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The Misadventures of the Fayes!

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"Ok, ok, now I'll be handing out a word cross. First group who finds all the words will get out of school early." We watched every move Mr. Elm made he grabbed out the word crosses and handed them out, our table was first. "Ok, first word, Kabuto." Sky murmured, after scanning the page for about 2 minutes, I looked up at Sky and Bertha. "Guys, I can't find it. Did you?" I whispered. "No, I didn't." Sky whispered, Bertha nodded her head in agreement. I looked up from the word cross, the other groups looked pretty worried to, anxiously whispereing to one another. "Five minutes left till the bell rings." I thought to myself. We kept on scanning and scanning the page, about 3 minutes later, after Mr. Elm finished his frappuchino he went to his front desk and asked if anyone finished. We all shook our heads. He then started laughing, so hard his face turned red. I suddenly got it, "THERE WEREN'T ANY OF THE WORDS IN THE WORD CROSS!" I yelled. Mr. Elm nodded while still laughing hysterically. "You -snort- many p-pack up." He announced. I packed up, super angry and betrayed, I thought for 3 minutes, I could go home, but NO, and then the bell rung, I then walked two classroms forward and took my seat in my English Class.
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Our English Teacher, Ms. Jasmine Rito, popped out of the classroom closet. "Good afternoon everyone!" she said cheerfully. "Good afternoon Ms. Rito." we replied, not sharing as much excitment as she did. "Today, we will learn about Point of View." she said, organizing some papers. "First person is when the narrator relays events from their own view." she said. Sorry it's so short! Not feeling well...))
"And finally, the most common type of point of view you will find in a story, third point of view. When the author isn't part of the story and observes whats going on." Ms Rito said opening a drawer. "This month, we will read 3 books, compare them, and determine what point of view the story was." Ms. Rito took and stacked 16 books on her desk. "Alright, everyone take one." Everybody ran toward the desk and all I could see was a bunch of hands. A took a book and went back to my seat. Ms. Rito took her own copy and flipped to the first page. If she did it, the rest of the class had to do it, so we did. "Route One, written by Hussain Dawnhorse. Chapter One. The morning sun shone through my window and my alarm clock was ringing, I groaned and got up. Today was the day I was going to start my pokemon adventure!"
"'I rushed downstairs after changing into proper attire.'" Ms. Rito paused there. "New vocab word! does anyone know what attire is?" she asked. I raised my hand , three other kids raised their hand as well. "How about you, Clarisse?" she pointed at me. "I think it has something to do with clothing." I shrugged. "That is correct!" she nodded. "Mum set me an appetizing breakfast made of oatmeal, toast, and sunny-side up eggs. I gobbled it down. 'Goodbye honey. It's going to be tough out there, send me many gift cards and mail!' 'I promise Mum!' 'Before you go take this.' She gave me a cherish ball. 'Use it for your starter pokemon. A pokemon you will hsve at your side at all times.' she smiled. 'Thank you so much Mum! I'll miss you' I waved, heading out the door."
"Ok Class! From reading this story, what do you think the point of view is?" Ms. Rito asked us. Nobody raised their hand. "Alright, We'll read the next chapter tommorrow! Right now, we will work on a small interactive assigment!" she announced walking over to the back table. "Gather around!" We all gathered around the table. "Alright, Clarisse, what did you do this morning."
"Hrmmm..." I mumbled trying to remeber what I did. "Well, I ate a cereal with a dangerous amount of high sugar levels, while flying to school with my brother on my Starraptor, I battled him and his Salamance, but I won." I said, shrugging. "Oh, intresting! What about you Evelyn?" My teacher asked a black haired boy. I know what you are thinking, "B-b-b-but Clarisse isn't Evelyn a girl name?", well Evelyn is a gender neutural name.
Evelyn pushed his glasses up. "Well, I woke up this morning, went to the kitchen and at porridge with my little brother, Deandre, and I came to school by walking." he said. "What a nice way to catch the fresh air." Ms. Rito exclaimed. "When we talk about our morning routine, we use first person point of view."
"Know that we know First Point of View, we will right a short paragraph on how we felt when we got our starters." Miss announced. "If you were wondering what my starter pokemon was, it was a Piplup." she announced. "I chose Piplup too Ms. Rito" Evelyn cried raising his hand. "My sister's friend Dawn also has a Piplup." I called out loud. "They're cute little things aren't they." Ms. Rito smiled. "Ah, who doesn't love steel types." she sighed. Ice and Rock types for sure.
11:45... 3 more minutes until the bell rings, I counted down every last second as though I was counting down the seconds until I died. 3...2...1. Ring! Ring! Ring! I dashed out the door quicker than a Blitzle and headed off to my favorite class, P.E. Gasping periodically, wondering if I should take out my inhaler or not.
Aww yeah! My favorite class, P.E.!! Not only is it an easy A, but it's actually, well, fun!! Our teacher, Coach Brycen gave the signal for us to change out. I changed out into my gym clothes in the girl's locker room and headed out. "Alright team! Today we'll be doing your favorite sport today...Track!" he announced heartily. "Out of all thing, he chose track!" I though miserably. Anything running or walking related, I hate, you can't blame me, a person with asthma

Pages: 1234

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