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The Misadventures of the Fayes!

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"Today, we'll be doing the 60 meter race, not very far." Coach Brycen said pointing from the bleachers to a that one cluster of trees. It didn't look so far, but I knew that probably thinking that would jinx me. "Clarisse, you do not have to participate in this unit, but at least try for the 60 meter race." "Alright Coach." I sighed. He blew his whistle and we all lined up ner the bleachers and chose to be the last in line, along with my friend Gabia. "I feel so sorry for you Clarisse." she said patting my back. "I actually have a secret running technique I use, but I won't say it because I won't be secret anymore." Gabia shrugged. "You are supportive." I snorted. Suddenly, Coach Brycen yelled. "READY, GET ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!" and he blew his whistle
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This is good
70% of the world thinks warrior cats is stupid. 25% say who cares. Repost if you are part of that 5% that would take a hard cover warrior cat book and slap the other people saying, "Starclan is out for revenge!”

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Thank you! Now to interrupt the story with a bunch of random facts: ~ Cash has minor dysexia, he can't recognize some words at first ~ Clarisse got her starter a year early. ~ Cash is pansexual and proud. ~ Clarisse is aromantic and asexual ~ Cassandra: Is straight pride a thing? ~Clarisse and Cash hate their mom because she is not only a fashion designer BUT SHE DOTES ON CASSANDRA
Meanwhile, while everyone sprinted forword, including Gabia. I was left to bite the dust as I casually walked the track and as soon as Coach Brycen looked away I hid behind some bleachers in the basketball court and took out my Minitembro Swap and started to play some games. Luclily, Coach Brycen thought I had gone to the nurse and so I stayed under there until the bell rang. I caught up to Gabia. "Dude, I thought you were at the nurse?" she said, raising an eyebrow. "L.O.L, no I hid under those bleachers and played The Myth of Selma!" I smirked. "Oh geez. I cant blame you. Sometimes, I skip class." she shrugged. I turned toward my Dark class. Gabia and I fist bumped each other before I headed into my class
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This is really great Espe!!
Thank you so much! As I walked into my dark class I pulled out my Minitembro Swap started playing le epic Nightfort. I felt two cold eyes stare into the back of my small and tiny brain, which was filled with life hacks on how to hide your phone in class and more cool game knowledge. "Cassandra, put away your phone." Ms. Lopez hissed. I wasn't going to point out how "Cassandra" was my sisters name. I followed her orders and stuffed it into my pencil pouch.
The class slowly filled up with students as Ms. Lopez slinked to the front of the class, as the last pupil went in the lights turned on. I suddenly wondered what made the lights turn on, I didn't see a switch. I was going ask her how she did all that at the end of class. "Today class, we will start the "Legendaries" unit. Legendaries are a group of rare and very powerful pokemon, in which most myths and legends are centered apon..." The rest of what she sai bounced right off me. I had my phone propped up by a couple of erasers in my pencil pouch and was watching my favorite Tubetuber trolling a nine year-old Nightforte player. Suddenly a voice inturrupted my thoughts. "Clarisse! Name one dark-type legendary." "Uhhh, Latias?" Ms. Lopez looked at me as if some Weedle crawled up me brain and stung it. Maybe that's why I have a C in Dark Class. "Clarisse, Latias is a Dragon/Psychic pokemon. Try again." "Whyyyyyyy couldn't she just move to another student." My small weedle-stung brain thought furiously of something else, thinking of a really edgy pokemon, I forced out "Darkrai?" After all, it literally had the word 'dark in it. "Good job Clarisse." she said nodding, as if I never got anything right.

Pages: 1234

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