gym leaders, you may only use the types Ground, Water, Fire and Flying in the actual League. Dual types are accepted as well, but they must have the right types when they fight. For instance, if Dartrix evolves to Decidueye it loses the type it needs the compete and the battle is stopped. When this happens the trainer can choose another Pokémon to take its place, but this counts as the same Pokémon. With that I mean that battles are done with 3 Pokémon per trainer, and switching because a Pokémon evolved and lost the correct type(s), doesn't mean the Pokémon lost, so a trainer may choose a 4th Pokémon to take the place of the other Pokémon. That being said, since Rowlet is native to the islands, they are aware of what happens to the final evolution and trainers can get a free everstone in the Pokémon Center of Evoru when the League is being held. There is no 'Elite Four', we have four gym leaders and in the League it will be player versus player. There is no set order for the gyms, you can challenge them in any order you wish. Ferries go to and from all island. See the travel times and routes. Literary bonus or penalty: this is a text-based roleplay. The more effort is done in the battle, the more likely you are to win. Simply tossing a Pokéball without a battle or describing why the Pokémon would be in a weakened state will get a -1 on the roll. However, a +1 can be added if you show a detailed but realistic battle. Gym battles are more likely to be won when the battle is described well and your Pokémon can take hits too. Instead of just saying 'Rattata used Tackle' try describing the tackle as well, like 'Rattata ran towards the opponent as he did a tackle'.


Just like the League, the Rorie Contest is themed around the four elements. In each city that has a gym there is also a contest hall and only Pokémon of the type of the hall can enter a contest. Just like with the League, dual types are allowed, but more points will be given to attacks of the right type. There will be 1 contest every day, and each day it will be on a different island. Contests are always held around 17:00h (5 p.m.) With four ribbons, a trainer can join the contest finals on Evoru, where all four types are allowed.

The gym leaders/contest judges, and other NPC

These are all my oc's, and I will play each one of them when needed. Some NPC's can only be found at a certain location, others roam freely over the islands and may pop up when needed. Gym leaders/Contest judges
  • Ground gym: Henri Tenson (on Rhando, in Mesperit City)
  • Water gym: Alana Landrieu (on Ornitan, in the port village Watersleat)
  • Fire gym: Liah McLean (on Resto, in the volcano)
  • Flying gym: Blake Johnson (on Indelgy, in Hilltop - a village located in the center of the island)
Other NPC's:
  • Professor Maple: a middle-aged woman and head of the research facility in Lilan Town (can be found in the lab of Lilan Town) She has a Haunter and Ditto.
  • Thomas Redcliff: an old man living in the forest of Rhando Island, just outside Mesperit City. No-one knows much about him, but he seems to keep several Pokémon at his house. He's often seen with a Houndoom by his side.
  • Charlie Johnson: father of Blake, owner of a general store on Evoru island with his wife Naomi and expert on the Cyndaquil colony. (Can be found in the shop on Evoru island). He has, amongst others, a Typlosion.
  • Andy Bansing: the most handsome and talented researcher anyone has ever seen! (or so he claims) An adult male who has a Butterfree, a Primeape, a Furret and a Noctowl as his team and who is a childhood friend of Henri Tenson.
  • Roark Clarckson: A scientist who feels greatly misunderstood and enjoys doing experiments. His pokemon are a Magneton, a Hypno, a Claydol and a Misdreavus
  • Jolin Kaldara: the head of the Pokémon Rangers HQ on Evoru.
Nurse Joy is not a npc just for the owner of the RP, everyone is free to interact with the nurses in the Pokémon Centers at their own. More information will be added and other NPC will be created when needed!

Rules and character form

This is important, so please read. Rules: 1) Pokéfarm Rules apply. This includes the rule about spam, keep that in mind when posting in the setup thread or the RP itself. 2) no godmodding, which means you may not control someone's character without their approval or make decisions for them. Example: you should avoid writing 'Paul hit Henri in the face, making Henri fall on the ground', it is up to Henri to decide what will happen when Paul attempts to hit him. 3) To uphold a certain quality in the RP, so no one-liners or chat speak. Please try to at least write a small paragraph and to use proper punctuation. Multiple paragraphs is encouraged, but not mandatory. 4) You may bring your starter and 1 or 2 other Pokémon. You can catch more Pokémon on the Rorie islands. You may also get a starter from professor Maple in Lilan Town if you wish. 5) Romance is allowed, but keep it PG-13. Please, do not have instant crushes or do not let your Pokémon force people together. Let the relationships build, trust me, it makes a better RP if you take your time with the relationships. 6) Cursing and violence all PG-13 please. Excessive cursing is not allowed. 7) Do not make a post with only an OOC remark. That's what we have the setup thread for. Asking for an update on the plot or any kind of general conversation should be done is this thread and not the RP.

to help you with rule 3 if you are used to post one-liners

As rule 3 states, we don't accept one-liners in the RP, posts must be at least 1 small paragraph long (3-5 lines minimum), but it's strongly encoured to try and post more. Take a moment to think about your post, there's usually more to do or react to than what the previous person said. Here is a quote made by one of our RP-ers in the previous setup thread, I thought it was very useful, so I added it here:

QUOTE originally posted by PokecraftCat

If I may offer some tips? 1: Try taking some time to think about how your character moves. I often write about the way that Raven walks, how her clothes move, what she feels under her boots. 2: Think about the way that the trainer interacts with their Pokémon. Raven is generally very cold and unforgiving, but deep down, she loves her Pokémon and I try to let this show. She works Amber very hard, but is quick to leap to her defense if needed. She speaks somewhat harshly to her Pokémon, but always in kind tones. 3: Picture the surroundings. Instead of just "Raven walked through the forest", try thinking about what's in the forest, what Raven thinks about the forest, etc. If you apply this tactic, then "Raven walked through the forest" turns into "Raven strode through the trees, carefully doing her best to avoid the carpet of dry, autumn leaves that littered the forest floor. A couple of Murkrow called to each other and a shiver ran up Raven's spine. The strange stillness of the dusk and the shifting shadows of the trees made her uneasy". See? Not only do I convey more information about the forest, but I show the other RPers that my character is on alert, watchful and perhaps nervous. I show that there are Murkrow in the area, the season and the time of day. 4: Just because there's no one there doesn't mean that you should stop developing a character. What are their inner thoughts? What are they saying to themselves? What are they planning to do next? The other RPers can know this, even if their characters don't. Hopefully that helps! I'd really like to RP with you, just thought I'd toss my two cents in. ^_^
Character form: [b]Username[/b]: [b]Name[/b]: [b]Age[/b]: [b]Native or visitor[/b]: [b]Appearance[/b]: [b]Pokémon[/b] (starting team): (max 3 Pokémon to begin with, you can catch more on the island) [b]Personality[/b]: [b]Background[/b]: [b]Other[/b]: [b]Sample roleplay[/b]: If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the setup or pm me. You can use the 'other' category for additional information you wish to share, but doesn't fit in any of the other categories. That is optional, you may leave it blank. The RP-sample is used to assess the quality of your RP-ing and I may give feedback to help you improve so the RP experience will be good for everyone. You may pick up a starter in Lilan Town if you don't have any Pokémon yet, professor Maple can give you one and a Pokédex. You may start with 1-3 Pokémon, you can catch additional Pokémon on the islands. You may start as a visitor of any of the main regions, or as an inhabitant from the islands. You can't use legendary Pokémon in your team. After submitting the character form you will be informed where everyone is and you may choose a starting location. Important after your character was accepted you will be asked to make another post where you can keep track of your team as you catch more Pokémon, I will add the link to that to your character profile in the second post.
Here is the link to the RP: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/10584/The-Rorie-League-actual-RP There are 150+ pages in the RP, but don't be discouraged by that. Just jump to the last page and start RP-ing! I have added a summary of the current plot in the next post, which also contains the current active characters
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) The Rorie League - a Pokémon Trainer RP (open)
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Currently active characters If you haven't posted for longer than one month ago you will be moved to the inactive characters. When you can post again you are free to jump back in and your character will be moved to active again.


Username: Salenea Name: Sarah Whitecliff Age: 17 History: Sarah lived with her younger brother and their fosterparents just outside Saffron City in Kanto. They lost their parent at the age of 7. She was home schooled but went outside with every change she could get, she met her Girafarig once when she was dreaming away in het secret place. Her fosterparent weren't ideal but not the worst. They where very serious and upthight and didn't allow lightheartedness or fantasizing in the house. To please her fosterparents she restrained her nature and became what she was expected to. She also had been let down by other adults quite some time. After living there for 10 years she decided that is was time to travel around away from the strict rules of her home and to make more pokemon friends. Appearance: Sarah is little under average height but very slim. She has long red hair and very blue eyes. She usually wears pratical travel clothes and a cape. She has a backpack and a small bag on her belt. A watch on her wrist, a big bracelet on the other wrist and a necklace with a locket are the only pieces of jewerly she has. Personality: Sarah is very serious and down to earth around other people and will always have her gaurd up, she is not shy but she won't talk much, for she has not a high esteem of people. But when she is alone in nature she dreams off. Her girafarig usually warns her if someone approaches. When she is alone with pokemon or alone to make music or dance than she opens up like a flower to the sun but she'll close down as soon as she notices someone watching. Usually with a sneer or a sarcastic remark. Pokémon (starting team): Bulbasaur (starter), Saur, male, serious. Gifararig, Gira, female, jolly. Abra, no nickname, male, rash Salenea's Full Team Other: Sarah loves grass and psychic types. She can play various instruments, but mostly flute (which she carries with her) and piano. and can sing quite well.


Username: Salenea Name: Gabriël (Gabe) Whitecliff Age: 15 History: Gabe lived with his older sister and their fosterparents just outside Saffron City in Kanto. He was home schooled but didn't bother much with the schoolwork, he rather read a good novel or play games. He took every change he could get to sneak out the house and wander about, sometimes doing a little mischief. At one point he decided to leave the house, he didn't want to live with his fosterparents anymore and than Sarah would have to compensate less for him being a bit rebellious. Appearance: Gabe is as tall as Sarah, despite being younger, so he is above average or rathertall for his age. He has short blond hair, and very blue eyes. He has a big hiking backpack and a small bag around his waist. He wears blue jeans and a blue t-shirt. His dark leather jacket hangs alongside the bakcpack and he only wears it if it really rains hard or when it is really cold. he has a watch on his wrist and a pair of sunglasses in the chestpocket of his jacket. Personality: Gabe is lighthearted, likes to laugh and tease. He makes friends easy and likes companionship on travels, the more the merrier. He doens't like to over-think everything and just go for it. Gabe never stays angry for long or holds grudges. Pokémon (starting team): Tepig (starter), male, serious Mareep, female, jolly. Machop, male, modest Gabe's Full Team Other: Gabriël doesn't have a plan for the future and lives by the day. He enjoys almost everything but he hates small confined places and doesn't like it when he is alone, outside in the dark with no moon or stars.


Username: Gerbilfriend Name: Noemi Adlen Age: 15 History: Noemi's parents are both failed trainers who work at a pokemon center in Kalos as pokemart employees. Tired of heir nagging for her to start to her journey combined with the statistics of success for training in Kalos Noemi chose to go to the Rorie league instead as it was a smaller league to do and most likely easier. She got her starter buizel (Flash) from her parents after they bought it with her university savings account which bothers her to no end because now she has to some how make money off this trip to go to college but she does not hold this against Flash. She met her fletchling (Anjay) and her on the way and quickly caught it due to her need for a flying type on her team before she got to the Rorie league and baltoy (Spins) was a pokemon she got over the pokemon exchange in trade for a gogoat she did not get along with. Appearance


Art by me
Personality: Noémi has always been unfortunately practical, never really putting much effort into anything or exceeding at anything due to (tor)chickening her self out. She looks at the statistics, see who fails and does not try and she considers herself most likely to end up among the ranks of the failures who litter the path to success (like her parents). Other then that Noémi is a perfectly nice person, she is kind to others and if she could just try at something she would likely do well as to being quite intelligent and focused. She loves heights,the rain and other then people who blindly run forward with out thinking of anything at all, nothing really pisses her off that much. She is prone to fits of hyper activity though... (not ADHD or anything just gets really high energy) She does pretty well under pressure even though she often feels nervous about how her parents expect her to be a really good trainer even though they both ended up subpar just like pretty much everyone else in Camphrier town but with the loss of most of her saving account she is giving this trip thing a try. Pokémon (starting team): Buizel- Flash- Female- calm and cheerful likes to walk beside Noemi Fletchling -Anjay- Female- Bossy and clever prefers to sit on Noemi's head Baltoy- Spins- Genderless- Calm and quirky with a habit of spinning so much it makes everyone around it dizzy


Username:Raichi Name:Raichi /Rai Age: 13 Background:Comes from Alola. Mother died while they were 2, father abandoned them at 3, Left the survive alone in Alola. At the age of 5 started dreaming about becoming a pokemon trainer while living in the wild with pokemon. At the age of 11 she became a pokemon trainer but shortly after suffered from brain cancer. After she recovered she was sent to Rorie Islands to travel. Appearance: A 4'9" girl with a black hoodie and black pants. Big blue eyes. Unable to see hair. Personality: Quick Tempered, Headstrong, Brave and sneaky. Doesn't like to wait for anything even trouble. Her mom gave her, her absol to predict when she would cause an accident. Doesn't like taking off her hoodie so most people don't know her hair color. Pokémon (starting team): Blade-a male-Absol-given to her by her mother Puma-a male-litten-Choosen as starter in Alola Starshine-a Female-Eevee-Lived with her in Alola Rai's Full Team Other: Her nickname is Rai, doesn't like being Called Raichi or anything else. Survived in the wildness of Alola for 8 years. Has a hatetred for her father, now he's a gym leader

Sample roleplay

Raichi watched in the strudy tree as trainers fought the gym on the island, saying to herself "Only If i could do what they could" Then she vanished into the shadows with Blade


Username: Raichi Name: Juniper Williams Age: 14 Native or visitor: Native Appearance: A mature looking female, with striking light blue eyes, black hair that's dangling in a ponytail, and a bright smile on her face. Pokémon (starting team)


OT Trainer: Prof Elm Species: Totodile Type: Water Gender: Male Level: 14 Nature: Jolly Backstory: Given to June as an egg when she left her interning job for Professor Elm. Now came with her back to the islands.


