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♥~Serendipity Other Arts Shop~♥

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noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way "a fortunate stroke of serendipity"
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Welcome to my art shop! This shop's focus in on things other than pokemon inspired artwork. If you're looking for anything related to Pokemon artwork you can visit my other art shop: ♥~Serendipity Pokemon Arts Shop~♥ Thanks for taking a look!

Please follow all Pokefarm and Forum Rules

Please respect my right to decline any offer. Please be specific with your requests and follow the order form. You may re-upload your piece anywhere, however you may not edit it without express permission first. Please provide credit back to me somehow. More Rules may be added later.

♥~Artwork and Examples~♥

  • Humanoids/Anthros
  • Chibi
  • Adoptables
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Base Prices

HeadshotWaist UpFull Body
Flat Colors: $5 USD$10 USD$15 USD
Full Colors: $7 USD$12 USD$18 USD
-Addons- Simple/Transparent Background = Free! Detailed/Complex Background = + $5 USD Additional Character = + $(Cost of First Character/2) USD


Base Prices

Flat Colors: $2 USD$5 USD
Full Colors: $5 USD$7 USD
-Addons- Simple/Transparent Background = Free! Detailed/Complex Background = + $5 USD Additional Character = + $(Cost of First Character/2) USD
None yet, check back soon! <3

♥~Payment Options~♥

  • Prices
  • ~X~
I'll accept a variety of different types of payment for my artwork, Everything is negotiable so don't be afraid to ask! Here is a list of ideas for a price guideline below. Please use this do help form an offer.

Things I'm looking for in order of preference:

Ultra Priority

Zophan Canisters!
= 1 USD 1
Ditto Egg Voucher
= 3 USD 1
= 2 USD 1
Shiny Charm
= 1.5 USD 1
Shiny Charm Box
= 20 USD

High Priority

Egg Passes!
= 1 USD 1
Box Boxes!
= 1 USD 1
= 1 USD 1
= .50 USD 1
= 1 USD 1
= 1 USD 1
= 1 USD

Medium Priority

Lucky Egg
= 1 USD 1
Super Lucky Egg
= 1.50 USD 6
Current Tournament Tokens
= 1 USD 600
= 1 USD

Low Priority

Medium Gems (Any)
= .05 USD 1
Large Gems (Any)
= .50 USD 1,000k
= 1 USD

♥~Order Form and Archives~♥

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If you'd like to order some artwork from me please use the form below!

Order Form

I'd like to Order some artwork. [b]Username:[/b] [b]Order:[/b] Please be specific here. Let me know what you want exactly. "Fullbody FullColor SimpleBackground of my OC posing with a peace sign." [b]Reference Links:[/b] Any useful images you can give me. This includes pose ideas and specific colors if needed. "Heres a few pictures of My OC, and also their colors. [b]Offer:[/b] What you're willing to pay for your piece based on the price guideline. "I can offer 2 Mega Stones and 3 Summons. Will that work?" [b]Other:[/b] Anything else?

♥~Orders In Progress~♥

Username Order Payment Progress

Past Orders

Username Order Payment Finished Peice
HowlingcatPost1000 GP+Thunder Fang and Order CrestPost


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Ponysona Contest Submission



Family Portrait

Is That a JOJO Reference?




HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
I'd like to Order some artwork. Username: HowlingCat Order: Simple Flat Color Chibis with Transparent Background Reference Links: I was kinda looking for like a family photo of these guys. If you like, I can pm you a quick little snippet of each of their personality if that helps >.>

The Family (Images might be a bit big)


. She wears something like this


He wears something like this with dress shoes.

Oldest Daughter/Camila

She wears something like this

Middle Child/Adrian

Youngest (but not a baby)/Akihasa

He wears something like this
Offer: 1000 GP+Thunder Fang and Order Crest (Can add if needed) Other: If you need me to clarify anything, free to ask! I know this is a bit rough but I hoped it helped x.x Here you go. Moved it here and will edit out the thing in your Pokemon shop ^^
Avatar of my oc was created by SaintNevermore! My Journal: [x] My Sprite Dump: [x] Cosmog Sprite Project: [x]

Order Up!


<3 Let me know what you think!
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Oh god I love it so much! Thank you! Sending the payment now! :D I'd like to Order some artwork. Username: HowlingCat Order: Flat Color Simple Chibi with a transparent background with the character folding his arms Reference Links: This is the character. I would like for him to wear this outfit here though could be the v be a bit smaller. Offer: Kanaloa Idol Other: Nope
sounds good! I’ll get started on the sketch for you after i get home from work tomorrow. <3

Order Up!


<3 Let me know what you think!

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