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Kels' art corner {4/4 open}

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Kelsium's AvatarKelsium
Kelsium's Avatar
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Hello everyone :3 Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop <3 Before you place an order please have a look at my rules in the hidebox below.


-- Follow PFQ Rules -- Allow Kels to have time to do your arts! She can be busy sometimes with real life :) -- Subscribe to the thread! c: -- Be as descriptive as possible if requesting a custom icon that includes your own Pokesona. -- Give credit where credit is due!
And, all Albino/Melanistic colorings on pokemon belong to PFQ - I do not take credit for these. Also AC Villager art based on the games by Nintendo. I simply use villagers for posing reference~
Please note that I tend to base my poses off of official art, so if there is a certain pose you have in mind, link it in your post!~ And Please be sure to tell me if I can use your icon / Melan bait in my examples c:

Will/won't do

Will --Pokesonas --Silhouettes --Minimalistic --Outline art --Sketches --Melan bait --Detailed Reference Sheets Won't --Humans --Robotics
I will take up to 4 slots at a time.
Username Complete?
~OPEN~ ------
~OPEN~ ------
~OPEN~ ------
~OPEN~ ------
Please copy/paste this form in your post!


[b][u]Kels, make me an art![/u][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Type of art?[/b] [b]References?[/b] [b]Are you subscribed?[/b] [b]Payment?[/b]


Owned by Thlalyi

Melan Bait/About Me sized art

About me sized

Icon sized

Essentially, I can resize the About Me image to an icon :)


Rojurou's Character
Absoreon's character

R/S/A/M color change gifs

Ref Sheets

Brindlefinch's character. For their use only
My character - for my use only

*NEW* Animal Crossing VIllager

this is my character, Mara
Thal'io's character, for their use only.
Currency / Items accepted at the following ratios: 1 = 6 = 5k 1 = 100ZC 1 = 40ZC
Lono Idols & Steel Statues preferred, but other summons accepted also
1 = 60ZC 1 = 70ZC
Any Z-crystal
1 = 5ZC 1 = 100ZC

Icons / Stickers

250 200k 30 Complexity + 25 / 25k

Melan bait or About Me sized

400 350k 55 Complexity + 25 / 25k


600 550k 110 $1.10 USD PayPal


800 750k 150 $1.50 USD PayPal

Ref sheets

1,000-1,200 Depending on amount of detail you'd like~ or alternatively $10-$12 PayPal~

Animal crossing villager style!

600 500k 100 $1.00 USD PayPal
coding / brushes by Obsidian Dawn / official art
gif by Gaëlsøn!
I collect Bug Deltas!
Kelsium's AvatarKelsium
Kelsium's Avatar
Reserved for later use~
Kelsium's AvatarKelsium
Kelsium's Avatar
Open for business :)
xixi's Avatarxixi
xixi's Avatar
Edit: I totally missed the form the first time, sorry! Kelsium, make me an art! Username: Xixi Type of art? Melan bait Are you subscribed? Yep! Payment? gp
I like birbs. birbs are great ^^ Amazing avatar made by icymoon193! You can find their shop here!
Kelsium, make me an art! Username: ElementalDragon Type of art? (Icon, Sticker, etc) Icon please! References? Houndoom/Dragonite (Art by Shuichi) Are you subscribed? Yep Payment? 200K credits
Avatar by Lukacrow on Twitter
Kelsium's AvatarKelsium
Kelsium's Avatar
Orders up~ Thank you for your patience~

for xixi

for ElementalDragon

icon fullsize
Kelsium's AvatarKelsium
Kelsium's Avatar
2-day Bump~
Crazy's AvatarCrazy
Crazy's Avatar
Kelsium, make me an art! Username: Crazy Type of art? (Icon, Sticker, etc) Sticker References? Ill dm you one on discord but heres a text one: Slightly on the small side due to his young age, Kyo is a playful puppy at heart (See avatar for an idea of his personality) who is very friendly to everyone although his loyalty lies with his trainer. He is a normal coloured growlithe (orange with black stripes and yellowish hair) and can often be seen wearing a light blue bandanna around his neck. Are you subscribed? Yus Payment? gp Probably be back for the other 2 soon ^^
Avatar made circe ^^ Help with some research?
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Hello dear <3 Kelsium, make me an art! Username: TuneSakuNatsu Type of art? (Icon, Sticker, etc) Melan bait (icon sized) References? Male melan Heracross~ Can you please make his eyes more blueish (like the normal Heracross' body colour, maybe?), and give him a top hat, pretty please? c: Are you subscribed? Yepp~ Payment? and love :D <3
Avatar is made by HotTubz ordered here. Collecting (mostly) missing and special deltas + deltas for Trebor! Pm me, please~ <3 ~*~*~¤~*~*~
Don't want to fall behind with the new sprites? Sprite discovery thread~ and you can discuss them in the Sprite Discovery Discussion~
Benched's AvatarBenched
Benched's Avatar
Hi kels! Kelsium, make me an art! Username: Njbaseball43 Type of art? (Icon, Sticker, etc) Icon sized Melan Bait References? Melan Lileep! The colors of the sprite are perfect, but if you could add maybe two /three rocks around him..kind of like hes in a pile of them and just sitting there? Are you subscribed? Of course! Payment? Credits! (and maybe a bug delata as a tip :D)
♦Check out my trade shop!♦ https://pfq.link/~LVvR Collecting: Rock type deltas!

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