OT Trainer: Jupiner Species: Girafarig Type: Normal / Psychic Gender: Female Level: 31 Nature: Quiet Backstory: Lived in Route 43 till a 11 year old got lost and Lily subtling helped June get back home. She stuck around her house, visiting from time to time and began helping June with tasks. She was caught by June before June left for the Islands.
Juniper's Full Team Personality: A Happy, Go Lucky Girl that doesn't like to focus on the bad. Has a lot of energy so she doesn't stop moving till she really needs to sleep. Her pokemon mean the world to her. Does not like being called Juniper, likes June instead. Background: She lived on the islands since she was 10. Then at the age of 10, her dad, brother and her moved to Johto for a better life. June interned for Professor Elm for a while. She found a girafarig when she was 11 and it followed her home. Then at the age of 13, Elm gave her Leo, her totodile. A month ago, she moved back to Rorie Islands, specifically Resto, and now is participation in the challenge.


Username: Gracidea Name: Carrena Amber Vale Age: 18 Background: A tough trainer from the Unova Region, Carrena was raised in the small town of Nuvema. She longs to join the International Police, the organization that her father was in before he passed away while on an assignment. Appearance:


Art by Hexel of Carrena done in an Animal Crossing Style
Not shown, Houndoom Burn on her upper left arm. She usually wears long sleeves to hide it. She's a blonde with blue eyes since you don't really get to see that either Personality: Carrena is somewhat brave and a tiny bit reckless, but is honestly a kind soul. She loves Pokémon, hers or wild ones and will usually step up to help them if they're being mistreated. Pokémon (starting team): Thorn (Serperior, Starter from Unova), Angel (Riolu), Maybe a starter on the islands? Carrena's Full Team Other: Is extremely Cynophobic (afraid of dogs) due to being burned on her left arm by a Houndoom's Fire Fang attack. This resulted in the burn resembling a bite mark. Sample roleplay:


"Come on Thorn! Keep it up!" The young female called out to her serpentine starter. The two were practicing a new move a tutor had taught them, Grass Pledge, that was supposedly a combo move to be used with two similar moves, Fire Pledge and Water Pledge. After finally getting a handle on the move, the two plopped down in exhaustion. They could practice more later. For now, they could rest for a while.


Username: Gracidea Name: Reve Age: 18 Background: A young man from Striaton City in Unova. Reve is the son of the scientist, Fennel and was her assistant until he met Carrena. The duo originally met when Fennel asked for Carrena to gather some Dream Mist for her research, where they rescued a Munna who was being tormented by a couple Team Plasma grunts. After the battle with the two grunts, Reve captured the Munna and it became his "Starter". He traveled with Carrena afterwards through Unova and the two eventually split ways after Carrena left for a trip to Kalos. He decided to visit Rorie after hearing about their strange league style. Appearance: Reve has dark black hair and blue eyes. He mostly wears outfits in shades of grey, as he doesn't like wearing bright colors due to him thinking it brings attention to himself. Personality: Reve is a bit of a scaredy cat, and is easily startled. He can seem a bit sarcastic at times, but he's usually not rude about it. He's also quite intelligent, and Pokémon (starting team): Murshurna (Moonlithe-Aka: Moony/Female) Altaria (Constanza/Female) Reve's Full Team Other: Reve had a crush on Carrena at one point, but he partially got over it after realizing she didn't feel the same. He still gets a little nervous around her though. He also has no idea she's here. Sample roleplay:

Reve's Sample

Quiet... The word sounded great in his mind, but he could never find it in reality. Currently, he was in Pinwheel Forest, hoping for relief from the constant buzz of the nearby Calistia City, but with the forest so close to Skyarrow Bridge, he could still here traces of society... The boy sighed and plopped down and looked around the area, then releasing his Altaria. The bird gave a happy chirp, then fluttering over and landing on his lap. She then began humming loudly, much to Reve's annoyance.


Username:SnivyQueen15 Name:Shoyoko Age:14 Background:Shoyoko originally lived in the distant Johto reigon, but around 10 years into her life she moved to the Rorie Islands for her parnets comfort. She lives there peacefully alongside her Palpitoad and Swellow, but wanted to get a extra partner from the lab on Rorie Island. So her parents let her sign up for the Rorie League.Her Swellow is mainly interested in battling, and her Palpitoad got himself into Contests. So Shoyoko signed up for both to please her partners. Appearance:


Personality:Shoyoko is a fairly nervous person, but gained a fair bit of confidence after rescuing a wild Tympole and Tailow, of which her parents let her keep and evolve into the partners she had today. She never let others, people or pokemon alike suffer in any way. A gentle soul like hers makes her think contests could be a little bit easier for her. But not battling. Pokémon (Starting Team):Poyoko(Palpitoad), Shelia(Shiny Swellow) and Blade(Treecko).

Shoyoko's team

Shoyoko's Full Team Other:I hope this will be fun! Sample roleplay:The harsh wind blew fiercly as the girl ran through the oncoming hurricane.Everything was blurred because of the rain, plus the rough,20mph wind. Her heart pounded with each drop of rain that fell."Come on! K-keep going!"Was all she could hear whilst she ran, hunting for shelter from this extremely dangerous threat....


Username:SnivyQueen15 Name:Kylie Faith Age:13 Native or visitor:Native Appearance:Kylie is almost always seen in a pink/green dress with white silk on it. Her headband has her mothers first Ribbon on it, the Tough Normal Rank ribbon. She keeps it to remind her of when her mother lived in Hoenn. Pokémon(starting team):Flurry(Cyndaquil), Striker(Hawlucha). Kylie's Full Team Personality:Kylie is a bit of a nervous person. However, her lifelong goal is to get a pokemon and make sure she won't get bullied again. Background:Kylie was born on Ornitan Island in late summer, and is rumored her mother is a relative of the Indelgy Island gym leader. Kylie dislikes such a important role as she is meant to be the replacement when he quits. Kylie proved her point by saying she was going to win the contest section of the league and has never gave up on that goal. Other:np. Sample roleplay:Stuck in a tight room, the girl stared out over a vast horizon, wishing with all her heart her father would return safe from the war.


Username: SnivyQueen15 Name: Tammy "Crash" Gregon Age: 14 Native or visitor: She's native to Indelgy Island. Appearance: A girl with a large blonde afro with a pink cap to keep it under, a blue t-shirt and a fluffy white skirt. She also wears yellow pumps. Pokémon (starting team): Delia, Shiny Swablu. She's very shy and can't keep up with her trainer most of the time, so uses her hair as a next most of the time. She's planning on getting another Pokemon from the professors lab. Tammy's Full Team Personality: Tammy is a eager teenager who has a passion for battling as much as she loves eating; she makes a opportunity out of this as she's a master chef and helps run her mother's bakery in Hilltop. Her biggest ambition is to beat her islands Gym so she can work her way around the archipelago and try to win the league. Background: She was born on Indelgy Island and lived with her mother and father, and still does. But 6 years ago, she ended up finding a injured Altaria on the island so healed it, since her father was a doctor and taught her his ways, and kept it until the birds owner found them and she was given a egg by the lady. When it hatched, it revealed a golden Swablu. Since then, they kept a strong bond and trained hard to try to become a great trainer. Other: See top. Sample roleplay: "Hahah! That all you got, punk?", the trainer yelled. "Absol! Charge up your Razor Wind!" The female ranted back. "Unlikely! Bannete! You ready to give it a shot?" The Bannete nods back before the lady pushes back her hair to reveal a key stone welded into a earring. The male responds by unzipping his jacket to show a key stone of his own wedged on his zipper. The two burst into a powerful yell. "Mega evolve!", they both tell before the two Pokemon burst with energy. The Absol's fur tuft is blown aside, revealing a Absolite on a iron headband. The Bannete also burst into a powerful state as it's Bannetite that was on its zip burst into a blinding light. The power was too much for them to handle; the minute the battle ended they would surely both collapse. That's what I can tell.


Username: SnivyQueen15 Name: Kathrin Galudra Age: 13 Native or visitor: Native [Ornitan] Appearance: Has a blue jacket, deep blue jeans, blue sneakers and blonde hair. Yeah, she likes blue. Rarely wears a gorgeous white dress. Has a phone so she can view events going on. Pokémon (starting team) Hajin Female Knows: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun. Kathrin's Full Team Personality: Super sassy on the outside, yet feminine deep down. You nearly never see her like that. Background: She was born and grew up normally, and that's basically it. She caught Hajin, her Squirtle, after it was found loitering near the Gym with a handful of pastries. The mischievous turtle came along with her, to her relief. Sample roleplay: After sneaking around the back, Kathrin noticed a small Squirtle, quietly chowing down on stolen pastries. "Huh... rounded circles on the shell? Must be a girl. AHA!" She pounces on it, and the Squirtle panics. She eventually gets up and the two return whatever pastries weren't eaten.


Username: Snowysun Name: Milian Clark Age: 17 Native or visitor: Visitor from Johto Appearance: He has light brown hair that is swept to the right in the front and jutting out at his neck. His hair fluffs up quite a bit, adding a tiny bit to his okay height of 5' 9" (175 cm). Milian's wardrobe consists of dull and muted colors with simplistic designs. He also carries a pair of oval black sunglasses to protect his dark brown eyes, although they're usually perched on his head. He has never been seen wearing shorts. Pokémon (starting team): A female noctowl, Polly, given to Milian when he was young by his parents as a Hoothoot. A few years later, Polly evolved to the form she is now today. She's a vain and conceited bird who chooses to compete with only the most worthy of opponents - that is, the ones who'd lose to her. Due to Milian's terrible aim with pokeballs and Polly's violent attitude, so far she is the only pokemon he owns. Personality: Milian is friendly and peaceful. He enjoys living in the moment and making memories, leading to his love and skill for photography. He has a large collection of photos from throughout his life along with other souvenirs from places he has visited. However, he finds he can get too attached or clingy to people and will act aloof to spare some heartbreak, such as avoiding new friends he's made. Background: Milian was originally born in Snowbelle City in Kalos but moved to Scarlet City in Johto when he was 11. Then, at 16 years old, he decided to visit the Rorie League for a while and try his luck in the contest halls and gyms. Other: Has a white sling bag he usually carries around. Most notable item in it is his camera. Sample roleplay:

Sample that involves a Completely Unrelated Character

Gretchen looked up at her window, the curtains swaying gently in the wind. An ocean breeze had filled her room, invading every corner with its salty sea scent, until it reached her nose, dispersing. She had lived on the coast for years now. It was all she knew. Everyone was aware of that - even the cowardly wimpod who were so used to her presence, they'd happily scurry up to her feet! Although, that may have been because she never stepped on them. Nevertheless, she thought it had been her perfect evidence - her move in a not-so-complicated game of chess on whether Gretchen Shyrie shall move or not. Interrupting her thoughts, her brother gave his two cents about their situation, poking his head into her room. "Gretchen! What the hell? IT'S 3:00 PM. WE ARE LITERALLY LEAVING IN 30 MINUTES." "SHUT UP MARSHAL!" Gretchen shouted back between heavy, loud, and worse of all, gross sobs. "JUST LEAVE ME HERE!" She wiped her face with her sleeve. "Alright, drama queen." Marshal replied, his voice reverberating along the hallway. Was he actually about to leave her? He heard his footsteps - very loud ones, similar to a mudsdale - gradually fading into the distance and eventually descending down the stairs. Gretchen let out another bawl with the incoming realization she wouldn't have a room upstairs anymore. Marshall sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. Maybe if he caught a pokemon for Gretchen, would she be satisfied? Mom would chew him out if he didn't get her out of her room in the next 10 minutes and even more if her belongings weren't packed up yet. They weren't actually leaving in 30 minutes, at least. Rummaging through their boxes as discreetly as possible, he found a few ultra balls and made his way outside. Gretchen would enjoy the company of a few wimpods, right?


Username: theespetales Name: Cassandra Coreen Faye Age: 13 Background:: Cassandra was born to the Mayor of Ever Grande city in Hoenn. Her mom was a Professional Cook and she wants to follow in her Mom's footsteps. When she heard about the Rorie League she decided to make herself more famous and win it. Appearance: Cassandra Personality: Cassandra is a very spoiled child. She's also very vain, arrogant, stubborn, and whiney. The younger sibling of Cash and Older sister of Clarisse. She's very disrespectful. Pokémon (starting team): Blaziken, Ninetales, Frosslass All female except blaziken Other: She aslo likes Gary Sample roleplay: "EWWW! GET IT OFF ME! GET THAT UGLY BUG OFF ME! IT'S RUINING MY HAIR! CASH!" Cassandra wailed.


Username: theespetales Name: Cash Cadmus Faye Age: 15 Background:: Cash is Cassandra's and Clarisse's older brother. He's very laid back and chill. He is also very lazy. He want's to become part of the elite four and become a gym leader. However, he is verry different from Cassandra and doesn't even like to acknoledge his father's importance. He's just in Rorie to support Cassandra. Ok, mabye not Appearance: Cash Personality: He's very laid back and chill. He is also very lazy. However he really loves his sisters. Pokémon (starting team): Sceptile, Shelgon, and a Breloom. All male Other: He has the right to call Cassandra 'Sasster'. (I can't put Clarisse in the roleplay cause I didn't have permission from the owner) Sample roleplay "Relax Cassandra. It's only a Caterpie. Remeber? Gary showed you one of them?" Cash said calmy while taking the Caterpie off of Cassandra.


Username: RadiantRiptide Name: Scarlet Magia Nickname: Red Age: 16 Native or visitor: Visitor Appearance: wavy crimson hair, green eyes, & athletic build. she usually wears a hoodie and leggings Pokémon (starting team): Flygon (Hikoshi), Leafeon (Sakura), and Riolu (Hasuki) Personality: She's cocky and stubborn, but has a fun side if you're her friend. She's the kind of person to pull a typhlosions tail and tell everyone to run. Background: She's an average kid from Hoenn who wanted to be a pokemon master. Though having moved away from the childish dream she still trains with her pokemon. She once fought a machamp and lost just to say that she "wrestled a machamp". Her three pokemon are all rescues from bad owners. Hikoshi was found in an underground pokemon fighting club that was known for pokemon dying in the ring. When Scarlet was just 7 she ran in and rescued Hikoshi as a trapinch from the ring, managing to outrun and hide from the angry owner. Sakura was just an eevee at the time and was the subject of a lot of rock throwing and pokemon attacks by local teens because of the birth defect that gave her a pink tail tip. Scarlet has Hikoshi use sandstorm to scare the teens away and catch the eevee, who later evolved into a leafeon with the same pink tail tip. Hasuki was owned by an abusive trainer who Scarlet fought in the woods, after seeing the treatment of the riolu she took the pokemon by force and got it to a pokemon center. Other: I'm that one person who's online perpetually, send a message and I'm probs here. Sample roleplay: (its plenty longer than casual rp, I usually do 3-5 lines) it's a bright and sunny day as Scarlet walks down the path toward her next badge. She was eager to get going so she could get to the pokemart to stock up on great balls. Suddenly, a man walks up beside her "hey girly, bet my pokemon could cream yours." Scarlet laughs as she pulls out Hikoshi and sakura's pokeballs, "they can try." They both send out their pokemon, Scarlet sending out Hikoshi. The flygon towers over both trainers, its large wings spread wide. The man sends out a riolu who takes one look at the ground/dragon type and runs the other way. The male then kicks the small blue pokemon back toward the flygon. "Get back over there you useless creature!" Scarlet glares, walking to the fighting type and picking it up. After close examination it seems like it hasn't been taken to a pokemon center, rather the trainer just waits for them to wake up and sends them back out. Through gritted teeth she growls, "get the hell out of here, you don't deserve a pokemon." The man takes a step forward, but is met with a large tornado made by Hikoshi. He spits before running off, not caring about the riolu. Scarlet sighs, "let's get you to a pokemon center buddy."

Lauren Westwind

username: Sabrina723 name: Lauren Westwind Age: 20 Native or Vistor: Native


fc: chiho sasaki from the devil is a part timer

Pokémon (starting team)

name: Lanny male ability: volt absorb level: 27 nature: jolly her first pokemon raised from an egg moves: thunderbolt, surf, psybeam, agility name: nessie female ability: water absorb level: 32 nature: timid Her first wild pokemon caught in the region. moves: surf, thunderbolt, psychic, body slam Lauren's Full Team
Personality: She loves the ocean, any any body if water. She is very wild and untameable just like the ocean. She is very sweet but will do anything to protect her pokemon. She loves singing and dancing. She hates veggies and grass pokemon. She can be a bit to passionate about water and duel type pokemon. History: She was born at sea litteritly. Her mother and father were on a cruse ship when she was born. she has been raised around all her mom and dads pokemon. at age 9 just before she would start her journey. She found an egg hiding it from her parents and raised it. Thats how she got her starter Lanny. She grew up on Resto Island. Other: Nothing else. Sample Roleplay: Luaren was at a beach near the ocean. She had a cute red and black one peice on. She was olaying in the water with her lanturn. Her lanturn she named light. Light was swimming around having fun blowing bubbles from the water at her.

Kenith Kelly

username: Sabrina723 name: Kenith Kelly age: 17 Native

Pokémon (starting team)

Personality: He is more quiet. He loves pokemon much more than people. He loves his job and this region. He also loves working with his father. However he is very hotheaded at times and when he gets mad he can lose his temper. History: He was born outside of this region in the honnen region. His father who is a pokemon ranger was transfered to this region. Hes been here since then and is now a ranger as well as a coordiantor. other: Lotad was his starter then Elekrike, and numel is his newest pokemon. Kenith's Full Team

Kira Hunter

username: Sabrina723 name: Kira Hunter age: 17 native


fc: hajime from hamatora

Pokémon (starting team)

personality: shes very sweet a bit to naive though. She loves exploring and can get a bit too hyper. history: she has grown up here and looks up to the johnsons. She loves flying type but she also likes pokemon that are duel type, not one single pokemon on her team does she plan on not having duel types. other: she thinks blake is hot. she goes for gym badges and ribbons. rp sample:

Zane Zangari

username: Sabrina723 name: Zane Zangari age: 14 vistor


fc: from mystic messanger

Pokémon (starting team)

personality: He hates rich people with a passion. He loves fire and dragon type. He tends to baby his pokemon except for Terk his starter. history: He is from a rich family in alolan however he hated the pressure his parents put on him. so at age 8 just a year after finding an injured Turtonator. Snuck on a boat runnign away with terk his turtanator. He ended up meeting a traveling curcis. It was there he learned the art if fire dancing. He then ended up traveling here and has decided to go on a pokemon journey here. other: is a fire dancer for his job and for fun. rp sample:

The plot so far

past events

Part 1 After all the trainers reached Mesperit City and disembarked the ferry that had brought them there, they went their seperate ways. Anita went to Lilan Town and pick up a starter from professor Maple in Lilan Town, she got there by accepting a lift from professor Andy, which she might have regretted afterwards. She choose a Totodile as her starter. Both Don and Nettie also made their way to professor Maple and received their starters, a Cyndaquil and a Littleo respectively. Don left pretty quickly and ran into Carol in the forest. Nettie and Anita stayed and battled with their new Pokémon Shelia and Linda had chased an Umbreon from Mesperit city to a house in the forest, where an old man lives. After a battle Shelia caught the Umbreon and they left to go towards Lilan Town. Shortly after Carol and Don pick up a note dropped by a Noctowl reading 'Help me, I'm held against my will at professor Maple's lab!' As Don and Carol are about to help the mysterious sender of the note, Shelia and Linda arrive at the scene and surprised them by shouting 'Boo'. This resulted in a chaotic battle that lead to a fire! Luckily Anita was willing to sent her Totodile ahead after Andy asked that and his Butterfree took the Totodile there. In the mean time Linda returned to the old man and he sent his Pelipepper to put out the flames. Now that everything is settled down, they might be able to pay some attention to the note that had been dropped. Part 2 Don has heroically come to Andy's aid and rescued him (from writing a report...) and instead of celebrating the'rescue' with hamburgers, Andy has asked Don to go on a quest for him. Hana is in Mesperit City and has battled and caught a Buizel wth her new Chikorita. Anita and Nettie have just realized that the first gym is in Mesperit City, the same city they had left after arriving on the ferry! Now they are going to travel back from the lab in Lilan Town to Mesperit City Linda and Shelia have engaged in a friendly battle somewhere in the forest between the two cities. Part 3 Don and Hannah have left to complete 'a task of utter importance', which is to bring some special potions to the gym leader in Mesperit City. Linda and Shelia have concluded their battle and Shelia won. Hana and Heston have made their way to Lilan Town after Hana managed to catch a Buizel. Anita and Nettie are waiting for the bus to take them back to Mesperit City. Blain has reached the lab, but has not entered it yet. Aries and Nicole have received their starters from professor Maple, while Aries is pleased with his new Pokémon, Nicole has discovered her Pichu has somewhat of an attitude and is ready to battle. Sarah first entered the wrong lab and met briefly with Andy, but has found her way to professor Maple and has requested her official starter. Part 4 Linda and Shelia made their way to Idelgy island and spent the night there Anita and Hettie made their way to Ornitan island and spent the night there Sarah and Nicole spent the night in the Pokémon Center of Lilan Town, Sarah is now outside liiking for Pokémon Blain and Aries are travelling together. Hana and Heston are in Lilan Town while Don and Hannah are on their way to Mesperit City to deliver a package to the gym leader. Part 5 Anita is getting ready to begin her search for a Tropius. We wish her all the luck she needs! Linda has caught a Burmy, congratulations! Sarah is waiting for Nicole and then they will explore the forest around Lilan town a bit. Have fun, girls! Aries has won a battle against two wild Pokemon. Well done! Then the arrival of Gabe startled him, but they agreed to travel together. Enjoy the travel, guys! Part 6 Linda was sweeped of her feet by a Braviary and dropped on Ornitan Island with Anita. And Sarah was teleported to the island too! Absurd things happen sometimes. Aries and Gabe are having quite the adventures, first the battled a Fearow and now Gabe went after a fletchling. With an electric type! Poor Aries. They're still travelling Rhando island. Have fun, guys! I'm sure there is much more to explore. Part 7 Amazing things happened! While Linda dealt with some Wingull on Ornitan, Gabe and Aries were attacked by Spinarak on Rhando. They dealt with them and now they are on their way again. A new trainer with the name Raven arrived and she made her way to Ornitan island. Sarah is there, playing a lovely song on her flute after training with her Pokémon. Ah, how long can the serenity last? Night time! Noemi, Gabe and Aries have chosen a place to camp and Noemi is making what seems to be a delicious stew. At the same time, Raven and Sarah got a room in a Pokémon Center. Raven left the building though, I wonder where she is going. Part 8 After Noemi, Gabe, Ravan and Sarah discovered a fire in a building and helped put it out, they were invited for a breakfast at shore by the gym leader Alana Landrieu. They're all on their way again, Sarah and Raven traveled in one direction and Gabe and Noemi in the other. Now Gabe and Noemi ran into a new trainer, Drew. On top of that, it seems like it's starting to rain. After a conversation with an old man in the Pokémon Center, Gabe, Noemi, Drew and Dante are heading out in the rain to look for a dangerous Golduck. The group (Dante, Drew, Euan, Gabe, Noemi) has encountered a dangerous wild Golduck and are attempting to stop it. Part 9 The Golduck has been brought to the gym and the trainers are taking shelter there. One of them had the courage to challenge the gym leader. Whether he is skilled enough to win, that remains to be seen. On the bright side, the clouds are getting lighter and it's raining less now. There was also a minor tremor on Resto island, the trainers there have felt it. It could be nothing, but the sound of an underground explosion that sounded afterwards and the bit of smoke curling up from the volcano are a bit more worrisome. Part 10 Two trainers have challenged Alana, the water-gym leader. Gabe lost, but Drew won. Both Dante and Euan decided not to challenge the gym leader right now. Meanwhile, Pokémon have been exploring a secret cave under the gym. Exciting! Euan and Gabe are taking the injured Froakie to the Pokémon Center A new trainer entered the gym just as Noemi challenged Alana. Rai will await her turn to battle the gym leader too and watches the battle with Drew. Dante is about to leave, but noticed the tail of his Psyduck is red. Strange. Marina and Serina are walking around on Ornitan, exploring the island. Carrena and Shelby arrived on Rhando and will meet professor Maple, after a busride with Andy. They'll survive, he's not driving this time (Anita did not enjoy his driving-style!) Lyra was just too late for the bus, but a Pidgeot landed in front of the busstop and the gym leader of Indegly offered her a ride. Or a flight. part 11 Noemi won a gym battle and Alana offered the trainers some tea. Dante accepted the offer and Noemi went to collect Gabe so they can join in having some tea. Drew, Dante, Noemi, Gabe and Euan are now enjoying tea and cookies and Noemi promised to bring something from Alana to the gym leader of Resto island. Carrena, Shelby, Lyra, Reve and Cassandra arrived at the lab in Lilan Town. Both Carrena and Cassandra are with professor Maple now. Reve is in the hallway, he didn't want to meet Carrena and now he fell victim to the Mean Look of a haunter. part 12 Gabe and Euan are having a friendly battle in the water gym while Rai battles the gym leader. Noemi is watching while keeping the gift for the Gym Leader on Resto Island safe. Reve, Carrena and Cash all received a starter from professor Maple and are ready to leave. Sarah, Reve, Carrena and Cash want to go to the store to stock up on supplies, after that Sarah and everyone who wants to join her go on a quest to find a big Onix and register it to the dex. Part 13 The battle at the water gym is still in progress. Shelby has picked up a starter and soon Star will have one too. Sarah, Reve and Carrena have met Shoyoko at the cave where Reve will catch a Gligar to enter the Contest in Mesperit City. Don't worry you all, Andy will get you there in time. Noemi, Gabe, Kylie, Crimson, Cash and Cassandra are on Resto, where a tremor has occurred. Part 14 Rai won her battle at the water gym and brought an injured Wingull to the Pokémon Center, where Milian also arrived. Shoyoko, Carrena and Andy, together with their Pokémon, rescued a scientist from a web. The met up with Reve and Sarah, Reve caught his Gligar and now they are on their way to Mesperit City to do a contest. On Resto, Gabe, Kylie and Noemi have gone on the Resto Rapidash Tour, that will bring them to the entrance of the Resto gym.
After Shoyoko won the contest on Rhando, everyone started to settle down for the night. Gabe, Kylie and Noemi spent the night in the Resto Gym. Sarah, Cass Morning came and Zane went to get his starter, Scarlet and Kira reached the Flying gym. Lauren and Kenith are in the wild meeting new Pokémon. Cassandra and Cash are waking ip, just like Sarah, Carrena and Reve. Let's see what this day will bring.

Gym Battle and Contest Winners

Drew: obtained Rorie Water Badge Noemi: obtained the Rorie Water Badge Rai: obtained the Rorie Water Badge Shoyoko: Obtained the Ground Ribbon
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Inactive characters These characters were once part of the Rorie League, but dropped out for various reasons. The information is saved here for when people want to return to the RP


Username: Panda Character name: Shelia Age: 12 Appearance: A young girl, with a long brunette wavy hair, black and white tight t-shirt, an eevee cap, and short dark blue jean pants, with black and white sneakers, her eyes are sea green, and she wears bracelet with a glaceon charm hanging from it. She looks like this (Sprite made by Alix-chan) History:She used to live in an unregistered city in Sinnoh, before deciding to leave home and have her own adventure, with her beloved starter, Sasha the Glaceon. Personality: Tomboyish, energetic and really likes to run. She also could be childish sometimes, and is often clumsy. She really is outgoing and easygoing with people, and really likes to chat, sometimes, when nervous, she tends to speak really fast, and by fast, really fast. She is also kind of smart, and knows many things about pokemon. Pokemon A female glaceon named Sasha, who really is the exact same personality like her owner. Other:


Username: Panda Name: Nettie Age: 13 History: She used to live somewhere in Johto. In her whole life, she was bought up in a farm, which takes care of fire types, making her a love and constantly favor fire types. Her whole family would own a fire type. She always wanted to be a fire type gym leader, but her mother pushed her to Rorie to get some experience there, before going to a Gym leader academy somewhere in Kalos. Appearance: She has fiery red hair, and very green eyes. She wears a normal plain white t-shirt, with a picture of a smiley face and the letters 'Smile' on it and short blue jeans. Her shoes are black and white boots. Sometimes, she would also wear a cowhide pattern jacket on windy days. A hat would also be present sometimes. Personality: She is really intelligent, with the IQ of 200. But unfortunately, she is really really clumsy, and has a habit of dropping stuff or knocking things down by accident. But she also has the bad habit of forgetting things. To other people, she's happy to help, and nice. To a best friend she would stay really loyal. Her favorite thing is open air and fields. Pokémon: Her starter and best friend is a little female Litleo named Savannah who is really shy and a little introvert. And she also owns a Vulpix, a pokemon from one of the farms at home, named Eri. Who is very beautiful, but a pure tomboy. Password: (Read the rules!) Other: There we go.


Username: Solluxader Name: Kelsey Age: 11 History: He used to live in in Undella town, at some point deciding to go out on a Pokemon adventure with his brother. Appearance: Kelsey is short for his age, standing at hardly 4'6", with shoulder length ginger hair, that has a few braids here and there. His eyes are dark brown. He's covered in freckles. He wears a pink hoodie that's too big for him so that he can grow into it. His pants are normal blue jeans, and his shoes are brown. He has a pair of black, wire-framed glasses. It's easy to mistake him for a girl. Personality: He's very shy, though he doesn't come off as the cute kind of shy. When approached, he'll initially show disdain for whoever came up to him, and be, very blatantly, a huge jerk. He's quick to stop doing that, but not everyone could tolerate him for that long. Pokémon: A male Torchic named Sky. He's a sweet Torchic in general, but, from time to time, will go out of his way to annoy Kelsey. Other:


Username: Solluxader Name: Xander Age: He's 15 minutes older than Kelsey. History: Same as Kelsey Appearance: Xander is 4'9", and looks nothing at all like his younger twin. Xander is a brunette, with his hair cut short, and bangs that cover his left eye. His eyes are bright blue. He's kind of pale. He wears a black sweater, along with a pair of blue jeans that have a tear on the right knee. He wears red converse. Personality: Xander is egotistical, which can make getting along with people kind of hard. Despite that, he does genuinely care for the people he's around, and any Pokémon that he sees. He's loved art ever since he was a little kid,and has developed a good amount of talent in drawing, something he takes pride in. Pokémon: Female Riolu named Eris, she's very playful and childish. Other:


Username:Secret910 Name:Linda Age:11 History:She once lived at Unova but stayed with her grandparents at Kanto because her parents died. She found Leaf near her house before she stayed with her grandparents. Appearance:Linda has a short black hair. Her skin is a little bit dark and she is thin. She wears a purple sleeved shirt and blue trousers. She also wears a white jacket with pattern of flowers. Personality: She is sensitive and can ce sarcastic to. She can't really control her emotion at times. She can clumsy to. Despite that, she is caring and has a good relationship with Leaf. Pokémon: A male snivy named Leaf. He can be annoying sometimes and likes to eat a lot. He also lhas a good relationship with its trainer even though being teased by Linda. Other:


Username:Kursaal Name:Ley Age: 16 History:Born into a average family in Kanto, Leys life was uneventful, that was until one fateful day when he recieved his starter pokemon: a Purrloin he affectionatly called blacky, and that day marked the beginning of his journey, hearing rumours of the Rorie League he took the oppertunity to better himself Appearance:ley is a medium sized, pale but slightly skinny boy,he has freckles covering his body and he has dark brown eyes with matching hair that extends down just past his ribcage, which he often ties into a ponytail, he mostly is seen wearing a blue denim jacket on top of a white t shirt and a silver chain necklace, below He wears a blue pair of jeans and dark purple canvas shoes Personality:Ley is a kindhearted person, although he can be sarcastic and lazy however he will go to any length to help his friends and gives them complete loyalty, he is shy and nervous around new faces but quickly warms up to Them. Although he is also part blind in his right eye Pokémon: male purrloin called Blacky.Blacky is a very friendly pokemon and is great friends with Ley, they are pretty inseperable and always try to be there for the other, he is often found outside his pokeball riding on Leys shoulder or walking beside him. Other:


Username: WolfOfProphecys Name: Tony Holmes Age: 15 History: Born into a rather abusive family, Tony's life has been eventful to say the least. It was only a few years ago, when he was around 13, that he managed to get away from his family. It is because of them that he has his scars. He managed to run from them, but ended up alone and trying to look after himself on the streets for the more recent years, before he finally decided to become a trainer, meeting his faithful Shinx, Ky. The two have protected each other since, and he took the opportunity to go for the league. Appearance: Tony is around 5ft 5, though usually seems shorter due to his slumped shoulders when he tries to make himself less noticeable. He has pitch black, spiky hair, which is usually only styled by him running his fingers through it in a nervous fashion. His eyes are both forest green, but seem to hold a hint of fear in their gleam Personality:Tony is a quiet and shy person, who can't stand physical contact because of his past. However, the only creature he will allow contact with is Ky(Shinx), Ace(Vulpix), and Ash(Growlithe) . Any friend he has, which currently is only Ky, he will protect with his life, and will not allow anyone to harm Pokémon: Ky is Tonys starter, and a Shinx. He is a male, and is highly over protective of Tony, Ace and Ash. Ace is a Vulpix, found by Tony in the wild. He is a male, and is the eager fighter of the group, always willing to fight first. Ash however, is the opposite. She is the only female in the group, and is a blind Growlithe. Even blind she can fight well enough, but is usually protected by Ky and Ace


Username :antou343326 Name: Anita Aguero Age: 16 History: Anita's hometown is Mossdeep. She spent most of her life there and in Fortree when she visited her grandparents and their Tropius. Her papi an her mami passed away when she was 10 and 15, respectively. When the last one died, she inherited their Tropius. She now feels completely lost without him, as it is the only thing she has of them. Anita decided to compete in the Rorie League because she felt she needed to do an adventure of her own. She also wanted to join Pokémon battles. She's sure she's made for them. Appearance: Anita is a petite 4'11'' teenager who could be blown away by a strong wind. She looks younger than her age, giving her an innocent look. Her eyes are dark brown, as are her hair. It goes to the end of her back and are often braided. She has an Olive skin tone. She usually wears green cored shirts tied under her belly button with jean shorts and running shoes. Personality: Anita can be described as a firecracker. She may be small, but she has a lot in her. She's also one to hold a grudge, and she WILL remember it for a long time. To top that, she is susceptible. Ypu can also add impatience to her list of defaults. I almost forgot, Anita is quick to judge. So get on her good side, she is likeable and fun to hang with then. Pokémon: "Trop", the male Tropius. He is very calm and grounded, the oposite of Anita. She very rarely use him to fight. Trop is very protective of Anita. "Pris(tich[amps])" the male Totodile. He is her fighter, with a similar personality to her but in less intense for say. Other: Anita will often call you "chico" or "chica". Another thing to know is that she HATES to be picked on because of her size. It will piss her off.


Username: SoaringRaven Name: Maleck Age: 10 History: Maleck was born in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region. She was too young to remember, but her brother would often pick her up and leave her outside in the hope that some wild Pokemon would take her away. She always thought that he was just playing with her and as a result she formed a loving, one-sided relationship with her brother. Once she reached the age of ten, Joseff realized he wasn't going to be able to get rid of her and decided to try getting along with her better. He went out in the tall grass with her, caught his first Pokemon, and presented her with her new Skitty. It was this experience that made her realize that she wanted to become a Pokemon trainer. A few weeks later her brother casually mentioned the Rorie League. Maleck didn't understand how exactly it worked, but she knew she wanted in. Appearance: Maleck is a tiny girl of only 4'6" with long black hair that reaches her lower back. She has large, warm blue eyes. She wears a dark maroon shirt and shoes and a black skirt with matching knee-length socks. She also wears bracelets and hair clips of nearly every size and color in the rainbow. Personality: Maleck is very cheerful and inoccent of the world, unnaturally so. Her inability to see the bad in anything is what originally made her brother decide he liked her, but it is also the cause of gossip. Many people believe there's something wrong with her, Joseff included, but he doesn't see it as a disease like other people tend to. Maleck is very quick to forgive and doesn't hold any grudges. She speaks her mind without any fear, which has gotten her in trouble in the past, not that she's ever noticed. Pokémon: A female Skitty named Gypsy, given to her by her older brother. As adventurous and playful as Gypsy is, she isn't much of a fighter. She usually runs to Maleck at the first sign of danger. Other:


Username: SoaringRaven Name: Joseff Age: 17 History: Joseff was born in Lumiose City in the Kalos region. He was going to be a Pokemon trainer and received his starter Pokemon just like his friends, but not even a day into the journey he decided he was bored and gave up. Instead he hovered around the lab where he got his Froakie and snuck in at night to satisfy his curiosity. He likes to believe that he never got caught, but he knows in the back of his head that it's probably not true. He eventually learned about shiny Pokemon and decided he wanted one for himself. This led him to use his parents' two Talonflame as a breeding pair, and about a year of hard work later, he had himself his shiny Fletchling. This eventually caught the attention of Professor Sycamore, who offered him a job as a trainee assistant. Joseff eagerly accepted, but just a few months later his family moved to the Hoenn region and his baby sister arrived. To this day Joseff holds a grudge against his parents and Maleck for keeping him from becoming a "proper scientist". Appearance: Joseff has black medium-length hair that always seems to be unruly. He has icy blue eyes that are always squinting, giving him the appearance that he's glaring, but it's only because of his bad eyesight. In terms of clothing he wears a plain red shirt, brown pants, black boots, and a white jacket. He also carries around a black leather hiking backpack filled with... questionable things. No one is allowed to look into it. Personality: Joseff insists that he can't stand young children, or traveling, or getting dirty, or any of the things a Pokemon Journey entails, but it didn't take much for his sister to convince him to come along. Supposedly, the only reason he agreed to go with her was so he could learn more about the world, and that's partly true, but it's mostly because he doesn't want Maleck alone out there. His awful temper and short patience can make him an intimidating presence to strangers, especially when Maleck is involved, and he can be a bit of a creep to those he's close to, but he's easy enough to get along with. He considers himself a bit of a scientist, but he's just as street-smart as he is book-smart. He says that battling is barbaric and that it's unbecoming of a scientist to get involved in it, but he secretly adores it, maybe even more than the average trainer. Pokémon: His starter Pokemon is a male Frogadier named Fritz. Fritz is only loyal to Joseff and his sister and tends to give anyone else a hard time, apparently just for the fun of it. Joseff also owns a male shiny Fletchling named Arch. Joseff considers Arch his "greatest work" because he bred the little creature himself. Arch is a relatively docile Pokemon, maybe a bit spoiled, but he has a tendency to wander off if he gets curious about something. Other: Joseff is nearly blind without his glasses, but he's too stubborn to wear them.


Username: Lostcalls Name: Caroline Layke Age: 15 yrs History: As a young child, she always had her Pokemon around her, who were given to her by her mom. Though not having any friends, she spent most of her time with her Pokemon in the Eterna Forest, which was right outside her home. When Carol came of age to begin her journey, she left the one friend she had made behind, but she got tired of the Sinnoh region after a few years of wandering about. She wanted something interesting. The Rorie League seemed challenging, new, and a fresh challenge for her. Appearance: A wispy light skinned trainer with simple clothing, who prefers to keep it that way. She usually wears forest green or light gray T-shirts and a pair of jeans. Her most striking feature is her brown eyes, only very lightly flecked with a golden hue to match her hair. As mentioned, Carols' hair is light brown that reaches just below her chin with only one yellow dyed streak in the back. Personality: Carol is a curious and open girl, and not afraid to show it. Absolutely nothing is a secret between her, and if there is, it must be very serious. Being curious as she is, this leads to being frightened easily as a mouse, and is especially a wimp around poison types. Despite having a cheerful personality, she has problems trusting new people. If you manage to befriend her, she'll be there until the end. Pokémon: Species: Staraptor Nickname: Wick Gender: Male Personality: Calm and has a strong love for his trainer, Carol, and is protective of her. This said, he almost never isn't near Carol, or in his Pokeball with her. He is rather quiet for a bird Pokemon though, and hardly ever chirps unless someone is threatening Caroline. Otherwise, he is rather kind and respective of personal space. Species: Ivysaur Nickname: Iance Gender: Female Personality: Iance is almost the exact opposite of Wick, she loves to battle and is a tad reckless. Despite this, she still likes her trainer as much as any. Due to her differences with Carols other Pokemon, they usually end up fighting if out together. She can be dramatic and attentive, and no matter how much she overreacts, Carol still loves her.


Username: Kingofepic Name: Donovan DeGrue Age: 16 History: Donovan grew up in Johto as one big failure. Never showed up to class, was way behind in terms of smarts, and really only knew the bare minimum about battling. However, that all changed when he stumbled upon what he thought was a fancy scarf in cherrygrove city. That scarf, in fact, was not a scarf, but a furret that was sleeping that Donovan took. After discovering it was a pokemon, he became a skilled battler. Er... Whatever you'd call that furrets fighting style... He's still a school dropout, still on the same level of intelligence as the ratattas his classmates had... But at least he can fight. He does have a formal starter species that actually fights now, but he thinks of the furret (who he has dubbed Dustbuster) as his true starter. Appearance: Don isn't what you'd call threateningly built... He's only about 5'7" on a good day, and a bit pudgy. He has short, unkempt brown hair, and bright green eyes. He's fair skinned, and usually has Dustbuster around his neck. He wears a red coat with blue jeans and some beat up sneakers that were red at some point, but have faded so much they look grey and white in places. Personality: Despite all these negatives, Don has the most overblown confidence you've ever seen. He truly believes that he is the shit and wants everyone to know it, by doing what he does best. Using Dustbuster to throw things repeatedly at pokemon (it'll make sense when you see his moves.) He does have a genuine care for pokemon, but that's about it... Your Pokemon, your property, and even your face should be wary when he picks a fight with you. Pokémon: Dustbuster the Furret (male, extremely laid back, loves naps, moves are Fling, Thief, Recycle, and Switcheroo.) Virgil the Cyndaquil (male, a nervous wreck around other people, but otherwise pretty calm and staid... Needless to say he and Don don't get along as well... Moves are Tackle, Leer, and Ember.) Other: Don HATES people who talk negatively about dustbuster's fighting style. So don't do it.


Username: HoneyCombee Name: Heston Crowley Age: 16 History: Heston lived in the Sinnoh region in Eterna City. As a child, he always had an unusual habit of sleeping in Eterna Forest and even exploring the haunted chateau within, once or twice. He has always been seen as somewhat cursed because of it - not many children were willing to play with him because he was "tall, scary and plays with ghosts". Heston never actually played with ghosts once - the closest he got to playing with a ghost was getting chased through Eterna Forest by a Gastly, and he wasn't playing, let me tell you that. Appearance: A very tall teenager with very messy, shoulder-length black hair and cold, grey eyes. He's very gangly and stands at a rather large six foot, often slouching to pull in his frame to appear, well, smaller and less intimidating. His attire consists of a white turtleneck, a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans and black boots. He wears a small bag. Personality: He seems like an introvert. Heston's quiet, appears painfully shy and quiet. Really, he just minds his own business, and is not afraid to pipe up with a few words if he needs to. He has a pretty dark sense of humour at times, and what he says can seem a bit hurtful, but he tries not to hurt people. If he says something grim, he probably didn't mean it. Pokémon: His starter is a female Piplup nicknamed Duchess. She carries the typical nature of a Piplup - very egocentric, often showing off and very infuriating. Duchess is slightly larger than other Piplups, standing at 1'06" instead of 1'04", and weighs slightly heavier as well. Heston also has a male Budew he caught in Eterna Forest, whose nickname is Garland. Garland is a nervous wreck of a Budew who was being tormented by a Murkrow at the time of his capture. Heston promised Garland that he would keep him safe, no matter what. Simply put, Garland doesn't like attention from anyone but Heston. Other: Seems to have a certain fondness for Dark and Psychic-type Pokemon


Username: Rei Suhiko Name: Hana Ito Hisako, Nicknamed "Kichi"; meaning lucky. Age: 16 History: Hana was born in the Hoenn region unto the Hisako family, being the second born with an older brother named Koichi Momaru Hisako. Her brother is refined, wise, and yet cold with little conversation ever being given to her. Thus she grew up rather lonely. Her family was known well for battling with Psychic and grass types, and thus it was expected that each member would at least start with one of these types, if not both. On her tenth birthday, she was given a choice between some grass types that the family held dear and had specially trained to be obedient and respectful to their trainers. However, she decided to choose the pokemon with the most free will and spirit, that had no quite been molded into a simple fighting tool- Bulbasaur. At first, there was much disapproval and protest; however, her father would not have tradition be broken simply because the rest of the family disagreed with Hana's choice. So she was allowed to keep, love, and train Bulbasaur as she saw fit. However, although this pokemon grew to be strong, it was found that it had been born with a virus that prevented it from being able to grow at the pace normal pokemon of its breed would. This was only found out after her first gym battle, which turned from an expectant victory into a confused dance of defense. Her pokemon was having trouble keeping up with the attacks of the Gym pokemon, despite being quite a few levels higher. It also appeared to tired out quite quickly, forcing Hana to forfeit the match and bring the pokemon home. She had grown quite attached to Bulbasaur, and did not wish for him to be harmed any further, keeping the pokemon at home to live a quiet and peaceful life. However, her family was not particularly supportive of the idea that one of their young would not become a pokemon trainer. After much coaxing and pursuasion, as ell as assurance that her Bulbasaur would not be ill treated, Hana finally agreed to get back into battling. Since she could not use Bulbasaur in its condition, she would be sent on a trip to the Rorie Islands. Along the way she would be taught about the pokemon that lived there and what starters she could find in the area, what was allowed in the Leagues as opposed to the gyms; everything she would need to become a successful pokemon trainer. And when she returned from the Rorie Islands, she could begin taking on the Gyms of the Hoenn region to enter the official pokemon league. And... return to her Bulbasaur. With this in mind, she has taken the Rorie League challenge. Appearance: Personality: Hana is well disciplined and at times can prove to appear boring, bleak, and unenergetic to some. However, beneath that well molded mask lies a girl who enjoys nature and all of its beauty. She has had much time to think, and rarely speaks. On the few occassions that she does however, her voice comes out very softly- almost as if it were a whisper. This creates a shyness and restraint from further conversation. However, if she sees something that she sees as beautiful- whether it is the personality of someone or the soft petals of a flower- she slowly melts out of that trained look and is herself for a short time. Pokémon:
Chikorita, Named "Kaoru"- meaning Fragrance
Ralts, named "Chiyo"- Meaning Eternal.
Poochyena, named "Sable"-meaning "dark".
Other: Hana has minor health issues such as asthma, but generally handles herself well. She also often wears a scarf around her neck so that when she smells something that is particularly nasty- like smoke- she can sheild her face from it. Her nose is rather sensitive, and even small puffs of smoke can make her begin to cough violently. Extra: This is my dream team for this role play ^^ I may not catch these pokemon or get any to evolve, but they are nice to think about.
Meganium, Named "Kaoru"- meaning Fragrance
Gardevoir, named "Chiyo"- Meaning Eternal.
Mightyena, named "Sable"-meaning "dark".
Floatzel named, "Izumi"- meaning spring.
Marowak named "Kaiya"- meaning forgiving.
Swellow named "Kiyoshi"- meaning soundless.
I do not claim to own or have created these sprites. They are under the ownership of Bulbapedia, Seredbi.net, and Pokefarm. The only image I claim to own is the character image for Hana.


Username: BearHugz Name: Blaine Age: 13 History: A Hoenn native. He grew up with his mother, as his father passed when he was 3. His life goal is to be a great trainer, just like his dad. Appearance: Tall, skinny, but fairly muscular. Bleach-blond hair, dyed black in the back of his head, hair is usually moppy and covers eyes most of the time. Bright green eyes. Black tanktop and white jeans, constantly has green headphones either on his neck, or using them. Various wristbands for rock bands always on his wrists, green and white Sperry's type shoes. Personality: Loyal and kind. Respectful. Pokémon: Treecko, nicknamed Blade, his loyal starter, male, very loyal, follows Blaine into any fight. Brave nature. Level 10, moves: vine whip, absorb, leer Swellow, nicknamed Swift, female, caring, doesn't like fighting if she doesn't have to. Relaxed nature. Level 8, moves: gust, steel wing Numel, nicknamed Pompeii, male, calm, hates fighting unless he's mad. Calm nature. Moves: ember, tackle, magnitude. Other: Despises the cold. Loves drawing.


Username: BluCrescentMedic Name: Aries Age: 15 History: Aries lives in Kalos with his older sister, Venhna, and their parents. Venhna is a very well known trainer, known for how well balanced her team is and how easily she can best those who aren't careful. His parents, naturally, expected him to follow in her footsteps as a great poke'mon trainer, and he tried, trust me, he tried, but as he got to the first town, he was suddenly bombarded with expectations by everyone there who knew his sister and her exploits and it got so bad that he accidentally abandoned his Helioptile in a battle and ran home. Venhna heard about what happened and found the lost Heloptile and tried to convince her brother to try again but failed as the Heloptile no longer trusted Aries and he didn't want to become a trainer if all that is expected of him is to be like his sister. Two years later, Venhna retured home with an egg, giving it to Aries, saying that if he could at least take care of this egg, he can be a good trainer. And he took good care of the egg, soon it hatched, revealing the poke'mon to be a Noibat, a Dragon/Flying type. Venhna explained that dragon types are very difficult to raise, but if he can, then he won't have to worry about expectations. He cared for his Noibat, calling it Nova, and trained it as best he could, but he was still scared about becoming a trainer in Kalos, so Venhna found a region where he could train without getting weird looks for his poke'mon, Rorie. After a bit of convincing, she got Aries on a boat to the region, and thus his adventure begins Appearance: http://sta.sh/01b4mo28ds3n Personality: Aries is a timid and shy person, very unsure of himself and a bit reluctant of things. He is not one to go into anything until he knows as much as possible about what he's getting into and prefers to have a plan or a strategy in battles, though when he losses, he can get a bit disheartened. But no matter how scared he is, he won't let anyone hurt Nova or his other poke'mon, and if anyone insults or brags, he will walk up to you and throw a punch or yell at you a lot. Oh and don't touch his bandana Pokémon: Nova: Nova is a female Noibat that was hatched from an egg that Aries' big sister gave to him. Nova has a Calm nature, resulting in her being for resistant towards special type attack moves. She is always by Aries side and will go out of her way to protect her trainer. Her moveset is Gust, Bite, Agility, and Outrage, an Egg move she got from breeding Chess: Chess is a male Chespin that was obtained from the lab in Lilian town. He has a Bold nature, resulting in him being a bit more of a defensive wall. He is also a bit reckless and well... loud. His moveset is only Growl and Tackle Other: He's scared of electric types


Username: Does Not Apply Name: Nicole Age: Fifteen years History: Nicole is a newcomer to the Pokemon Training field representing her home region of Kanto which she shows an immense amount of pride about. At first, she was more of a sports-minded girl and showed little interest into Pokemon. She lived a pleasant life in Pewter City with her parents and little brother. An active soccer and volleyball player, she earned many trophies in her favored sports which made her parents incredibly proud of her. They spoiled her and usually bailed her out of any problems. As time passed on, Nicole increasingly interested by Pokemon. Her location near the Pewter City Gym helped but as more and more of her friends left home to go on journeys of their own, Nicole wanted to start one herself. She questioned her parents and of course they were willing to support her. By the course of two months, she had collected a team of two and set off to challenge the Rorie League, hopeful to meet some familiar faces along the way. Her parents still contact her to here about her adventure. Appearance: Lean, athletic and pretty; that's Nicole. And she knows it too. Nicole's sense of confidence is very apparent from the moment you see her. She usually wears a smug expression on her slender face. Her eyes are a flaming amber and they, along with her long fiery red hair, will usually be the first thing you're drawn to. She is tall with muscular legs. Nicole hates long, baggy clothes and usually wears bright outfits with thin sleeves and shorts, which Nicole especially adores. Despite the weather, she refuses to wear normal pants. Personality: Nicole is very confident in herself. Almost too confident. Everything she does or says will be defended fiercely, rather they are rash or not. This also makes Nicole rash. Of course, this overdose of self-admiration comes with a price of vanity and cockiness, but Nicole denies that this is true. In fact, she is hesitant to accept any sort of criticism, even if it is constructive or nicely put. She isn't quick to trust others and usually relies on her own wit, which isn't bad. However, her inverted way of thinking makes her anything but a team player. This was apparent in her sports-playing days: She was fantastic but could not work well with her teammates, so she was overshadowed by less-talented players. Nicole is also very competitive and doesn't take losing too well. She has a habit of holding powerful grudges as a result. Nicole lacks an emotional tie-in with her Pokemon and can act rather harshly towards them, especially if they fail to perform well. She fails to understand yet that their abilities depend on her leadership and her stricter behavior makes them more distant towards her. Pokémon: Nicole owns two Pokemon of her own, both provided by her parents. Her Vulpix was her first and was originally bred to be a pet. However, by obtaining a license and swaying with money, he was registered as battle-worthy. Nicole's Vulpix is male and has been dubbed the nickname "Phoenix." They were bred with the Calm nature, so they cannot hit hard with physical moves. He is a slow learner with a big heart who is easy to gain affection from. He does care for Nicole but can be offended by her. Despite this, he is stubborn to stay by her side. He knows the moves Spite, Quick Attack, Ember and Fire Spin. Nicole's other Pokemon is a Swadloon named Autumn. Swadloon are mostly common in the Unova region but are much more exclusive in Kanto where they are near impossible to find. Of course, Nicole knew she was especially fortunate to find one for sale in Celadon City while her family was on vacation. She demanded it be bought for her to travel alongside her just before her journey and her parents were more than happy to purchase it for her. Autumn is treated very fondly by her Trainer and is always eager to fight. Battling is very enjoyable to her, just better than being pampered by the still-impressed Nicole. She knows Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Tackle and Protect and has a Brave nature.


Username: Enasencca Name: Serina Age: 10 History:She lived a normal life.You know,big siblings,parents..Unfortunately,things weren't so nice.With two older siblings of the same gender,she was always set with high expectations.The way Serina saw it,if she didn't do good,she'll be beaten,if she did good,it wouldn't really matter since her sisters did it first.Serina would always find an excuse to stay out the house and her town's lab was her haven.In there she befriended Casper,her starter.When she turned ten she signed up to be a trainer and chose Casper as her starter.By doing so however,she was shunned by her family.While they were utter bastards,they were still her family,and she felt rather betrayed.The town's professor offered Serina,who by that time saw her as a father figure more then her actual father,a place in the lab.Serina is travelling to Ornitan Island currently,but she knows that she has a place to go back to now. Appearance:Here,made by kiieatspocky,here Personality:She is laid back easy going,and childish.She rarely holds a grudge for more than a day.When angry or determined,she can be manipulative and sneaky,tricking you to do what she wants.This side rarely comes out,except in dire situations such as lying herself out of trouble..She loves pranking people randomly.Due to the lack of friends growing up,she sometimes don't know how to socialize,what some actions might mean or what a personal space is. Pokémon: Casper,an Oshawott who is her starter.Knows Water Gun,Air slash and Dig.Casper is incredibly protective over Serina.He can be a bit arrogant at times,but luckily Serina keeps him grounded. Other: -Easily cold,hence the winter hoodie.She never feels hot in it,even if it's sunny -Scared of thunder and lightning,but ironically loves the rain -She sniffs when nervous -Could care less about appearance -Sweet tooth,but prone to sugar rushes -Easily gets sick on transportation -Very high metabolism.As in,give her a tower of food and her weight will only increase a bit


Username: PokecraftCat Name: Raven X (Refuses to reveal her last name) Age: 13, but acts much older History: Raven is an orphan with no family to speak of. She was brought up at an orphanage in Unova and escaped it when she was 8. She encountered a shiny Eevee shortly after and it joined her as her partner. She named the Eevee Silver and he is her favorite Pokémon. Raven got a job at the Striaton Gym, helping Cilan, Cress and Chili with the Café. She left that job when she was 10 and traveled around through Kanto, Johto and a couple other regions as well. She recently decided to join this league because she is wanted for theft, Pokémon stealing and a number of other things in Unova, Kanto AND Kalos. She left her regular Pokémon team (Except her Luxray) so that she could come here. Her regular team: Shiny Eevee named Silver, Shiny Charizard named Blackfire, Espeon, Umbreon, Luxray and Serperior. Appearance: Raven is about 5'5" and has long black hair that falls a little past her waist. Her eyes are bright green and piercing and her smile tends to make most people very suspicious. She is quite pretty, but doesn't care about her appearance too much. Raven wears a black tank top and black tights under a red skirt. She wears a hooded black cloak with a silver buckle that matches the silver buckles on her tall black boots. Raven carries her Pokeballs clipped to a belt as well as a few potions and such. Personality: Raven is brutal, she had to be to survive on her own but under that layer she can be very sweet and has a playful side that she keeps hidden. Everything Raven says is very calculated and sly until you get to know her. She has a general mistrust of all other human beings, but believes that all Pokémon are good. Pokémon: Eevee, Name: Evoli, Gender: Female, Personality: Sweet and fun loving but quick to anger and ridiculously charming Luxray, Name: Amber, Gender: Female, Personality: Brave, loyal and serious. Amber has bailed Raven out of many tight spots Starter: Charmander, Name: Drayce, Gender: Male, Personality: Quiet, calm and fiercely protective though he loves to play with Evoli Extra team members caught throughout the RP: Beedril


Username: Sapphiremage9339 Name: Sapphire Age: 16 Background: She comes from a family of Pokemon trainers and lived in the Kalos Region Appearance: She wears a black hood and has jeans. Her hair is usually in a braid Personality: Kind, Adventurous, Fearless and Courageous Pokémon: Starter: Fennekin or as she calls him Fin. The gender of Fin is male. He is fierce, brave and kind Other Pokemon: A absol named Abby. The gender is Female. She is kind, courageous and strong. Sapphire also has a shiny Eevee named Ella. Ella is female. Ella is strong, fast and agile. Other: Sapphire got her Eevee Ella from a pokemon breeder who had a spare female Eevee. Extra team members caught throughout the RP:


Username: Enasencca Name: Serina Age: 14 History: Serina is the youngest girl in a famous family in Alola, who were known worldwide for their battlihg prowess. It was stressful, growing up with that over your head. To make things worse, her parents had a primitive view of woman. They thought she only needed to learn to cook and clean, and the only battling she was allowed to do was for contests. Serina resembled her grandfather, a man who married into the family, much more than her parents. They were both adventurous, carefree people who hated being told what to do. She even looked like him..! The man often told her tales of his journey in the Rorie region and this drove her to follow in his footsteps once she received her starter. As a parting gift, her grandfather bought her an Alolan vulpix from a breeder and sent her on her way. Appearance: Serina has long, wavy black hair usually kept up in a ponytail or in a braid. She usually wears a dark blue jacket over a white shirt and cream cargo pants, as well as black sneakers and fingerless gloves. Atop her head is a worn brown newsboy hat. She stands at 5,9", and has bright blue eyes. Personality: Serina is a cheerful and carefree person. She believes in livig life to the fullest and dislikes being told what to do. Since she didn't have too many friends growing up she is a bit insecure and doesn't know how to act around people, so she tries to be as outgoing as possible. Once she's close to someone though, she stops trying so hard and is more subdued. Pokémon: Marine, a Female Popplio. She knows the moves Pound, Water Gun, Baby Doll Eyes and Disarming voice. A very sweet Pokemon who loves to cuddle with her trainer. Aurora, a Female Alolan Vulpix. Knows Powder Snow, Ice Shard, Extrasensory and Confuse Ray. Other: Serina often sniffs when she's nervous or lying She has quite a lot of money in her wallet from her grandfather She dreams of proving her parents wrong and showin them that she's truly a capable trainer.


Username:pug27 Name:gage Age: 10 History: He used to live on resto island next to the volcano. he saw a advertisement for the pokemon league and decided to give it a shot Appearance: normal size at 5ft loves to game ,is a bIGGGGG nerd He wears a white hoodie. His pants are normal blue jeans, and his shoes are brown. He has a pair of black glasses. Personality: He's very shy gamer. Pokémon: A malewhooper named copper. He's a sweetwhooper in general


Username:FalseFinalBoss Name:Samuel Sakai Age: Around 16 Background: This kid has been fascinated by Pokémon all his life. It started when he was introduced to his partner, Setchi, a Gible. He became fascinated after that. Appearance: Sam is tall, around 6’2”, has short-cut white hair, and wears sunglasses. Behind the sunglasses are a pair of soft golden eyes. He wears button-up collared shirts, with a pair of khakis. His footwear is a pair of slip-ons. Personality: A kind, lighthearted guy who wants everyone to be happy. He will try his best to make everyone happy, however, if this is not achievable, he will split the two up. He can be very serious at times, and will sometimes disappear from a group to be off by himself. Pokémon: his Gible named Setchi. Other: Sample roleplay:

Here you go

Sam sighed. He sat down and listened to Thebes waves. They were calming. Sam started to fall asleep listening to the waves. Setchi noticed his trainer falling asleep and poked him, trying to get him to say awake. “Huh? What’s up, Setchi?” Sam asked.


Username: Smolphantump Name: Emma Winters Age: 14 Background: Emma's mother wouldn't let her travel to the islands until she could prove herself. One day, a wold pokemon was attacking one of their pets, and Emma sucsessfully managed to calm and capture (throwing a blanket over it) the pokemon. After some time was spent going over the ground rules, and time was spent growing trust between her and her starter, (the wild pokemon) she was allowed to go. Appearance: Emma is about 5'4, rather short for her age. She is on a rather good physical condition, as she has been playing outside most of the time, which has also given her naturally pale skin a slight tan. She has dark red hair that goes about halfway down her back when out of its braid, which causes the hair to have loose curls. Her eyes are an icy blue, and her face is covered on freckles. She often wears t-shirts, shorts, and running shoes as old as dirt. She carries an old brown satchel over her shoulder to keep her supplies in. Personality: Emma is a loud person to say the least. She is either talking loudly, or not at all. She is a bit all over the place, laughing and making a fool of herself. Emma has no subtlety whatsoever. If she has something to say, she won't sugarcoat it or tell white lies. She belives in speaking the outright truth. Emma can tend to get distracted easily. She spends half her time gazing at pretty plants or taking photos of pokemon, and the other half actually doing her work. Quite often, she'll cut someone off in a coversation with her excitement over a new pokemon or plant. Emma has a passion for photography, be it plant, pokemon, human, or judt lovely scenery. She'll stop almost any time to snap a photo of something, and add it into the book she carries with her. Pokémon: Sammi, a purrlion with a love for battle, who tends to rush into situations without thinking. Other: Sample roleplay:


Emma leaned over the bow of the ship, almost to a point of her being in danger of falling over. The water broke against the ship, white foam cascading in silky waves beneath her. A few water-bound pokemon made flying leaps in and out of the water, droplets shimmering off their backs. Emma watched in awe as a gigantic wailord breached the surface, spraying a jet of water into the air. Emma reached for her camera, but before she could get it into focus, the moment was over. Sammi snickered quietly. "Shut up Sammi." Emma growled. Missing her opportunity didn't matter now, because they were there! As the boat came to a stop, she had to grab onto the railing of the deck so she wouldn't be swept overboard.


Username: Smolphantump Name: Marina Johnston Age: 16 Background: Marina lived indoors for the most part, only venturing outside to help injured pokemon, birds in specific, who had run into their window or ones who had been hurt. Most of the bird pokemon she helped usually flew off once healed, occasionally visiting the yard for a brief hello, but one couldn't be released. A small, flightless hatchling had fallen from its nest, and Marina raised it from practically hatching. The small Rowlet had grown bonded to her, despite her trying to release it. Once she reached her sixteenth birthday, her parents surprised her with a pokeball for her Rowlet, and her own phone. She was allowed to start her journey, which she did. Appearance: Standing at a staggering 6'2, it's a shock Marina stays inside, giving her skin an almost ghostly appearance. She always looks well-kempt, with her hair in a neat bun, with a single strand in front of her face. Her arms look slightly rougher than the rest of her skin, from the talons of many bird pokemon resting there, or the occasional scratch from a particularly fussy patient. She typically wears skirts and plain, laced blouses. The only thing odd about her getup is the fact that she commonly wears thick gloves on her arms. She carries her belongings in a small, pale pink backpack. Accessory-wise, she wears a necklace with a pink rose quarts pendant, and a bracelet with blue faux gems in it. Personality: Marina is a very worrysome person. She rushes to the pokemon center at the slightest sign of injury in her pokemon. She gets in a frenzied lanic when one faints, fearing the worst. Usually, though, when she's not running around in a frenzied panic, she will hold manners higher than most things, believing she should show the upmost respect for others, and others should do the same for each other. She cannot stand to see someone picked on, but when faced with the situation, often ends up being a bit of a pushover. Marina is quite a pushover, tending to let others do what they please, often feeling as if she shouldn't step in, no matter how much she wants too. Marina can be a bit over protective of her pokemon, mothering over every wound and not letting them battle if they're at low hp, even if it means forfeiting the battle to save them from fainting. She keeps her pokemon in tip-top shape, both physically and asthetically. Even for her stature, she's dreadfully unathletic, finding it hard to keep up with even the more slow of runners. She can walk for a while, however, and run far if she pushes herself. Pokémon: She currently has a female Rowlet named Chesnut, who is very timid yet highly curious. Other: Sample roleplay:


Marina scooped up the small Rowlet in her arms, cooing softly to the injured bird. "Shh, Chesnut. It's gonna be okay." Chesnut nestled into her trainer's arms, terrified from the encounter, even if it had just been a couple of pokemon, it was scary for her. Marina sighed, and carried her to the pokemon center. "Back again?" The nurse asked as Marina put Chesnut on the table. Marina nodded. "What is it this time?" The nurse asked as she looked the bird over, before calling her into the ball and placing her on the table. "She got attacked by a couple of pokemon, and I wanted to make sure she was okay." "There's not always going to be a pokemon center around every corner, you know. Sometimes you just have to trust your pokemon." Marina looked at the floor. "I know, it's just-" A loud ping cut Marina off as the nurse removed Chesnut from the healing area. "Here, just try to have more faith in your pokemon." Marina picked up Chesnut's ball and left.


Username:Nthing Name:Erik Age: 15 Background: Eric was raised in a family of pokemon breeders. he always wanted to be a pokemon trainer but his father wouldn't let him. his first pokemon that he ever got was a treecko from his uncle when it was a egg. Appearance: Has light purlple hair that reaches his neck and bangs that cover his left eye, wears a red hoodie with short sleeves, black jeans, red running shoes and he's ether wearing black framed glasses or black sunglasses. Personality: Try's to be as friendly as possible. he doesn't think things through. Pokémon: A treecko that he's had since he was 10. And a egg that has'nt hatched yet. Other: (do iI put something here?) Sample roleplay: Eric woke up when the sun started to come though the blinds of the window. His throat was dry so he took a drink of his water, then he went downstairs.


Username: NoahPlayz Name: Mimi Age: 14 Background: An inhabitant of Alola. At a young age she witnessed the murder of her parents. Completely traumatized she looked to her friends, which she didn't have many. But she did make one good friend while trying to catch her in a pokeball. After she got her starter fire claw she began to train with her friend in the forest. Then she was pushed away from her friend due to the struggles of this terrible world. She had to get a job to help herself survive. But she would help her friend out too. She lives alone in a small apartment. She used to have a boyfriend but he went missing on her 13th birthday. Then her friend moved to the islands. Heartbroken, she moved to the islands to forget about her past and start a new life Appearance: She is 5ft, tan, and has long, dark brown hair fading into a crimson red Personality: She is shy and kind of anti-social, but she knows the difference from right and wrong, and stands up for what's right no matter what it takes. She is tough, its very hard to hurt her(emotionally) because of what she's been through. She has a quick temper Pokémon: Fire Claw- A male litten with a very stong connection to his trainer Silver- A female shiny eevee Lunar- A female Milotic Other I'm excited for this^^ Sample roleplay:


"Oh cool! I've never seen that pokemon before! What is it? Let me take out my trusty pokedex!" 'BEEP' POKEMON NOT FOUND 'BEEP' "Oof. Oh well, might as well throw a pokeball!""OWW! MY HEAD! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU DUDE! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, A POKEMON?!""Um, sorry^^;"


NoahPlayz, welcome to the RP. I'm glad to have you with us ^_^ If I may provide bit of advice, your sample shows a lot of dialogue, but nothing else. So when you post, try to include gestures, describing what she does and maybe what is there around her. You give a lot more information that way and it reads better.


Mimi stopped when she spotted so something. "Oh cool! I've never seen that pokemon before!" she exclaimed. "What is it? Let me take out my trusty pokedex!" She pointed the device to the unknown pokémon. 'BEEP' POKEMON NOT FOUND 'BEEP' "Oof. Oh well, might as well throw a pokeball!" Mimi threw the Pokéball, it flew through the air and bounced off. "OWW! MY HEAD!" the other yelled. "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU DUDE! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, A POKEMON?!" "Um, sorry^^;"


Username:datboi909 Name:tentaction Age:(16) 13-19 appearance:wear a white jacket(no shirt)cut off Jean a black bandanna and some gold silver ahoes has a tattoo on his eyes that says numb Background: ditched his parents house to go pokemon hunting his parents said he was stupid thinking pokemon hunting was good but he just left with no warning Personality: weird,dark but friendly Pokémon:litten (1-3 to begin with, you can catch more on the island. the starter can be any of the official starters) Other:loves lycanrocs


Username: God Of Zombies / Vocaloid Z3R0 Name: Minomei Akatashi Age: 18 Background: His parents abandoned him at a young age, causing anger and frustration with himself. He is well known by most as a “hard-headed” guy with a bad attitude. Appearance: Kanto/Alola mix, always has a tuxedo on, hair slicked back, Red right eye and black left eye, and an irrelevant smile. Personality: Tends to be alone though he longs a partner to train with. Pokémon: Litten, named Goth. Other: Sample roleplay: Don’t have any! Or am I supposed to make it up?


Username:Cattafang Name: Lyra Etoiles Age: 15 Background: Lyra was born in Sinnoh with her twin brother, Leo. For a long time, she and her twin always went and did everything together. When both of them turned 10, they finally got their starters. While her brother chose Pinplup, she chose Chimchar. Though they both had different types, they were as inseparable as the twins. Together, they fought through the Sinnoh region until they got all the badges in the region. It was after this, however, where they had an argument. While her brother wanted to go to Unova, Lyra wanted to go to Hoenn. They had an argument about this, and finally decided to go their separate ways to Hoenn and Unova. For a while, Lyra fought alone with her now evolved Monferno in Johto and Kanto. Then, she found out about the Rorie Islands while in Celadon City. Since she had never heard of the islands before, she was curious, so she traveled all the way to Rhando Island in search of new adventures. Appearance: Lyra is a pale, short girl with blue eyes and short, black hair hidden under a Skitty Beanie. She wears a Blue hoodie with black shorts and white sneakers. Personality: Lyra is always looking for adventure. No matter what, she never stays in one place for long. She often gets distracted from important things by anything that seems adventurous. Lyra always looks at everything with a positive outlook, no matter what comes her way. Pokémon: Rouge(Female Monferno; Starter), Boulder(Male Geodude), Metalwing(Female Skarmory) Other: Sample roleplay:

Sample RP

Lyra looked at her Monferno, Rouge, who was pulling on her hoodie to get her attention. “What is it girl?” Lyra asked, curious about what Rouge was so excited about. Rouge handed her a slightly crumpled piece of paper. The paper read :Come to the Rorie Islands! The new heart of ADVENTURE in the Ocean! “The Rorie Islands, huh?” She said in a dreamy voice, staring at the paper for a long time. “Maybe we should go there. What do you think, Rouge?” Rouge nodded in agreement, smiling. “Then Rorie it is!” Lyra finally said.


Username: Cattafang Name: Leo Etoiles Age: 15 Background: Leo grew up for a long time with his twin sister, Lyra in the Sinnoh region. When he was 10, he and his sister finally got their starters. Leo chose a Piplup, while Lyra chose Chimchar. They fought together throughout the Sinnoh region as a team. When they wanted to move on from Sinnoh, however, they had an argument about where to go. While Leo wanted to see Unova, Lyra wanted to see Hoenn. They finally resolved their argument by deciding to go their different ways. While Lyra went through regions like Hoenn and Johto, Leo saw regions like Unova and Kalos, even Alola at one point. Eventually, he found out about the Rorie Islands while exploring Alola. He thought of his sister when he saw this, and decided to fly out to Kanto and take the ferry from there. Appearance: Leo is a very tall, pale boy with short black hair and a blue baseball cap. He usually wears a short sleeved cerulean shirt with grey jeans and white sneakers. Personality: Leo is much calmer compared to his twin sister. He’s usually pretty chill about everything, but tends to be a control freak sometimes. He’s pretty easygoing, and can stay in a single place for a while before getting bored. Pokémon: Ocean (Male Prinplup; Starter), Oroka (Male Reuniclus), Coin (Female Meowth, Alolan Forme) Other: Sample roleplay:

Sample RP

Leo and Ocean were at a restaurant near the beach of Melemele Island. He sighed, thinking of his twin, Lyra. “You know, Ocean,” Leo began to say. “We’ve been here for half a year now. I think it’s time to go somewhere else, but I don’t really know where.” Ocean looked around and picked up a sandy flyer off the ground, handing it to Leo. The flyer boasted: Come to the Rorie Islands! The new heart of ADVENTURE in the Ocean! “Rorie, huh?” Leo said, staring at the paper, thinking of his sister who always looked for adventure. “Sounds like a good idea. What do you think, O?” He said to his Prinplup. “Prin.” Ocean said. (This translates to “Nice.”) “Then Rorie it is! Let’s get the check and pack our things for the islands! Well, other islands, I guess.” He said, chuckling at the end.


Username: SketchyCreature Name: Meiko Age: 16 Background: Meiko originally grew up in Sinnoh, where she attended a prestigious Pokemon school at the age of ten. As the years got harder and the students grew more resentful, she dropped out, much to her parents dismay. She took her only two Pokemon, an Arcanine named Mutikapa, and an Oshawott named Benizakura she originally recieved for a school project to start over. Appearance: She has long, brown hair tied up in a pony tail along with freckles dotted on her face. Her normal attire is usaully a white tank top with an Arcanine footprint inscribed, with a red and black checkered jacket tied around her waist along with gray pants that reach just past her knees. Personality: She is short-tempered and grumpy, most likely due to her stress from the school she attended. However, she is still a nice person, but has a hard time showing it. Meiko tries to act tough to hide her own insecurities and doubts, and if anyone finds out she’ll react badly. As for friends she doesn’t consider everyone to be friendly, but she’ll only acknowledge you as a friend if she trusts you. Pokémon:


Mutikapa Arcanine | Female | Lv. 20 Quirky, highly curious


Benizakura Oshawott | Male | Lv.5 Adamant, hates to lose
Other: what do I put here lol Sample roleplay:


Meiko raced to the soon departing ship on the back of her Arcanine. Out of all the times she was late to several locations, she had to be late to this one? Great job, Meiko. It was kind of strange to enter a ship with an Arcanine on your back, but Mutikapa was faster than Meiko’s own legs. ”Faster, Mutikapa!” She shouted when she saw some people preparing to close the ramp. Meiko decided take leap of faith off of her Arcanine to land face flat on the ramp, with the workers giving her strange looks. “I am alright..” She groaned, rendering a facepalm.. or facepaw from Mutikapa.


Username: UltraMetroid64 Name: Dante Age: 15 History Dante always dreamed of becoming a pokemon trainer, winning the league, and becoming champion. He found a hurt baby Psyduck nearby his home once and decided to raise him, becoming his first pokemon. He later on found a charmander on his vacation and decided to keep him. He's hoping to have the best adventure of his life. Appearance Tall boy with black hair, and a blue backpack, with a hat that has an ultra ball on it. Personality Very joking and relaxed, loyal to friends, layed back and clever. Can be stubborn at times and can be harsh a little harsh or straight forward. Pokémon:Male quirky Psyduck and a brave male Charmander Other: Dante can cook food. Sample roleplay: Dante said "Hey there" and pulls out a pokeball.


Username:ShinyPokemans Name: Drew Eickman Age: 14 Background: Appearance: 5'4 He wears a green t-shirt with his name over the left chest pocket. He has khaki shorts. He has half black, half white shoes. He wears a necklace that holds his starter Pokemon on it. He has hazelnut eyes and dark/light brown hair that's combed forwards. He also has green braces Personality: He likes to help other people and loves making friends. He tries his hardest to overcome any disadvantage and uses brain over brawn. Pokémon: Oshowatt - Seashell - male - He only listens to his trainer unless told otherwise. He will follow Drew to the end of the earth and trusts his trainer. He doesn't like losing and always wants to prove himself. Other: He's bisexual Extra team members caught throughout the RP:


Username: Ninja647 Name: Euan Age: 13 Background: Euan is a kid from Viridian city in Kanto, his mother died in childbirth of his brother, Callum when he was 3, he was orphaned when he was 11 when his father died from cancer, he saved up money to go to Rorie, and here we are!!! Appearance: 1 metre 43 centimetre tall, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, blue baseball cap, black and white trainers with hints of red and yellow, red no-brand T-shirt, khaki shorts, black gloves when battling or attempting to capture, mega charm with key stone (Euan does not know it is this) (is mega evolution allowed(he will still wear this even if not)) Personality: often sad(fueled by his fathers death), extremely sleepy at times(other characters will give up trying to wake him up), occasionally cheery when something good has happened, loses all sign of other emotions when battling, always serious while battling and excited at prospect of planned battle (battling is his escape from emotion) Pokemon: Char (Charmander): Starter pokemon, from Prof. Oak, holds Charazardite Y given with it. Ruff (Rockruff Female) holds nothing Munch (Munchlax Male) Other: My character will probably catch a Rowley as it, and 2 other pokemon (and ofcoarse the ones already in my team) are part of my official team


Username: Lulu Rina Name: Amara Moon Age: 16 Background: Amara grew up in Mesperit City with 6 older sisters and one older brother, as well as her parents. She's the youngest of her family, and while some of her sisters had no interest in going out on a journey, the others and her brother already did theres. She always wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer, but everytime she went to ask her parents if she could become one, something always held her back. One day, however, she asked her parents if she could go. To her exitement, they said yes, however her older sister, Deandria, who was two years older then her, didn't want her to go alone. She decided that if Amara was going, she was going too. Appearance: Amara stands at 163.1 cm and has short brown hair, hazel eyes, and dark purple flowery glasses. While both of her ears are pointed, her left ear looks more like an elf ear. She usually wears a plain red t-shirt along with black pants and black tie-up shoes. Personality: Amara is quiet and obediant. She never really asks for stuff, and she usually prefers to be alone. She loves to listen to music, and usually lets her mind wander, thinking of fancifal ideas. When she gets bored, she gets fully immersed in her head, exploring strange places with her imaginary friends. She has no idea how to make actual friends, however she does really love to share the stuff she has to others. She also can be a bit naive and sees the best in people most of the time. However, if she needs to, she will step up and say she won't do something if it makes her uncomfortable. Pokémon: Squirtle Other: She gonna go get the starter from Maple's lab :) Sample roleplay: Amara was about to leave for the bus to Lilan town when... "Amara!" She turned around and saw her sister, Deandria, run after her. She stopped and waited for her to catch up.


Username: Lulu Rina Name: Deandria Moon Age: 18 Background: Deandria was the second oldest in her family. Because Amara was her only little sister, she wanted to keep her safe no matter what. One day, however, she learned that Amara was going on a journey. Worried for her, she decided that she would go with her. Not only to keep her safe, but also because she also wanted to become a trainer, she just put Amara before that. Appearance: Deandria has long, wavy blond hair and blue eyes. She stands at 163.5 cm and usually wears a cyan long-sleved t-shirt that has some ligher coloured cyan spots and darker cyan spots covering it. She also wears a brown belt and black pants. Personality: Deandria is adventurous and makes friends a lot easier then Amara. She is rebelious and overprotective, however can be lazy at times. She gives Amara enough room to make her own decisions, however still will keep a close eye on her. She doesn't really like to play favourites, and sometimes can be intense. She is less trusting then Amara, and won't let anything bad happen to her. She also wants to keep Amara's innocence. Pokémon: Cyndaquil Other: She gonna go get the starter from Maple's lab :) Sample roleplay: Deandria caught up to Amara, panting. "Listen" she said. "If you're going on this journey, I'm going with you. I'm not letting my little sister go at this alone" "Okay" Amara said, not minding that her sister was coming with her.


Username: GamerKitty205 Name: Ulima Sage Age: 17 Background: Ulima was born in the unova region. Her parents traveled a lot, due to one of her parents being a pokemon trainer and the other a researcher so she tended to move a lot. Her parents weren't horrible, but they also weren't the best at keep track of her and Ulima ended up in a lot of weird situations. One of these was when she ended up in the Celestial Tower and got out with a Litwick on her head. Her parents had totally freaked out, but the Litwick was surprisingly nice. It became her first pokemon. Golett and Sigilyph were found in similar predicaments, with the main differences being that she became older and actually started searching the Pokémon out on purpose at research sites. Ulima decided to go to Rorie to explore a new region and to hopefully find out about the lore of Rorie. Appearance: A studious and enigmatic looking teen with medium length whitish-gray hair. Ulima keeps several unknown hairclips in her hair, each of them spelling out phrases or words. Generally wears a purple and navy tea dress and white cardigan, the later meant to emulate a lab coat. Personality: Ulima is pretty level-headed, with the exception of myths and legends. She's a pretty nice person and will intervene if she sees something bad happening, but will seem like she doesn't really care. Ulima tends to trust pokemon and children more than anyone else and tends to be fairly distrusting of adults. Pokémon: Litwick Sigilyph Golett Other: Sample roleplay: The toddler followed the drips of wax to its source. A Pokémon with yellow eyes and a purple flame looked down at her from a tombstone at the young girl. "Hello... Litwib? That's who you are... I think." Ulima told the Pokémon, nothing but pure curiosity in her eyes. The Litwick smiled and made a joyful sound before hoping on the you girl's head. The Litwick pointed towards the exit for some reason deciding to direct the toddler to the out of the tower instead of leaving her to the mercy of malicious ghost pokemon.


Username: theespetales Name: Cassandra Coreen Faye Age: 13 Background:: Cassandra was born to the Mayor of Ever Grande city in Hoenn. Her mom was a Professional Cook and she wants to follow in her Mom's footsteps. When she heard about the Rorie League she decided to make herself more famous and win it. Appearance: Cassandra Personality: Cassandra is a very spoiled child. She's also very vain, arrogant, stubborn, and whiney. The younger sibling of Cash and Older sister of Clarisse. She's very disrespectful. Pokémon: Blaziken, Ninetales, Frosslass All female except blaziken Other: She aslo likes Gary Sample roleplay: "EWWW! GET IT OFF ME! GET THAT UGLY BUG OFF ME! IT'S RUINING MY HAIR! CASH!" Cassandra wailed.


Username: theespetales Name: Cash Cadmus Faye Age: 15 Background:: Cash is Cassandra's and Clarisse's older brother. He's very laid back and chill. He is also very lazy. He want's to become part of the elite four and become a gym leader. However, he is verry different from Cassandra and doesn't even like to acknoledge his father's importance. He's just in Rorie to support Cassandra. Ok, mabye not Appearance: Cash Personality: He's very laid back and chill. He is also very lazy. However he really loves his sisters. Pokémon: Sceptile, Shelgon, and a Breloom. All male Other: He has the right to call Cassandra 'Sasster'. (I can't put Clarisse in the roleplay cause I didn't have permission from the owner) Sample roleplay "Relax Cassandra. It's only a Caterpie. Remeber? Gary showed you one of them?" Cash said calmy while taking the Caterpie off of Cassandra.


Username:AlphaQ Name: Shelby Brand Age: 15 Background: Shelby was born into a nice family. Both her parents worked on their farm in Hoenn. She was homeschooled for the first 9 years of her life before she simply dropped school all together and focused on farming. Her parents didn't support her decision, wanting her to finish her education and get a good job. She considered what she had already learned enough, basic math, even a bit of Algebra, high school level reading and writing, some sciences, etc. Her parents gave in and allowed her to take care of the Mareep with their Poochyena, Hailey. 3 years of working with the Mareep was fun but she wanted to explore and be with more pokemon. Hailey was getting old and was pregnant with a litter of puppies. Shelby was very excited for the new additions. Hailey had 3 pups, all male, before Hailey died. This left Shelby devastated. She played with the puppies to get her mind off of it and she fell in love with the runt and named him Finn after her old friend, whom was her neighbor before he went off to be a pokemon trainer. A few months later, her parents noticed Shelby's restlessness and gave her an option; Continue working here with us or go off and become a pokemon trainer. She, of course, chose the latter and brought Finn with her. She found Pachua and Kobe during her travels. Appearance: Shelby is a little bit short for her age and measures in at about 5'2". She looks average in weight, due to her baggy clothes, regularly a Shiny Poochyena hoodie and sweatpants. When it is too hot outside she wears a baseball cap, shorts and long tang top. She has light brown hair that falls to just below her shoulder and dull green eyes. Her skin is tanned and she has bearly noticable freckles scattered on her face. Personality: She is very shy and gets flustered easily. She is honest, rarely making rude remarks, though even when she does it isn't really an insult. Though just because she is quiet and shy doesn't mean that she doesn't love winning. She loved Pokemon battles and she is always so proud of her pokemon in the end whether they lose or win. If she feels close to someone or a pokemon (as a friend) then she will hug, but if someone hugs her first she will get really flustered and red. She tries to be nice and adores all pokemon, except for one... Scolipede. She is terrified of Scolipedes. She can't help but run if she sees one. Pokemon:


Nickname and meaning: Pachua, feathered water dragon Species: Gyarados Gender: Male Nature: Sassy


Nickname and meaning: Kobe, turtle Species: Numel Gender: Female Nature: Naïve


Nickname and meaning: Finn, N/A Species: Poochyena Gender: Male Nature: Clever Extra: He wears a green bandana around his neck that matches Shelby's eyes.
Other: She is picky when it comes to food. Sample roleplay: Shelby yawned, walking down the moonlite road. She had dropped by an Inn and thought it would cost less than it did... She didn't have a place to stay, so she just walked, heading for the next town.


Username: Volixagarde Name: Crimson Alexander Glynn Age: 15 Native or visitor: Visitor, originally from Kalos Appearance: Hair: He’s a tried and true redhead. His hair hangs down to the base of his neck in the back, down to his jaw on the sides, with two side bangs that dip down to the same length as the back. There are two tufts of hair that always point up and to his right. He usually has a flower crown that looks like a Comfey, or in colder climates, a red and grey striped beanie he got on sale. He sometimes pulls his hair into a low ponytail. Eyes: Pale green, sometimes looks grey and occasionally a blue-green color due to lighting. They’re a little big on his face, and very round. Skin: Pale, but not like porcelain. More like a paper towel stained with Cheri Berry juice. He has splotchy complexion, freckles, and acne. He’s also often sunburnt, especially in Alola. Body Type: Crimson’s body is rather small. He has a slight hourglass figure, which he hides with his binder and baggy clothing. He has nearly no muscle, and a tiny bit of pudge on his stomach (which he adores.) Clothing Style: He loves baggy clothes that hide his frame. He’s also a fan of skater shorts, pastel t-shirts, his trusty binder, and his days of the week boxers (with boy short panties underneath, because, you know, he’s shaped like a woman.) Pokémon (max 3): Ralts || Reikon || Level 5 || Synchronise || Growl, Confusion, Psychic Rockruff || Rocky || Level 3 || Vital Spirit || Tackle, Leer Personality: Crimson is an eccentric young character who doesn’t know when to quit. He’ll keep talking and talking and TALKING until someone tells him to shut up. Well, that’s if you get him out of his shell. He’s incredibly loyal to his friends, which sometimes turns into too much trust. He’s accepting of everyone, and would rather consider their current actions rather than their past transgressions. He also has a desire to learn, and plenty of ambition, but considers his loyalty and acceptance more important. He is easily attracted to people, although it’s hard for him to tell whether he wants to be friends with someone or wants to date them, although since he's in the process of realizing he's polyamorous, that will become a little clearer. He's also internally struggling with his method of thinking: he was raised logically minded, but he's just now starting to get in touch with his emotions. Background: Crimson was born in the summer and raised in Lumiose City, Kalos, as Cadence Alexandria Glynn. His family wasn’t rich, per se, but they were well off. He got a lowered tuition at the private school he attended due to his academic performance. A few months after Crimson turned 14, he finally came out as transgender to his parents, and the rest of the world, as trans. His parents weren’t the best about it at first, but they slowly adjusted. However, other students... some of them understood, some didn't. Slowly, it started to wear away at him, and his grades suffered to the point where he lost his scholarship. He and his parents eventually agreed that it would be best for him to go on his pokemon adventure. With a Ralts he'd adopted from a breeder (He normally didn't like breeders, but this one was a runt and would be abandoned, so he took the poor thing in) and a Rockruff his cousin had sent him from Alola, he decided to make his way to the Rorie Islands and start his journey! Other: Main this is that he is a transgender male, so he uses he/him pronouns despite his chromosomes not agreeing. Sample roleplay: Crimson packed up the last of his stuff, haphazardly shoving it into his trainer bag. Thank Arceus those things had near infinite storage. If it was just his suitcases, he'd have to leave so much behind (or let Mom pack everything because she was actually good at it). He sighed and sat down on the end of his bed. In just a few minutes, his parents would be taking him to the port in Ambrette Town so that he could get on the ferry to Rhando Island. It would be hard leaving them behind, but it was for the best. He could find himself, and his parents would continue going to their therapy group for parents of transgender kids. He was glad for them. Maybe when he came back, everything would be better. Yeah, it would be better. He considered getting his pokemon out of their balls for the car ride, but eventually decided against it. He knew if he got carsick (which, given Kalos, he probably would), Reikon would get sick too, and no one needed Rocky running around everywhere. This was it, for now. He last time in his own bedroom for a long, long time. Things would be better when he got back. They had to be.


Username: darknessdawn Name: Shadow Age: 24 Native or visitor: Visitor from Unova Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin. Always in black clothes with red accents. Pokémon (max 3): Mischief the Zorua, Maverick the Absol, Don the Murkrow Personality: Playful and energetic, Shadow describes himself as a Dark type specialist due to his affinity for them. He may be friendly, but has no qualms about tactics most would consider distinctly unfair. However, he never outright cheats. He just doesn't care about making a fight fair to his opponent. He generally doesn't get along with humans, but has a natural affinity with Dark types. Background: A Unovan native, he adopted Mischief after meeting the orphan Zorua when she raided his house for food. After gaining her trust, he started wandering Unova studying Dark type Pokemon. He met Maverick after an unpleasant encounter with oddly aggressive Pelipper, and took in the Absol that saved the duo's hides. Other: He failed to check Rorie League rules before arrival. He thinks the type restriction feels distinctly unfair, but is going to roll with it. A brief study revealed he can still fill his team with Dark types and battle in the League. He just needs a Carvanha, Houndour, and Sandile to complete his team the way he plans. Sample roleplay: Shadow watches the area closely, watching for any Pokemon he's looking for. Finally he shrugs and resumes moving, eyes still scanning just in case he can find the Pokemon he needs. I've never seen a region quite like this one. A pity the League is so restrictive, Maverick loves a good brawl. He absentmindedly pets the Absol walking at his side, in an instant garnering the jealousy of the otherwise shy and timid Zorua hiding in his backpack. She pokes her head out and climbs over his shoulder, Shadow willingly holding her as he laughs a bit. "Yes, little one, I love you too. But Maverick deserves to be cared about too!" The Zorua yaps in response. "No, you can't have a Casteliacone. Mostly because I don't HAVE one." The Dark type specialist looks up as he arrives in town. Mischief nervously rushes back into his backpack, thoroughly disliking crowds. Shadow looks around to get an idea of the layout before he continues with his perpetual grin. This could still be fun, even if Mischief wouldn't be allowed in Contests and Maverick wasn't allowed in the League finals.


Username: SpaceSnake Name: Star Age: 16 Native or visitor: Visitor from Unova Appearance: Tan skin, messy short brown hair, brown eyes, well worn tennis shoes, mismatched socks - one stripped and one heart patterned, blue cargo shorts, and a blue t-shirt with yellow stars. Pokémon (max 3): Noodle the Albino Ekans - Moves: Leer, Wrap, Poison Sting, Iron Tail Personality: Cheerful and always up for adventure! Star is very friendly and will gladly info dump on anyone she likes, though she occasionally encounters periods of silence. She can sometimes be quite annoying as she can't always read social cues. Background: Star wasn't diagnosed with autism for quite a while because she did well in school so nobody cared to look into her quirks. Her mother, a Snake Pokemon Breeder, is fully accepting of her and when she got the chance to vacation on the Rorie Islands, she asked Star if that's where she would like to start her Pokemon Journey. Star was absolutely ecstatic at idea and knew right away which one of her moms snake pokemon she would use as her starter. Other: Star has a fondness for pokemon that others might consider 'gross' or 'scary'. I'll be using her mom in the sample roleplay but I don't plan on using the mom further than that. Sample roleplay: Star rocked from side to side in her seat on the boat at a speed her mother would find alarming if not for the excited grin on her face. Noodle seemed happy as well, wrapped around Stars neck like a scarf and resting his head atop Stars. "I know you're focused on gyms, but are you going to try any of the contest halls?" Star shrugged. "Depends on if I get a pokemon of the right type first of all." Her mother frowned. "You know you're going to have to get certain types if you wanna enter the League don't you?" Star just shrugged again. "Oh, looks like we're arriving! We probably won't see each other much from here on out; I'm heading to Resto to -" "To see a colleague, I know!" "Ok, ok, just make sure you keep you're phone charged and PLEASE at least send me a text once a day, alright?" Star huffed, "Yes mom." The boat pulled into the dock and everyone started to get off, Star dragging her mother off by the hand. "Can I go now or are you gonna make me wait with you for the ferry to Resto?" Stars mother smiled with amusement. "You can go ahead hun." "YES!! Bye mom, love you!" Star ran further from the boat and looked around, wondering where to go first. "What do you think Noodle?" The Ekans shifted to nuzzle Stars face, but otherwise offered no opionon.


Username: CharlotteChan109 Name: Umi Mastua Age: 14 Native or visitor: Native to Evoru Appearance: Natural orange really short hair, one blue eye one blind eye with a scar over it, Always wearing oversized hoodies, jeggings, and a animal collar. DON'T JUDGE ME Pokémon Greninja nicknamed Nin, shiny Umbreon nicknamed Umbrie, Absol nicknamed Sol. Personality: Serious, can be quiet, keep to self kind, overprotective. Background: Was born on Evoru but her parents left her and she became less emotional. To this day the only thang that makes her happy is her pokemon. Other: She is a dark type trainer if you couldnt tell. and Umbrie has a blue eye and a purple eye. Sample roleplay: "Well, you guys ready? Than lets go and get our spot in the Rorie league!" Then Umi, Nin, Umbrie, and Sol went to the port and headed off to Indelgy, to face the flying gym! "Are you guys ready? Because i'm fired up!!"

Guestbook and honourable mentions

Panda, the co-leader of this RP, left the game. Her post is still below and has this goodbye message in it.

QUOTE originally posted by Panda

Posted 18/Oct/2015 09:33:16 Shelia gazed up into the moon, her faithful Glaceon and Umbreon beside her. Sasha sighed a little, and gave a long side way glance at Chase, before staring into space. "So this is goodbye." Shelia murmured, closing her eyes a little. The scene started to dissolve into black, fading away for probably as long as time can hold. Okay guys, I'm sure Calle did mention I'm leaving, so here I am... with a full goodbye. So PFQ used to be my really, really favorite site, but things are changing and Panda's now full time roleplaying in another site which can be checked in my siggy. [coughs] Before saying goodbye, Panda would really like to make a list of people she really wants to thank. Calle- For being really supportive of me. I still remembered the time when we met in this old Gym Leader kind of roleplay thing ^^" You were seriously one of my good friends here on site, and I'm really proud of how this roleplay we did had became into. Secret- I swear. I enjoyed roleplaying with you and your character. Antou- Anita was such an amazing character! I hope we can meet again one day. And to all who joined this roleplay- Honestly. You guys are amazing. Really. I really hope we could meet again one day in another roleplay site. Adios. Panda hopes to meet you guys soon one day :)

QUOTE originally posted by Morzone

Posted 27/Dec/2016 07:17:17 While I'm not in it, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with this RP. I offer my congradulations to Calle for running and keeping the RP alive for over 2 years. That's a real achievement.
Note from Calle: The first setup for this RP had been Posted on 26/Nov/2014 10:48:14. On 05/Aug/2018 07:23:01 the new setup thread was launched, but the RP thread itself is still the original RP.
Name character: Dante Current location of your character in the RP: In a gym, I'm actually not sure which one. It was either Rhando or Ornitan but I remember it had a whole in the wall where there was like a pool of water pokemon and it was raining outside What is your character doing right now: just chilling in the stands of the gym with his Psyduck and Charmander Honestly I just have no idea what to do in the RP that's why I've been so inactive.
Shout out to shinyninetales02, my best bud!
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Ah, you're in the water gym of Ornitan. Alana invited everyone for tea, so you can join them. I will provide a new quest for the people that gather there. Edit: that being said, there will be a quest for the group that gathers at the lab in Lilan town too.
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Name character: Sarah Whitecliff Current location of your character in the RP: Just outside the lab in Lilan town on Rhando What is your character doing right now: Being angry at Andy Satanding outside the lab and waiting for other trainers to start (continue) travelling Name character: Gabe Whitecliff Current location of your character in the RP: At the water gym in the port village Watersleat on Ornitan What is your character doing right now: about to have tea with Alana and the other trainers.
Name character: Meiko Current location of your character in the RP: Mespirit City, Rhando Island What is your character doing right now: Meiko is trying to find a route to the wild areas in order to train Benizakura and maybe catch a new Pokemon
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Name character: Lyra Current location of your character in the RP: Rhando Island, on a Pidgeot What is your character doing right now: Riding a Pidgeot with Blake Name character: Leo Current location of your character in the RP: Rhando Island, on a route What is your character doing right now: Walking on a route with his starter, looking for a Pokémon to catch.
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Name character: Carrena Current location of your character in the RP: Rhando Island, Lilan town What is your character doing right now: Getting off the bus Name character: Reve Current location of your character in the RP: Rhando Island, Port What is your character doing right now: Talking to Mieko and trying to scold his Altaria
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Okay I went back and read some RP posts and I think I known whats going on again. My psyduck's tail is glowing red, which according to the anime means it's getting close to evolving. I'll join the tea party

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